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Class Teacher: Miss Green

Teacher Assistant: Mrs Cox


Academic Year 2018-2019

 Welcome back to all of our pupils, parents and carers.

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Below are the spellings for both year groups:

Thank you for your support in helping your child learn them.


Year 1:

the              do              a              to              today              of              said    says             are             were          is               was                his             has    I                you             your           they            be                 he              she    me              we              by             my              so                 no               go    one             here            there          where           love               come           some  ask             once             put            push            pull                full            house  our             friend           school

Year 2:

door              floor              poor              because              find               kind    mind              behind            children           child                 wild              climb     most              only               both              old                   cold              gold         hold              told               every             great               beautiful           break      steak             pretty            after             father                class             grass       pass              past               last              fast                  plant              bath      path              hour              improve           move                 prove              sure   sugar             could              should            would                 eye               who  whole             many              any              clothes               people             busy    half              water             again            everybody            parents             even      Mrs               Mr               money


KS1 have been learning about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and the history behind it. We had a lovely afternoon learning about how to be safe around fire / fireworks and drank hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

Father Kieron came in to talk to KS1 about the Baptism. The children were very excited to see what would happen at a Baptism service and learnt about the different signs and symbols used in the Baptism.

Marvellous Me

KS1 have been busy celebrating their own identities and what makes them unique and different. We have been exploring favourite foods, games, colours etc. Children have been looking at how we have grown up and changed since we were little. We have also unpicked why it is important to eat healthy and made fruit kebabs, biscuit self-portraits and painted a self-portrait. We had a KS1 party where parents and family members were invited in to play party games with the children as a celebration of their uniqueness and individuality.

We have had a great start to the term with the class having lots of opportunities for the class to explore their learning environment and make it their own. Children can take it in turns to choose toys to put in the outdoor area in the mornings and have a chance to learn through play in Year 1. Year 2 then have a more structured approach to learning in the mornings with play-based activities in the afternoons.








Key Stage 1 had a very exciting school trip to the Sealife Centre and the i360 this term. The children enjoyed walking along the seafront, having lunch on the beach and playing in the park.

Key Stage 1 had a visit from a fishermen to show them how he catches fish and has to cut them up-ready to sell for food. They were very brave!!

Our learning this term


Click  HERE to see what our Year 2 children will be learning about during the Summer Term. 

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Click here to see the SUNS CURRICULUM COVERAGE for the Spring Term.

Click here for the MOONS CURRICULUM COVERAGE for the Spring Term


Below are the spellings for both year groups. Thank you for your support in helping your child learn them.


Year 1:

the       do         a       to         today      of      said      says     are      were       is       was        his        has       I        you  your     they       be       he        she        me      we        by      my       so         no       go         one       here    there    where  love     come      some     ask       once       put      push      pull  full      house      our     friend     school

Year 2:

door         floor        poor      because       find      kind      mind  behind      children      child       wild         climb     most      only    both          old         cold        gold         hold      told      every great      beautiful      break      steak       pretty    after    father class         grass       pass        past         last      fast      plant  bath         path        hour      improve       move     prove     sure   sugar       could        should      would        eye       who      whole  many         any        clothes     people       busy      half      water again      everybody    parents     even        Mrs       Mr       money


Our P.E. days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure children have their full P.E. kits in school as we will be going outside (weather permitting). Some children take P.E. kits home after sports clubs so please make sure they are brought back the next day.

St Elizabeth have been busy exploring different mark-making and lines that can be used in art. They have explored cross-curricular subjects such as RE and Science within an art lesson and have some great viewpoints on the creation story.

Happy Easter!!

St Elizabeth's learning environment:

St Elizabeth's have been exploring dinosaurs this term and have discovered some exciting facts! We have been busy making dinosaur habitats and even had a science project involving an erupting volcano! 

The children have been learning about how the world began and have explored this through artistic mediums. Children have looked at the creation story in the Bible and have also researched dinosaurs and how the world has changed. 

Our Reptile Day: KS1 had a visit from lots of different animals and learnt about different types of animals and their habitats. The children were very brave!!

Year 1 and 2 had a special visit this week from the fire brigade. They learnt about fire safety, how to stay safe around the home e.g. not touching hot drinks and played some games. We are waiting for our second visit where they can go on the fire engine.

KS1 have been working so hard on their Nativity! Thank you to everyone who helped out - the costumes and set look brilliant.

Year 1 and 2 have been getting arty by making lovely Christmas decorations out of lolly sticks. The children had to research ideas for our Christmas fayre for their homework.


The children had lots of fun in St Elizabeth's class and spent some of their afternoon making Pudsey money boxes for Children in Need.


Our Suns have been exploring road safety during their 'scooter training' sessions. They have been able to bring their scooters into school and practice scooter safety in the playground and outside of school on the pavement. Alongside this, our Moons have also been learning about road safety in their 'pedestrian training' sessions.



Our Moons have been busy sorting numbers from 0-20 using different resources whilst our suns have been working hard to solve missing number sequences of up to 100.



To find out about the SUNS' latest topic click on THIS LINK

To find out about the MOONS' topic work this term, click on THIS LINK 



 This document shows the National Curriculum overview and coverage for the whole primary age range and year groups.

Have a look at what our Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will be covering throughout this year.


Year 2 - What a fantastic year 2016-2017 has been for you all. We look forward to seeing you grow and flourish in Year 3 next year.

Enjoy your summer break.


PE Kits

We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please make sure children have their full PE kit especially plimsoles/trainers that are the correct size. Some children have also been mislaying their PE kit so please ensure all clothing is named.



Homework is given out every Thursday and is due in the following Tuesday. If there are any problems or questions with the homework please speak to the teacher.


Children will receive weekly spellings, maths or literacy.



Children are expected to read regularly at home and for this to be recorded in their yellow reading records. The teacher will record and comment in the reading record each week during guided reading and when reading 1:1 with the children. In year 2 children are encouraged to change their reading books independently and when needed from the class reading area.


Support for spellings

Please find a link below to the 100 high frequency words and the Year 2 Common Exception Words. These are words children commonly read and write. Children should be able to read and write these by the end of year 1 and 2. Please continue to practise these words at home.

100 High Frequency Words

Year 2 Common Exception Words



Please click on the images to find out more information about your child's topic.




At the start of the year we decided on our classroom rules. We work hard each day to follow our rules. Click on the link to read them.