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The final update: 22.7.21


Dear Children, adults, and everyone part of the Year 4 Community,

Thank you for support, help and dedication to learning this year. There have most definitely been some challenges this year but I'm truly honored to have shared this journey with you all.

Thank you for the memories!

Your teacher, always

Mr Fishman


Updated 09.07.21

It's Coming Home..!


To celebrate England's qualification in Sunday's grand final of UEFA Euro 2020, the children made England flags whilst embracing their British values. There was a lovely spirit in the classroom as the children made their flags and sang along to 'Three Lions'.

Come on England!! 

Updated 17.06.21

Today, the children in Year 4 were lucky enough to have more visitors, and this time it wasn't just from humans! Spirit of the Wild touring zoo came to visit the children and introduced them to many different creatures - both big and small - to complement our science topic of Animals and Living things. The children met a barn owl, a Golden Eagle, a parrot, a meerkat, a chameleon,  a millipede, a cockroach, a fruit bat and a Brazilian black tarantula. Finally, Mr Fishman was lucky enough to hold a Burmese python!

Updated 10.06.21

The lucky children at St Joseph's today were taught some traditional Bollywood dancing from an expert dance instructor. The children in Year 4 teamed up with the children in Year 3 to learn the fun and exciting movements. It was great fun to dance outside in the playground with all of our friends and in the fresh air. 


Updated 09.06.21

This week, the children launched straight back into their learning after the half term break with a revision lesson on how to form Roman Numerals. They had lots of fun using lollipop sticks to form the different numbers.

Updated 27.05.21

Half Term Homework

Children may choose one or more of the activities listed from a selection of ideas that all relate to our current topic.

You can download a copy to by clicking HERE

Updated 27.05.21

Making circuits and investigating chemical reactions

It's been a very busy week around the school as we celebrate our very own science week! The children in Year 4 were lucky enough to conduct not just one, but two scientific enquiries! On Tuesday, the children explored resources to make a bulb light shine and then on Thursday they investigated how gas is formed when solids and liquids are mixed together. The children loved doing both of these experiments, especially the large volcano that we made out in the playground.

Updated 18.05.21

We're Going on an Invertebrate Hunt!

This week, as part of our science topic, the children in St John the Baptist went on an invertebrate hunt - a living thing without a backbone - in the wooded area of our playground. The children loved exploring and looking for the different types of invertebrates. We found lots of woodlice, beetles, ants, spiders, slugs and snails. I wonder what other invertebrates you could find in the wooded areas near you..? 

We even noticed some reptiles!

updated 07.05.21

Activity Passport

Here is a list of activities suggested for children in Year 4 to complete as part of the Department for Education's programme.  Please choose something from the list below to do with your child and then email a photo to:



Updated 06.05.21

Drama in the classroom!

This week, things got very heated as the children acted out what happens inside a courtroom. In groups, the children took on the different roles of judge, witness, defendant and prosecutor whilst the remaining children made up the jury. Each group had the challenge to make up their own crime and then convince the jury who was or wasn't guilty. It was definitely a lesson we won't forget!



Updated 28.04.21

Please click HERE for an overview of the Summer Term curriculum.

Updated 28.04.21

Conscious Alley

This week, the children in year 4 discussed what they think our hero Varjak should do at a critical moment in the story. 

One group believed that Varjak should stay and fight with his grandfather, the other believed that he shouldn't stay and should go as his grandfather ordered him.  Organised into two lines, the children then made a 'conscience alley'.  As one child walked along the line in role as Varjak, the other children called out their advice, for example: "go and get help!", "how can you leave him, he'll die...he's your grandfather; protect him!". It was a very fun and exciting afternoon!

Updated 22.4.21


A 'stunning start' to our new topic

To introduce our new topic, the children formed members of a jury led by judge Fishman! Their task was to solve a mysterious crime from the classroom.  They then had lots of fun learning about the different names of our fingers and the unique patterns that they have.


Included in this topic the children will learn about:

What is meant by crime and punishment?

How crimes are investigated today. 

What happens when someone commits a crime?

How the police force was started. 

