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Welcome St George's Class 



Class Teacher - Miss Azor

Teaching Assistant - Miss Evans and Mrs Judd


For our Outdoor Learning day this half term, we walked up to Hollingbury Woods and explored near the Dew Pond. We created self-portraits out of natural resources, choreographed woodland dances and made boats out of sticks! After we returned to school, to celebrate the end of our current topic 'Transport', we had fun creating airports out of Lego together in our house colour teams!




As part of our current RE topic 'Choices', the class took part in a fun, active drama lesson based on a story about a group of children choosing to play together. The class firstly discussed the characters choices to play together in the story and what the consequences were for both sides of their decision. Then, they acted out the story in groups.


To refresh our knowledge after half term of our current English Book 'Traction Man Is Here', the class completed a creative, cross-curricular Art/English lesson by drawing a picture of Traction Man back-to-back with their table partners. Their partner then had to guess which drawing of Traction Man they had chosen to draw by asking them effective questions to gather information. They then revealed their pictures to one another and found out if they had guessed correctly or not. 



French Culture Lesson: French Food

As a lovely finish to our French lessons this half term, we tried some French food which were a baguette, some jam, some butter and some cheese! We then discussed what we thought about each of them.


Nous avons essayé une baguette, de la confiture, du beurre et du fromage! Nous aimons la cuisine française!



‘Fantastic Finish’ performance

Palmas Clap GIF - Palmas Clap Batendo - Discover & Share GIFs | Hand gif, Clapping  gif, Animated emoticonsPalmas Clap GIF - Palmas Clap Batendo - Discover & Share GIFs | Hand gif, Clapping  gif, Animated emoticons

Thank you so much to everyone that came to watch our 'Fantastic Finish' performance on Wednesday! The whole class really enjoyed performing their poem, song and dance to you and we appreciate your ongoing support.

Here are a few pictures from our dress rehearsal:


Mental Health Awareness Week is focused on 'Anxiety' this year. Anxiety is a normal emotion in us all, it is important that we all know how it feels when we are anxious so that we can help ourselves feel better in that moment.

In Year 3, we discussed how our bodies feel when we are anxious, how to notice these physical signs and how we can help each other to feel better. We then went round to each other and wrote in a heart a positive adjective to describe them.


For our Outdoor Learning day this half term, we baked rolls on the fire and then enjoyed eating them. We also played campfire games, and to celebrate our current topic 'Transport', we competed in our house colour teams to create the best racetracks using branches, twigs and leaves. Then, we tested them by racing toy cars around them! 




To celebrate the Coronation, the whole school came dressed in their finest royal ensembles! Year 3 took part in numerous activities to mark the occasion, such as creating a Union Jack Flag with their fingers, decorating crowns and enjoying the Coronation picnic with the rest of the school. 



In our Science lessons, we have been looking at how shadows change. In table groups, they took part in an experiment using a torch, apple, rulers and whiteboards to see if the smaller the distance between the light source and the object, the bigger the object's shadow is.


Year 3 pupils will be bringing home an "Activity Passport" this week. These passports encourage more family time and help build children’s character and resilience as well as giving them new and varied experiences.

The children have until Monday June 5th to complete as many of the challenges/activities as possible. Please email in photos so that we can see what they have been doing. All challenges will be rewarded with DOJOS!

Click HERE for a copy of the Year 3 challenges. Email your pictures into myhomework@st-josephs.brighton-hove.sch.uk 

Our topic for the Summer term is...


This topic will look at how different types of transport have changed the structure of our country and the significant individuals that have contributed to developments in transportation.

Some creative and fun activities to do with our topic for this half term can be found HERE.

Our Summer Term curriculum overview can also be found HERE.

As part of our Stunning Start to our Transport topic, our class received an interesting package. We passed it round and tried to guess what was inside. We then got shown some pictures from the country it originated from to help us find out what it is.

The class then nominated a child to open it up and found out that it was Simba, from The Lion King that travelled all the way from Africa!



For our Outdoor Learning Day this half term, we created outdoor scenes on paper mixed with their own drawings using tree rubbings, leaves, sticks and berries in pairs. We also completed an Easter 'Outdoor Learning challenges' Egg Hunt, made cheese and ham toasties on the fire and competed against each other to see who could make the best smiley face using only natural resources!




On Monday 20th March, the whole school celebrated St Joseph's Day by participating in activities in class. In Year 3 to celebrate that Joseph was a carpenter, the children made their own banners by choosing their own image of St Joseph and attaching a lollypop stick to the back of it. This created some lovely and colourful banners for all the children to take home and enjoy!

