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   Welcome to St Peter's Class


Teacher: Miss Azor

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hill


To find more ideas, resources and links for home learning and to see what your school friends have been up to, please follow this link to the HOME LEARNING page.


Our Home Learning Picture Gallery

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter! Thankyou to everyone who has sent some lovely home learning pictures to me so far and I would love to see some more! Don't forget to keep sending them into myhomework@st-josephs.brighton-hove.sch.uk as I check it daily and will put them on this class page.



Well done to Lola, Casey and Jack for doing some brilliant artwork to celebrate the amazing work our NHS and key workers are doing for us all.




We are covering lots of different parts of the curriculum too at home!

Well done to Jayden for using his art, design and measuring skills to create this amazing Easter egg with a perfect rainbow. Well done to Jack for using his creative skills to complete this Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle and also completing some brilliant artwork. Also well done to Lola for using her food technology skills in the kitchen, her Maths skills to measure out ingredients and she also has created this incredible creative writing story that is super exciting to read and is keeping her French lessons going online using the app Duolingo! Well done to Amarachi for writing this brilliant piece of descriptive writing using lots of Year 5 writing expectations. Also, well done to Oliver for using his DT skills to create a mask for the childrens parade and for writing this creative piece of writing, then editing it by using a checklist of Year 5 writing expectations (that you can find in the home learning packs) and typing it up in neat.




We have such amazing Scientists in Year 5! Thankyou for Lola, Jayden Oliver and Amarachi for sending in these brilliant pictures of their experiments at home. Well done to Jayden for making a rain gauge and creating a bar graph to collate his results. Well done to Lola for carrying out an experiment using all her scientific skills and collecting the results in a table. Well done to Amarachi for creating this amazing rock cycle diagram and explaining the process so well. Also, well done to Oliver for making fossils out of salt water dough using a leaf to create an compression fossil and a toy dinosaur footprint to create a trace fossil.


Congratulations to all of my amazing Year 5 Mathematicians! Our class came 12th out of all the Brighton and Hove schools in Sumdog's citywide Maths competition and were the highest scoring class in the whole school!

Special congratulations goes to Casey, Faustina and Hirwa who came in the top 50 for students who took part across Brighton and Hove. I am super proud of all of Year 5 for taking part and keeping up our amazing Maths skills that we work so hard on in class. Well done! 

I will be setting some new competitions this week, so look out for some new challenges.

Week beginning 18.5.20

Please find the cover sheet for this week's pack HERE and if you pick up this pack from the school foyer it also includes reading comprehensions you can complete at home. I have also put some new challenges on Sumdog last week which I hope everyone will participate in.

Please find this weeks pack below:

Year 5 Home learning pack 18.5.20

Here are some arithmetic tests you can complete at home aswell:

Arithmetic test 7 and Arithmetic test 8


Week beginning 11.5.20 

Please find the cover sheet for this week's pack HERE which tells you all the work for this week, also if you pick up the pack from the school foyer it also includes reading comprehensions you can complete at home:

Year 5 Home learning pack 11.5.20 

Here are some arithmetic tests you can complete at home aswell:

Arithmetic test 5 and Arithmetic test 6

If you are looking for extra challenges this week, then please scroll down this page and find our summer topic of INVADERS. There are lots of fun activities for you to complete and lots of exciting facts to find out!


If you have any queries then please don't hesitate to contact me and don't forget to keep sending in any home learning pictures to myhomework@st-josephs.brighton-hove.sch.uk


Week beginning 4.5.20

We have decided to use a different format for home learning packs at school so all activities are on one document from now on. This pack is available for you to pick up in the foyer and the one at school also includes some reading comprehensions. 

If you are unable to come into school, there is a cover sheet which you can find HERE which tells you all of the work for this week. This includes a Maths activity, an English creative writing task, Handwriting and Spelling activities that you can find all on this document below: 

Year 5 Home Learning Work 4.5.20

There are arithmetic tests in the pack at school, but if you cannot come into school to pick it up here are some you can do at home:

Arithmetic test 3 and Arithmetic test 4


Week beginning 27.4.20

 This pack is also available for you to pick up in the foyer at school. It has a variety of Maths, English writing, Reading and Science activities. Please take some pictures of you learning at home and send them in to the 'myhomework' email address.


Arithmetic test 1 and Arithmetic test 2

Decimals and percentages worksheet

10-Timestable Board-Game.pdf 


 Creative writing task (write a draft, self-edit and then write/type it up in neat. Include a picture with your neat version)


Handwriting task

SPAG mat

Roald Dahl reading comprehension


Science Forces Crossword

Science Newton Reading Comprehension

Shoe size experiment


Week beginning 20.4.20

Hi and welcome back to my Year 5 Team!

I will be creating a different home learning pack each week that will be available in the foyer at school for you to pick up. These will be a variety of Maths, English, Science and other fun educational activities for you to do at home. 