How crime and punishment in Britain has changed over time (Romans to today). 

How crime and punishment is different in other countries. 

Compare crime and punishment through time.

Updated 1.4.21

Wishing our wonderful Year 4 community a very happy and healthy Easter holiday. May you all have a safe and well-earned break and I look forward to seeing you back in school when we return for the Summer Term!

Here are some pictures of the chocolate Easter nest making!

Updated 19.3.21

Happy Saint Joseph's Day

Today was St Joseph's day across the school and the children  in Year 4 participated in some wonderful activities all day to celebrate the life of our school's patron saint. In the morning, the children used their computer skills to make a 'tagxedo' (word cloud) of words that we knew that related to St Joseph. We then painted our very own wooden coaster with images of him, including some of him as a carpenter. Finally, we made some honorary lilies to decorate our RE prayer corner.

It was a very fun day!

Updated 17.03.21

Sensory Happiness Posters

This week, the children in Year 4 learned how to use their senses to make them feel happier in times of worry. The children made posters with all of our major senses and then wrote activities they like to do for each sense. Lots of us enjoyed listening to the rain, smelling flowers, tasting some home-cooked food or cuddling our favourite toy. We then doodled some inspirational mindfulness quotes around our drawings.

Here are some of the posters:



Updated 12.03.21

Upcycling Art

Our class novel this term is the inspirational 'One Plastic Bag' by Miranda Paul. This week, the children were embracing their creative side by making a bouquet of flowers out of plastic bags all in perfect time for Mother's Day. The children loved making these flowers and at the same time understanding the importance of reusing plastic bags to make our world a cleaner, tidier and healthier place to live.




Updated 09.03.21

Circles of Control

As part of our welcome back to school, the children in Year 4 learned about 'Circles of Control' to help manage our worries.

Firstly, we discussed things that we might worry about but can't control, such as the weather, war and famine and drew these in the outer circle. We then went on to discuss worries that we can control, such as diet, school work and family life and placed these in the inner circle.  As a class, we spoke about the differences and similarities between the two circles. We then learned some simple stategies to manage these worries such as using a worry box (which we also made), telling a friend and some mindfulness breathing techniques. 

I really hope that going forward this activity helps alleviate some of the worries the children in Year 4 had about returning to school and highlights that above all, we're all in this together :-)


Here are some examples of some of the children's work:



To watch the video yourself, please click on the link below


Updated 26.02.21

Thank you to all of the children who were able to participate in today's Google Meet. It was lovely to see all of your faces and have a chance to catch up. I hope you enjoyed seeing each other virtually before the 'big reunion' in only a short space of time. For those who were not able to to attend, here are a few screen shots of the meeting.


Updated 25.02.21

Home Learning - Week 8

Year 4 Pack G. WB 1.3.21

Updated 18.02.21

Home Learning - Week 7

Year 4 Pack F. WB 22.2.21

Updated 12.02.21

Week 6 - Home Learning Heroes

Here's a glimpse into some of this week's home learning...



     Misty proudly reflects on                            Sergio has been working                   Lukas cooked this spicy chicken and         Andre is loving  constructing                       all her work                                    hard at home learning how to             seafood  jambalaya, a traditional meal            his new Anakin's Lego
                                                                                        use Google Classroom                                     from New Orleans, USA                                  Star  Wars Ship

Updated 12.02.21

Introducing the Year 4 Art Gallery
Please enjoy a selection of your wonderfully fruity artwork inspired by Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo


                 Misty                                                                    Mark                                                          Rueben


                   Joshua C                                                           Andre                                                        Priya



Updated 05.02.21

Week  5 - Home Learning Heroes

Once again, thank you to all of our home learning heroes for sending in work they  have completed this week. It's been wonderful to see so many of you have been using Google Classroom already with lots of work already being completed and submitted.

As we continue with remote learning, the delivery will gradually shift from the weekly work  packs to Google Classroom so please check you can log in and access the learning. All weekly work will be due on the Friday of that week, however anything completed can be submitted before then. Work will then be duly marked and returned as soon as possible.


