St Teresa's Class                                                                           

Teachers: Mrs Foan and Mrs Skinner

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Greener


Academic Year 2018-2019





End of term treat: 23.7.18

It was lovely for Year 6 to spend a bit of time together before the end of term, and what better place to do it than Arundel. We spent the morning at Arundel Lido, had a picnic and then spent a bit of time having fun in the play area, before having an ice lolly and heading back to school.




It was a lovely day at the end of a great year with a fantastic class!


Our end of year production: 12.7.18

Over the past few weeks, Year 6  have been rehearsing for their end of year production. They chose a show called, "Treachery at Traitors' Quay" to tie in with their WW11 learning. We knew we had a lot of talent in the class, but tonight just showcased the amazing amount of talent we do have.

Great dancing, acting and singing - Year 6, you were just amazing! As always, we were very proud of you all.


Mr Albright and the evacuees    Jolly, Jape, Wheeler, dealer and Captain Kitchener


Mr Churchill             Mrs Dawson and Auntie Peg                  Mr Mulch


  HM Grogg and Parker          PC and Mrs Lovham      Eggin drake, Etta and Hennie


Transition workshop: 14.6.18

As part of the preparation for the children's move to secondary school in September, the pupils in Year 6 have will have a series of transition workshops and activities this half term. Last week, they had a session from Safety-Net and today Mrs Arnold worked with the class on their transition. Through discussions, games and activities the children were able to share any worries or questions they might have before their taster days at their new schools over the coming weeks.




End of SAT's treat:18.5.18

After a busy week of SAT's tests, Year 6 celebrated their hard work with a day out at the cinema, followed by a visit to Preston Park. It was lovely to spend time together and relax after all the hard work our Year 6 pupils had put in over the recent months.


A hearty breakfast provided a good start to the day.


Playing in the park and picnicking.


Relaxing and bonding.





KS 2 SAT's :14.5.18

This week is KS 2 SAT's week. We were so proud of how our Year 6 pupils tackled the first day's SPAG tests today. It was lovely to gather together for a class breakfast this morning before the tests began.




RE : 11.5.18

As an introduction to our new RE topic, "Healing" we worked in pairs/small groups to write a prayer for those people across the world who are ill, suffering or close to death and also for those who dedicate their time to helping those who are ill.




Final fence!

Year 6 have been working SO hard in preparation for the upcoming SAT's tests and we are incredibly proud of each and everyone of them. The last few weeks have consisted of lots of revision through games, fun activities and challenges.  

You are almost there Year 6 !


Word classes  and parts of speech final revision.


Keeping focused

We are working our Year 6 pupils so hard at the moment and they are really rising to the challenge. To keep their minds active and to keep their concentration levels high, we are trying to get back into doing the daily mile each day , now that the weather is better.


It is great to see our pupils demonstrating the qualities we expect to see in the classroom, during the daily mile too - resilience, determination and passion.


We took five minutes out from the classroom today for some "SPAG YOGA" led by Calum and Marcin. It was certainly a very different approach to SPAG to Mrs Skinner's and the children seemed to enjoy it!



Our wonderful pupils

We are very proud of Eleanor. Altar servers form a very important part of the Church and it is lovely to see our children from St Joseph's Catholic primary serving the Parish with such commitment, enthusiasm and dedication.


It is such an honour and joy to assist the Priest in this special way.


Welcome back to the Summer Term in Year 6. Click HERE to see our latest newsletter detailing this term's learning in Year 6. Thank you parents for your continued support with your children's learning.


Newhaven Fort:29.3.18

Today, Year 6 visited Newhaven Fort as part of their WW11 topic.


Their day involved a Q and A session from an expert and an opportunity to look at original WW11 artefacts, an air-raid experience, a walk around the ramparts to look closely at the gun emplacements and observation posts as well as learning lots more about WW11 and the fort from the different exhibitions.

The day was completed with a chance to have fun in the play area and a quick visit to the gift shop before heading back to school.




Hands-on learning

The weather was not kind to us! Despite this, the children had a great time and learnt a lot more about WW11. The staff at the Fort commented on how impressed they were with our children's knowledge and passion for learning.


Exploring the grounds


Lunch "al fresco!"


More hands-on learning



Enjoying the play area before the rain!



Fencing finale!


Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their fencing lessons this half term. They finished off a successful half term of coaching with a Year 6 fencing tournament. The winner was Bailey with Archie a close runner up. Well done to you both and to the rest of our enthusiastic Year 6 fencers!


SAT's meeting: 22.3.18.