If you are not able to come into school the links for this weeks pack are below:

Activity Sheet Questions.pdf


Scientists and Inventors Crossword.pdf


A First Visit - creative writing task.pdf

year 5-6 Spelling List Word Search Double Consonant.pdf


Reading Malamander

I really hope all of you are enjoying Malamander as much as myself, Jayden and Lola are! It is such an exciting and interesting book to read. If any of you can take a brilliant photo of you reading Malamander, just like Jayden and Lola, and send it to the 'myhomework' email address I will put it on this page aswell. All the activities to go with the book are in the foyer at school for you to pick up. If you are unable to get into school I will put the links to each activity below for you here. These will be added to each week as the term goes on:


Week 1: Watery Words Nautical Names.pdf

Week 2: Lost Luggage.pdf

Week 3: The Eerie Book Dispensary.pdf

Week 4: Step Inside.pdf

Week 5: Flotsam with Feeling.pdf

Week 6: A Close Encounter.pdf

Week 7: Consequences.pdf

Week 8: Meet the Malamander.pdf

Week 9: Rapid Review.pdf


If you would like to read more books as well as Malamander then you can find some Year 5 book recommendations HERE.



Instead of cancelling the Children's Parade completely this year they are doing a #childrensparadeathome

On the same day as the festival would have been, they want you to get as creative as possible at home by using anything you like! You can make something, dress up, dance or even sing! There is a letter for families that gives you more detail HERE.  To get some inspiration head to the Brighton Festival website and Facebook page.

Our topic for the Summer term is INVADERS and is based around the Anglo-Saxons!


As part of our home learning I would like you to research this topic and find out any facts you can about them.

Here are some questions to get you started:

Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Where did they come from?

Where did the Anglo-Saxons invade?

What did Anglo-Saxons wear?

Where did Anglo-Saxons live? What did their houses look like?

What did Anglo-Saxons eat? 

Some creative ideas can be found on the POWer Projects for this half term which can be found HERE.

Here are some websites/video clips that may help you:

Who were the Anglo-Saxons? 

When did the Anglo-Saxons come to Britain?

How was Anglo-Saxon Britain ruled?

A tour around an Anglo-Saxon settlement

Saxon life at West Stowe  

Please send in pictures of anything you do so we can celebrate our Year 5 learning!


Useful websites to support home learning:










Please complete the English and Maths booklets you were sent home with you. If you do not have them, you can find the Maths booklet HERE and the English booklet HERE. I have also put paper copies in the foyer at school if you would like to pick them up.


I have set you all some maths, reading and spelling challenges on SUMDOG and will be monitoring your activity and progress! Practise your times tables, so that you have quick recall - this will really help you in both your arithmetic and maths. Complete the times tables challenge that is glued into the back of your maths homework book and have fun playing the game ideas that are also there for you to try.


Complete the spellings from this weeks homework and ask someone at home to test you on them. I will be putting up next week's spellings on here shortly.

Practise the Year 5 and 6 spelling words. You can find them HERE.


"Twinkl" is an excellent resource providing teaching and educational resources, and is used in most primary schools. To help support the continuity of education, during this time of possible disruption, Twinkl are offering a free subscription to teachers and parents for a month so that pupils can have access to high quality learning whilst at home.
This is a fantastic resource providing instant access to interactive activities, worksheets, assessments and home learning resource packs for each year group are available for immediate download.

Visit www.twinkl.co.uk/offer. If you need a code to access the resources, it is UKTWINKLHELPS


In Year 5 we are just about to start a project in association with Young City Reads 2020 about the book 'Malamander'. This will involve completing activities to do with the book and a trip at the end of the project to meet the author if current guidelines allow. I have sent each child home with a copy of this book and a bookmark full of helpful questions parents and carers can ask them about it. The first activity you can find HERE. I have also put paper copies of activities in the school foyer if you would like to pick them up.

Please encourage your child to read for a short time every day. Record it in your reading diary.

You have also taken home with you a 'work at home' book with lots of exciting activities for you to complete at home. Email anything you would like to show me at the email address we used for the activity passport homework which is


Our topic for the Spring term is Rivers and Coasts!

Please click HERE to look at our topic booklet, explaining what we will be learning about this term in St Peter's class.


Our Stunning Start for this topic was a fun day of River-based activities where we all wore blue! We

created river title pages, took part in a scavenger hunt around the school to find clues to spell out a famous river, we acted out being explorers on a river adventure and tried some tropical fruits that you would find growing next to rivers such as the Amazon or the Congo!


Anti Bullying Week

This week to acknowledge anti-bullying week the children wrote friendship letters to each other.


Our topic for the Autumn term is Ancient Greece!

Click HERE to see our topic booklet, explaining what we will be learning about this term in St Peter's class.


We began our topic by tasting traditional Greek foods, learning about the Greek Gods and the Greek Myths that are told about them. This will culminate with the class writing their own Greek Myths based on a mythological character that they have created.


In our art lessons, we have been using our observational skills to look closely at the shapes, colours and designs of Greek pots. We then made our own pots out of clay and decorated them.