Here are a selection of photos from all of those sent in this week:


             Ruby wrote this story about                                        Joshua C wrote this descriptive                                         Andre helped to cook some 
her recent experience having her tonsils                            passage from 'Into the Forest'                                      traditional Portuguese Cod Cakes



Mark has been enjoying a healthy outdoor run after working incredibly hard completing all his work for this week.

Updated 05.02.21

Positive Thoughts Diary for Children's Mental Health Week

Thank you to all of the children who submitted their positive thoughts diary. It was so lovely to read all of the amazing positive activities that you achieved over the week.

Here are three examples from some of the children who have been working from home.


           Alfie's Diary                                                                                                 Skye's Diary


Alex's Diary


By popular demand, this positive diary will continue for next  week too! You will find the next table to complete from Monday on Google Classroom.

Updated 04.02.21

Home Learning - Week 6

Year 4 Pack E. WB 8.2.21

Updated 01.02.21


Introducing Year 4 to Google Classroom

As mentioned on the phone last week, I have been diligently figuring out how to use Google Classroom and I am pleased to now  officially introduce you all to this new way of learning in Year 4. The plan is to start off  slowly this week with a couple of activities, to hopefully grow and expand over the coming weeks.

You should have received an email from the school office with login details and some basic instructions so please make sure to try and log in to Google Classroom this week . If there are any problems accessing this please email or call the school office and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Once you have logged in, you will find your first Google Classroom activity waiting for you!  To celebrate Children's Mental Health Week there is a positive thoughts diary task that requires you to document a positive thought every day this week, and then share this with me at the end of the week.

You can also download lots more activity ideas HERE

You can download the positive thoughts diary task HERE

You will also see this week's Maths activities that can be completed and submitted online instead of the paper copy if you prefer.

I know that this is a completely new platform for most of us and so I fully appreciate, and take ownership, of problems along the way. I would sincerely welcome your patience and understanding plus feedback as we learn how to combine our existing weekly workpacks with this new technological platform.




Updated 29.01.21

Week 4 - Home Learning Heroes

It's been another busy week of remote learning for the children in Year 4 with more delicious food being made and prepared by our junior chefs in the making!

Here are a selection of photos from the past week.


                Priya made home made                               Joshua C helped build                      Mark and his sister                     Andre drew this amazing dragon
                         dough for pizza                               this delicious chicken kebab            baked Greek mousakka



           Skye wrote this story about Danny, the lonely dragon                             As part of our learning of 'Into the Forest,' Mark typed up his email that he wrote to 'dad'                                                                                                                                                                      and Priya wrote this diary entry pretending to be Goldilocks the day she met the boy


                                                                                                                                 Lukas has been challenging himself                                Mark enjoyed creating his own lava lamp for a 
                                                                                                           participating in online lessons from Oak Academy                                               science experiement.                        https://www.thenational.academy

To be included in next week's heroes, please send photos of any activities to:


Updated 28.01.21

Home Learning - Week 5

Year 4 Pack D. WB 1.2.21

Updated 22.01.21

Week 3 - Home Learning Heroes

This week the children in Year 4 were given the task of cooking a traditional meal from a country of their choice. It has been lovely to see pictures of some of our children practising their chopping, stirring and frying. Please see below for some of the delcious food from around the world that has been made lovingly in Brighton this week!

If you still haven't yet had time to either make the meal or send in the photos it's not too late and I'd still love to see them. 


   Mark made DUTCH pancakes            Alex made ETHIOPIAN injera        Lukas made FRENCH crepes suzette       Priya made an ITALIAN menu


               Lukas wrote an ingredients list and method for              Mark was so inspired by the 'Blockbuster' grammar               Priya wrote this excellent email inspired by our
                                   the delcious crepes he made                              game that he tried his hand at making JAPANESE sushi                                 class book 'Into the Forest'


Andre carefully conducted his very own science experiment which investigated the opposing molecule structures in oil and water though making his very own lava lamp.


Well done and thank you to all of our home learning superstars for this week and an extra thank you to all of the adults for sending in photos and for all your support.