Thank to those parents who were able to attend tonight's meeting about the upcoming SAT's tests. If you were unable to attend, please click  HERE to access all the information that was covered, including a list of websites that will support your child's learning at home. 

If you have any further questions, please pop in to see Mrs Foan or Mrs Skinner.



Please click HERE to find the revision spelling lists for Year 6 running up to the SAT's tests in May. _____________________________________________________________________

R.E: 15.3.18

As part of our current RE topic, "Death and New Life," today we looked at the Crucifixion of Jesus. In pairs, the children discussed who , from a list of 6 people/groups of people, they felt were responsible for the death of Jesus. It was interesting to listen to each pair's discussions and to talk about the reasons for their choices. 

Each pair recorded their views in a "responsibility pie chart," explaining their choices and showing the amount of responsibility for each person/group of people in a pictorial form.




Booster Classes

We are very proud of the positive attitude to learning and hard work that our    Year 6 pupils are putting in at the moment. This includes attending booster classes at  8.15 a.m. three mornings a week and completing several extended pieces of homework each week.

Thank you parents and carers for your support in getting your children in to school early.


Thursday's early morning SPaG booster.


SPaG - Word Families:14.3.18

Today in our SPaG learning, we looked at words that are linked by spelling, meaning or form. We focused on word families built around a root word. We worked in pairs to come up with as many words from the same word family as possible. We used a dictionary to help us. It became very competitive as to which pair could come up with the most and best word in each word family!




P.E: 12.3.18

As part of our P.E. provision Year 6 have been receiving fencing tuition this half term.




During our science lesson this week, we carried out an investigation looking at cause and effect.



R.E : 8.3.18

Today, we listened to the story of the raising of Lazarus. Our task was to write a diary entry as Martha, one of Lazarus's sisters. Before we started, we worked in groups answering questions about how Martha might have felt during the events surrounding the death and raising of Lazarus. We then used these words/phrases to help us write our diary entries in role, from Martha's perspective.


It was good to see children working so well in their groups, talking in depth about the emotions experienced by Martha and using a thesaurus to come up with interesting words to use in their writing.




Our learning this week: 19.2.18

This week in SPaG we have been learning about the progressive tense. We played a game where we had to write sentences, using given verbs, in either the present or past progressive tense.



In maths we have been learning about algebra.



SPaG : 31.1.18

This week in SPaG, Year 6 have been learning about the difference between clauses and phrases. The children worked in pairs, using their knowledge of main clauses, subordinate clauses, relative clauses and phrases to sort the sentences.


Converting Units of Measurement: 31.1.18

Over the last few weeks, year 6 have been consolidating their learning about metric units of measurement. Today, they had to apply their knowledge of converting units of length, mass and capacity to complete a puzzle.



Our SPaG Learning

This week in our SPaG lessons, we have been looking at different types of sentences. We played a game called, "Mission Control," in which we had to write a particular type of sentence e.g. statements, commands, exclamations and questions using given words.



Spring Term 2018

Welcome back.  We hope you all enjoyed a happy and relaxing Christmas and have come back refreshed and ready for work in 2018! 

Click here to read the newsletter detailing  the Year 6 SPRING TERM CURRICULUM COVERAGE.

These are this term's SPELLINGS. All the children have taken a laminate copy home today. PLEASE  learn them at home.


Creative Cooks:19.12.17

Year 6 have worked so hard this term. The adults who work in Year 6 are very proud of you all!

These last few days of  term have been a little more relaxed and we have enjoyed some festive fun and creative crafts including making some mouth-watering chocolate logs using some of the profit from our Christmas Fair stall to pay for the ingredients. Yum Yum!



We wish all of our Year 6 pupils and their families a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you all for your hard work and support in 2017.


   R.E: 14.12.17

We are drawing towards the end of our final RE topic of this term, "Expectation." Today we looked at the words of John the Baptist and discussed in small groups their meaning,

"Get the road ready for the Lord; make a straight path for him to travel."

Mark 1 : 3-4

What do you think these words mean?

"We think this means that we should follow the path of Jesus and clear any rubbish out of our lives. We should get ready to welcome Jesus into our hearts. we can make our own paths straight by praying more, forgiving others and being kind. we should clear away anything that stands between God and us."

Izzy, Toby, Leo, Ella, Lincoln and Archie.

How can these words help Christians prepare for the coming of Jesus?

Christians can prepare for the coming of Jesus by making their own paths straight and getting themselves ready. They can do this by confessing their sins, by being forgiving and getting rid of anything bad in their lives.

Joseph, Brooklyn, Eleanor, Aboud, Alfie and Jessica.


Cross Curricular Christmas!