We also sang our St Joseph's Day song and created actions to go with it.


Our topic for the Spring term is...

Extreme Survival

This topic will explore the differences between hot and cold climates and what life is like for the people, animals and plants in these places around the world.

Some creative and fun activities to do with our topic for this half term can be found HERE.

Our Spring Term curriculum overview can also be found HERE.


Here are some fun websites/video clips for you to watch if you would like to learn more about your topic:

What is a desert habitat?

What is a polar habitat?

 Explorer: Robert Falcon Scott

Explorer: Amelia Earhart

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Tips

Arctic region animals

What is a Desert?

Ancient Egyptian Fantastic Finish

To celebrate the end of our Ancient Egyptian topic we choreographed, rehearsed and performed an Egyptian dance to Year 4 and really enjoyed working together as a class team!



Year 3 have been taking part in Brighton and Hove School Games 'Active Advent' in December. Here are a few examples of the Christmas-themed exercises we have been doing:





Year 3 really enjoyed our annual trip to St Richard's Church to take part in their magical, interactive, Christmas Trail to celebrate the Nativity story. 

The organisers describe the trail as the following:

“The trail begins by sneaking into a typical family scene on Christmas Eve, puzzling over the disappearance of a young couple called Mary and Joseph, exploring the observatory of three missing kings, snuggling up in shepherds’ blankets by a smouldering fire, and if you dare... knocking on the Innkeeper’s door!” 



Christmas Sandwich

In Design and Technology week this half term, Year 3 designed, researched, made and evaluated a nutritious Christmas Sandwich to enable us to have a cross-curricular link with the ‘Eatwell Plate’ from our Science lessons and explore our DT focus of a ‘Healthy and Varied Diet’.


For our Outdoor Learning day this half term we created Egyptian medallions using different tools and decorated them with hieroglyphics. We also created Egyptian collars using leaves.



Our next topic for this Autumn term is...

This topic will explore this amazing time in history and we will learn about Ancient Egyptian culture, their belief's, mummies, hieroglyphics and artefacts.

Please click HERE to look at our new topic overview, explaining more about Ancient Egypt and what we will be learning about this half term in St George's class.

Some creative and fun activities (that will earn you DOJO's!!) to do with our topic for this half term can be found HERE.

Some fun video clips for you to watch if you would like to learn more about your topic can be found HERE.

As part of Design and Technology week, Year 3 designed, researched, made out of cardboard and evaluated a Stone Age Box of Treasures to enable us to have a cross-curricular link with our History topic and explore our DT focus of ‘Shell Structures’ for this half term.

After making our Stone Age box of Treasures, the class then went outside to forage for items that would have been seen as treasures in the Stone Age, such as interesting-shaped leaves, stones and berries to put inside of their box.





Thank you so much to everyone who came into Year 3 this week and participated in our learning. The children really enjoyed making their French Grandparents cards with you and it was lovely to see all of the Grandparents join in.



Our topic for the Autumn Term is...



Please click HERE to look at our topic overview, explaining what we will be learning about this term in St George's class.

Our Stunning Start for this topic was a fun day of Stone Age-based activities where we all wore colours of the Stone Age or dressed up as a Stone Age person.

 We made our own Stone Age bowls out of salt dough, created a traditional Stone Age dessert using berries, oats and honey which was delicious! We built our own cave out of branches and leaves and constructed traditional tools out of paper!


Class Information

AC Prep PE on Twitter: "Still time to sign up for our AC 'Back to School'  Sports Camps next week (Mon-Wed). Sign up here - https://t.co/FwmzYFlPJL…  https://t.co/xcBcJ766vz"



Year 3's PE days will be on Monday's and Thursday's. Monday will be Circuit Training with Miss Pippa and Tuesday will be Basketball with Miss Azor.
Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times - black shorts (black tracksuit bottoms when it turns colder), a green St Joseph's t-shirt and trainers or plimsolls.

Please encourage your child to read as often as possible (ideally at least four times a week.) This can be by themselves, to a family member or to a sibling - and children, please remember to record it in the reading record books. These will be checked on a Tuesday. 




Homework will be set on a Thursday and is due back in on a Tuesday. This will include spellings and times tables as well as a short English and Math's homework task. Times tables and spelling's will be tested on Tuesdays each week.



Thank you parents and carers! We really do appreciate your support.

Year 3 – Lickey Hills Primary School and Nursery

 Dear children, parents and carers,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your child to St George's Class and to a new school year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or problems about your child's learning. I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you better over the coming year.

Miss Azor