If you'd like to be a home learning superstar and appear on our class page next week, then please email photos of what you have been working on to:



Updated 21.01.21

Home Learning - Week 4

Year 4 Pack C. WB 25.1.21

Updated 14.01.21

Home Learning - Week 3

Year 4 Pack B. WB 18.1.21 


St John the Baptist's Community Cook-Off!

To celebrate our topic of World Market, this week's geography task is to cook a traditional meal from a country of your choice.

For more information, examples and cross curricular challenges please click on the link above.

Have fun and bon appétit!

I can't wait to see what everyone cooks :-)


Updated 14.01.21

Weeks 1 and 2 - Home Learning Superstars

Thank you to all of these children who have been working hard at home and shared these pictures of what they have been working on.


                       Ruby, Alex and Tia have all been working hard at maths challenges, whilst Lukas helps to cook an Italian inspired meal.


Andre made some some interesting predictions about our new class novel 'Into the Forest' and Mark spent two days writing this brilliant adventure story about an engineer called Tony and his robot Andy.


If you'd like to have your picture here for Week 3, please send photos to:



Updated 13.01.21

 Interactive parish community game

Here is a link to an interactive drag and drop activity where you have to choose the right person from the parish for specific roles. This game matches the RE activity set for home learning this week.

If you haven't already done so, why not complete this sheet while you play?! Enjoy!

Click here to play the game

Updated 05.01.21

Home  Learning

Year 4 Home Learning WB 05.01.21-15.01.21


Dear Children,

With a heavy heart I type this message to you, I do hope that you are all keeping well and trying your best to stay positive. I have attached home learning for the next two weeks above, paper copies are also available from the school foyer.

I would suggest you take your time with this work, trying your best to complete as much or as little as you can each day.

I'd love to see what work you have been doing, so please send photos of the work to:


Remember to take breaks, exercise as best you can, and to eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

Any questions, problems or concerns I can be reached through the email address above which I will be checking regularly.

Take care,

Mr Fishman

Updated 14.12.20

Roman Day

 - A fabulous finish to our Autumn topic - 

Dressed in the colours of Italy, the children in Year 4 participated in a range of fun, Roman-themed activities all day to celebrate the end of our termly topic: Roman Rule. 


In the morning, we practised our Design Technology skills by constructing these amazing 3D Roman Chariots.

We then used them to play a chariot race game, all the while using a spinner with Roman numerals!





After the break, we learned about Roman Mosaics and then made some of our own using the website:






Finally, after lunch, we brought our topic to a 'fabulous finish' by performing some army drills we studied in the playground! We even had our own hand-made shields to use!


Here are a couple of videos...

Updated 09.12.20

Christmas Week in Year 4

Next week will be a very fun week in Year 4. To help you, here is a handy timetable of everything you need to know!

You can download an electronic version HERE


Wishing you all a blessed, happy and healthy holiday season.

Updated 04.12.20

Extra! Extra!

Three Wise Men visit baby Jesus!

This week in our RE lesson the children learnt all about the wise mens' visit to baby Jesus and the symbolism of the gifts they brought. We then pretended to be news reporters, interviewing the kings to find out more about their special gifts. Here are some of them for you to watch...

Updated 26.11.20

Roman Shield Art Project

Wondered what happened to the cereal boxes and bottle lids? Well wonder no more! The children have been working very hard over the last few weeks designing and building their very own Roman shields in their art lessons with Mrs Hill. The children are thoroughly enjoying making these shields, from the initial design, creating the structure and handle, painting and embellishing. 

Watch this space to find out what we do with them next!

Updated 26.11.20

Homework Update

Due to a copier issue at school, homework and books will be handed out tomorrow (Fri). If you would like to make a start on the homework already you may download an electronic version HERE.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Mr Fishman

Updated 18.11.20

Hockey Skills

This term the children are practising their hockey skills as part of their learning for PE. The children thoroughly enjoyed being outside to improve their skills in controlling,  passing and stopping a hockey puck (although we used balls!)

Here are some pictures...

Updated 12.11.20

Celebrating Wonderful Half Term Projects

During  half term, the children had the opportunity to complete additional homework projects on our topic of The Romans. Here are some of the amazing creations that some of our class members made...