This week in Year 6, we have been looking at stars as mathematical and geometric shapes in our maths learning as well as thinking about the star of Bethlehem which guided the three kings to the infant Jesus as part of our "Expectation," topic in RE.


We used the symbol of the star to design our own Christmas cards. As well as our individual and personal cards which we will send to family and friends, four of our designs were then chosen and combined to create a class card.


When we had finished our card creations, we chose a relevant piece of Scripture to go inside our cards.


Not only have Year 6 been writing Christmas cards in English, they have also been writing them in French as part of their French lessons with Mrs Hill! 


They have learnt how to wish someone "Happy Christmas," in French and how to add an appropriate greeting and sign off in a Christmas card.


  Time for prayer and reflection

As well as our daily Christian Meditation, we also have other opportunities for prayer and reflection during the day. Year 6 take turns to set up the prayer focus. We have some budding interior designers in our midst!




R.E : 1.12.17


As part of our RE learning in our topic called, "Expectation," we have been thinking about the story of the Annunciation. In preparation for our RE work next week, when we will be writing a diary entry in role as Mary, we worked in groups thinking about the expectations placed on Mary and how Mary might have felt during this experience.


We will use these to help us with our diary entries next week.



Our SPAG learning: 30.11.17

This week in SPAG we have been learning about homonyms and homophones. Some of the children played a game of, "Homophone Hop," which focused on the correct use of the homophones "to," "too," and "two," as well as, "there," "their," and "they're."


Some of the class made a game of "Homophone Pairs," for younger children and other children wrote their own homophone riddles.

Here are a couple of them- "I am something you have on your head, I am also an animal with floppy ears. What am I?"  Grace.

Answer: hair/hare

"This is a fun place you can go or something you have to pay before you go on a journey. What is it?" Bailey.

Answer: fair/fare



Daily Mile: 30.11.17

Years 5 and 6 are still continuing to do the "Daily Mile," on non-PE days. It is really helping to build up the children's stamina and fitness levels.


This is the group that managed the mile today without stopping and completed it easily within 10 minutes.


SPAG learning this week:27.11.17

This week in our SPAG lessons, we have been learning about conjunctions. We learnt about coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.

To consolidate our learning we played a game of "Conjunction Blockbusters."



Year 6 - we are very impressed with your recent homework and spelling test results. Keep practising!

Click here for new Yr 6 Autumn 2 spellings


PGL revisited: 6.11.17

Today Year 6 put on an assembly for their parents and for Year 5 pupils and their parents. The Year 6 pupils put on a presentation showing photographs and videos of their recent residential trip to PGL Windmill Hill, as well as describing each activity and the experience in detail. Year 5 children were given the opportunity to ask the Year 6 pupils questions about their trip.

Thank you to all the Year 6 and Year 5 parents that were able to come along today. Mrs Skinner has provisionally booked a long weekend trip for Year 6 for next September. Letters to Year 5 parents will be sent home this week.


Welcome Back!

We are really impressed with how Year 6 have come back to school after their two week half term break. 

This week in SPAG we have been learning about synonyms and antonyms and, as always,  trying to extend our vocabularies and learn new words that we can use in our writing.


Synonym Racers


Antonym Pairs


Residential to Windmill Hill: 6.10.17-9.10.17

Residential trip to PGL at Windmill Hill 6/10/17 - 9/10/17:
Year 6 have just returned from their residential trip to PGL.
What a fantastic time they had! They were well behaved, challenged themselves with different activities, were encouraging and supportive to each other and had great fun! There will be a presentation in a few weeks time where the children will share photos and talk about the different things they did.
Until then, here are a few photos..........

Friday afternoon - we arrived and had a tour of the PGL facilities.

Friday evening's activity - "Ambush"


Saturday morning - we unpacked and settled in.


Saturday morning - Sensory Trail


Saturday morning - Trapeze (Leap Of Faith)


Saturday afternoon - Climbing Wall

Saturday afternoon - Orienteering

Saturday evening's activity- "Splash."


 Sunday morning - Jacob's Ladder 


Sunday morning - Raft Building


Sunday afternoon - Zip Wire

Sunday evening's activity - "The Disco."


Monday morning - Giant Swing




Monday morning - Challenge Course

Thank you Year 6 - you were great fun and fantastic sports.
We were so proud of you all.

Here are some of the things Year 6 had to say about their trip away-

Izzy- "It doesn't matter what size you are, it's about how determined you are."

Aukse - "We really bonded as a class and I realised the importance of working as a team."

Grace- "These few days have really built up my confidence."

Valeria - "This weekend has taught me not to give up!"

Jessica - "Even though I was scared, I pushed myself and overcame my fears."