Andre, Jack and Archie made their own incredible replicas of a traditional Roman Shield



Vera made a Roman catapult, whilst Miya and Priya made a model of a Roman soldier, fully equipped with matching body armour and a shield. Miya then even drew a lovely picture of the model she made.


We also had some well researched PowerPoint presentations made by our computer experts Archie and Lukas

Well done to all of these children for their hard work and especially thank you to all of the adults for their help. 
Please remember that if you also have some projects to share it's not too late and I would love to see them.

Updated 28.10.20




Please can you send in any unwanted cereal boxes and/or milk bottle lids with your child when they return after the half term.

Your child will receive 1 Dojo for every box they bring in. They will be needed for a very exciting art project coming up!

With thanks,

Mr Fishman

Updated 22.10.20

Half Term Homework

Today all children were given paper copies of their maths and English homework for the half term. The children were also given optional additional homework including lots of different project ideas about our current topic Roman Rule.

For those that would like an electronic copy, you can download the homework here:

Year 4 Maths and English Homework

Year 4 half term project ideas


Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy half term break.

Updated 21.10.20

Celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

This week the children in St John focused their learning on the leader of the civil rights movement Martin Luther King.

After a very interesting class discussion about segregation and equality the children then made these PowerPoint presentations.

Click HERE to see them.

Updated 14.10.20

We are scientists!

Our topic this term is sound, learning both how it is made and how it travels through the air. This week in our science lesson we conducted an experiment to explore pitch to try and understand why some objects produce a high pitch and some a low one. We lined up five glasses with different amounts of water inside and we then each had a turn 'making music' by tapping on the different glasses with a pencil and listened to the different pitches the glasses made. We discovered that the empty glass made the highest pitch and the full glass made the lowest.

I wonder if you can remember and explain why?

Updated 30.09.20

Fantastic Footballers

As part of our learning for PE, this week the children in Year 4 have been hard practising their football skills including: dribbling, passing, stopping the ball, passing the ball whilst moving and using one foot to move the ball around in a circle. It was wonderful to see so many talented footballers!

Updated 25.09.20

Year 4 Topic Booklet

Please find an electronic version of the Year 4 topic booklet HERE

Updated 24.9.20

A 'Stunning Start' to our new topic: Roman Rule

Today the children in St John participated in some Roman style 'army drills' by following the commands of their lead centurion Mr Fishman. The children practised walking in unison, standing at ease, standing at attention, about turns, getting ready with their sword and how to defend themselves and their fellow soldiers using a shield. The children also learned how to form a defensive circle and to rotate around.

It was a lot of fun and the children loved being outside and experiencing what it might have been like to be in a Roman army.

Updated 18.09.20

Class Information


PE will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is crucial for health and safety that your child has a full PE kit in school and that their name is written in all items. PE kits are available for purchase from the school office.


Homework will be given out on Thursdays and MUST be returned on the following Monday. Children will need to complete 30 minutes of maths and 30 minutes of English in the respective books. There will also be weekly spellings and times tables to practise that the children will be tested on in class every Thursday

Reading Records

As a friendly reminder you must read with your child at least three times every week and then write comments in their reading record on how you felt the reading went.

Was your child able to read all words accurately?

Were there any tricky or new words?

Could your child recall what they read?

Were they able to relate to the characters in the story?


These will be collected in and checked on Thursdays.

Updated: 13.09.20

A warm welcome to a new school year

Dear children, parents and carers,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your children to St John the Baptist's Class and to a new school year. I feel honored to be your child's teacher this academic year and please be assured that I will do my very best to ensure they are safe and happy at all times. As always please do not hesitate to catch me before or after school if you have any questions, concerns or problems about your child's learning. Please check this web page regularly for updates from inside the classroom!

  I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you better over the coming year.

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Fishman


Classroom welcome display

The children worked hard this week designing self-portraits which are now proudly on display outside our classroom. We also took our hands to some artwork inspired by the St John the Baptist logo at the top of this page. 

St John the Baptist


A welcome message from your new teacher.

Click on the photo to watch a video and the envelope to read the message.