Ella- "You can do anything if you have support from your friends and work as a team."

Bailey - "I realised the importance of taking turns and showing consideration for others, especially when sharing a room with five other people!"

Archie - "This weekend I recognised the importance of taking responsibility together, and not just thinking about yourself."

Aboud- "I have realised you shouldn't worry about things, until you have tried them!"



This term Year 6 are learning to be cartographers.

Click HERE to see some of our geography learning so far.

Children - you will find games, trivia quizzes and help with map skills, plus you can delve into some fascinating topics about the world around you on this website. Follow THIS LINK


Have a look at THIS DOCUMENT to see how we applied the geography skills we have learnt recently in class to the orienteering activity at PGL.


A little bit of time to reflect: 22.9.17

We took a little bit of time out at the end of the week to relax and reflect. We made the most of the beautiful weather and sat by the statue of Mary on the front lawn. It reminded us of the lovely outside area and surroundings we have as part of our learning environment at St Joseph's


We meditated and then each focused on a word that we felt was important. We wrote that word on a small piece of paper and illustrated it. Each child individually reflected on that word's meaning, it's significance in their own lives and in the wider world.


It was a very calming and relaxing experience and helped us to recharge our batteries before returning to the classroom. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and are keen to make it a regular experience.



Christian Meditation

We have been using Christian meditation as part of our daily routine at St Joseph's for over a year now. Each class and their staff  take part in Christian meditation for up to five minutes each day after lunch. Year 6 have taken to it really well and the effects are already evident - the children are calm and their sense of well-being and harmony has increased. 

The children take it in turns to set up the prayer focus from a box of resources. They are very creative and imaginative.

Secondary School places for September 2018

We are only two weeks into term, but preparations have already started for the process of applying for your child's secondary school place for September 2018. Open days and opportunities to visit the local secondary schools start next week.

Your child should have bought home a flyer on Friday with all the secondary schools in Brighton and Hove's upcoming open morning /evening dates and booking details. 

If you have not received one, please click on this link to view the information.


Click HERE for a flyer detailing Cardinal Newman's open evening on Tuesday October 3rd 2017



Please also chere to see the latest information about applying for a place at CARDINAL NEWMAN School. Again, a paper copy of this information should have come home recently with your child.

If you require help completing the paper/online form or do not have internet access at home, Mrs Foan and Mrs Skinner will be available to help you complete the application.

Dates and further information to follow shortly.


This term's learning in Year 6  

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend today's "Meet the Teacher" session.

For those parents who were unable to make it on this occasion, please click on THIS LINK for our topic booklet showing our curriculum coverage this term.

A paper copy should come home with your child on Monday. 


Welcome Back! 

Year 6 have made a good start to the year and have settled back quickly into the school routine. The focus over the first few weeks is on getting to know each other again, respecting and supporting each other and working together.

These photos show a few of our recent activities: 


As part of our SPAG lessons, we have been revising word classes. In today's lesson we worked in pairs to sort the different types of nouns.


                     Problem solving in maths      On our non-PE days Year 6 have been                                                                       running the "Daily Mile."

Over the last year several schools in Brighton have been trialling the "daily mile "in a bid to support their pupils in improving their fitness levels and developing healthy habits for life.
This is an initiative that was set up following its success at a primary school in Scotland. The initiative was successful in eradicating obesity from the school, and  also proved to be beneficial to fitness as well as attention and behaviour within class.

Since the beginning of term, Years 5 and  6 have been running on their three non-PE days, building up their stamina and fitness gradually. Over half the class are now able to comfortably run a mile (17 and a half times around the basketball court! ) in about 15 minutes. 



Using a dictionary to find and learn, "ambitious adjectives"


Sorting verbs according to their tense.


Welcome back to our Year 6 pupils and their families. We are looking forward to working with you all over the coming school year.


Homework will be given out on a Thursday, to be returned the following Tuesday. Those children who do not return the homework by Tuesday will have to complete it during their lunchtime.

A homework club will be running during golden time on the Friday (the day after the homework is set) for children who choose to miss golden time in order to complete their homework then. 




This term Year 6's PE days will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesday will be Tag Rugby and Wednesday will be gymnastics.

Please make sure your child has a full PE kit  in school at all times - black shorts, a green St Joseph's t-shirt and trainers or plimsolls.

Year 5 and 6 children will also be doing the "daily mile" on the other three days.



Please encourage your child to read every night. This can be to themselves, to a family member or to a sibling and children please remember to record it in your reading record books.



Click on THIS LINK  to see this half term's spelling lists. Children will be tested every Monday.


Thank you parents and carers! We really do appreciate your support.