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Welcome St Philip Howard's Class 

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Class Teacher - Mrs Gilbert

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Parker

Support Staff - Miss Ginny



Our topic this term will be Invaders! Please click here to see an overview of what we will be learning about in all subjects this term

If children would like to do extra work at home or research about this event and bring it in to share with the class that would be fantastic! Please click here for some optional ideas for extra work where pupils can earn Dojos. 


~Events in Year Five~


Swimming (every Thursday)


Art Trip



KS2 Sports day events



Last Day


Clock Tower


As a cross-curricular experience, we ventured to Preston Park to visit the clock tower. Currently, in English, we have been reading 'Clockwork' by Phillip Pullman, which gives great description of different parts of a clock and includes 'Glockenheim' a German town with a mysterious clock.

Similarly, in art, we have finished our topics of monuments, structures and architecture. As an assessment of these skills learnt, the children were challenged with drawing the great clock found in Preston Park. We had an amazing time and even managed to have a picnic! 

Take a look at some of the images below...

Setting the Scene


With the start of our new book 'Clockwork' by Phillip Pullman, we read about the different settings in the text. We were introduced to new characters and are all really excited for the eerie story to begin.

We heard the author's descriptions of the different scenes and created our own images of what we imagine the winter German town of 'Glockenheim' to look like as well as the inside of the infamous 'White Horse Tavern'!


Some of the class went to Withdean to represent the school for a variety of sports events. We had a wonderful day and even won some medals...


Music to our ears


For a few weeks, we have been learning how to play the ukele in our music lessons. We have been learning how to play F and C chords as well as little tunes such as three little birds and Hey Mona. 



Saxon the Musical


To finish the first summer half term, we performed a musical all about the Saxons to our loved ones. We included knowledge we had learnt in our History lessons so far this term, including battles, kings, lifestyles and key events of the Saxons. 


Arundel Wetlands Trip


We had the absolute privilege of visiting the Arundel Wetlands site to see and learn about different bird adaptations. By exploring the area, we spotted a variety of birds and used classification keys to identify the exact species. Following this, we were lucky enough to be able to take a closer look at a variety of bird wings, feet and beaks. 

Take a look at our wonderful trip below:

Maypole for May


As a class, we thoroughly enjoyed learning how to do the maypole dance!

We were so good that we were advanced to the more difficult steps and had so much fun doing them. Once we had learnt the rules, we were able to unwind and wind our ribbons all together without any help!


Swimming begins!


In English this week, we focused on our characters and how they must have felt after such strange events occurred. We interviewed the characters and discussed what they might have seen and thought during the incident.  


   Finally, we launched ourselves into the pool and started our first swimming lesson this week! It was great fun and we were all fantastic.

Coronation Day!


To celebrate the oncoming Coronation, we designed our own picnic bags and made our own scones, which we enjoyed with cream and jam.         The scones were made with three ingredients so be sure to ask Year 5 what those secret ingredients were to make our yummy scones!


Data gathering



 In our first week back, we launched straight into learning about different charts and graphs in maths. We went on a nature walk outside and created our own graphs and charts based on what we found! 



Similarly, we looked at energy and how it is used and conserved at our school. On an energy walk, we decided where energy was being used and whether we could recommend a better way of using or saving the energy by using tables and a tally. 



Finally, in Computing, we launched into learning how 3D models work. By exploring making our own pattern, we then decorated nets and altered our patterns to suit the style of 3D model we desired. 


Outdoor Learning


To finish our wonderful topic of wild waters, we designed and created our own bridges using natural resources around us. Later, we learnt survival techniques and made some 'damper bread' which we later enjoyed with some jam! 

Take a look at some of our pictures from our outdoor learning day below... 

Happy Easter!

Light and Darkness


This week, we took part in the 'Big Lent Walk'! Our chosen charity was Cafod, specifically in aid of the Earthquake Appeal Fund. Take a look at some of our photos below of our wonderful walk in the local community.


In science, we learnt about how the Earth's rotation impacts shadows formed throughout the day. Having previously investigated this with our own shadows, we applied this understanding to the Ancient Egyptian's creation of the sun dial. We applied our knowledge of shadows to create our own sun dials using different materials. 


In the summer, we take a investigate and conclude how effective our sun dials are! So watch this space for our update...

St. Joseph's Day!


To celebrate St. Joseph's day, we learnt about his life as a carpenter and his role as a father figure to Jesus. Following this, we became carpenters for the day and created our own wooden St Joseph's keychains, which we used tools to shape, drill and form. Later, we decorated and chained our carpented creations!  



In computing, we finally finished our games that we had designed and were able to share and present these to one another. We took turns to give constructive feedback to one another and evaluate our games!




New World Found


When listening to the final chapter of our text in English, we learnt about the character's new discoveries in a new world. Quickly, as a class, we identified that our characters discoveries were natural wonders that we were familiar with. We recorded some of the great vocab in our book and then drew the landscape we believed the characters were seeing! Later, we wrote wonderful diary entries and newspaper reports as the characters, describing this new world. 


Rapid Rivers


We applied our brilliant understanding of rivers in our topic learning to create beautiful dances titled 'the journey of a river'. With accompanied music, we created dances that followed the journey of a river from start to finish. We listened to and idenfied the represented parts of a river in the music and then created different movements in groups to represent this. Finally, we were able to perform these dances to the class and provide constructive critiques. 

The New World of Ember


In year five, we finally finished our book: the City of Ember! Our character's finally escaped and followed the damaged set of instructions to escape the city. Using our knowledge of the city, we set to the task of filling in the gaps of the instructions in order to help our characters reach the new world!




At St Joseph's, we celebrated the beginning of Lent. 

In R.E., we learnt about Ash Wednesday and looked at scriptures relating to this in the bible. We created wonderful art inspired by the meaning of Ash Wednesday using charcoals and masking tape. Take a look at our beautiful creations below:   



We celebrated our uniqueness and diversity in RE, when making comparisons between different unique features of our world that we can celebrate. We were set the challenge to draw nature and its beauty with the materials provided. Quite quickly, we realised that the groups that were given a variety of colours were able to achieve this better than others. We then made comparisons to our world around us!

Celebration of Diversity


We celebrated our uniqueness and diversity in RE, when making comparisons between different unique features of our world that we can celebrate. We were set the challenge to draw nature and its beauty with the materials provided. Quite quickly, we realised that the groups that were given a variety of colours were able to achieve this better than others. We then made comparisons to our world around us!


Separating materials



In science, we followed our plans and investigated how to separate the materials provided in a mixture following an accidental spill. We used a variety of apparatus to separate and recover the materials for a specific purpose. Following this, we wrote a letter advising our head teacher of what to do, should this problem occur again.


Arundel Cathedral



Although we were unable to attend our Arundel Cathedral visit, we thoroughly enjoyed transforming our class into the wonderful cathedral! We took a tour of the building, looked at the layout and features and learnt about how this all can be linked to the mission of the church, the diocese and the bishop. Using the features as inspiration, we sketched different parts of the cathedral that we felt represented the mission of the diocese. 


Additionally, we found a set of instructions that our characters in our book have received. It seems that have been trifled with but we are in the process of trying to decode what this important message may have been...

River Adur



We had an amazing outdoor learning day by (and in) the River Adur in Shoreham. To begin with, we walked along the river noticing interesting features of the river, taking photos and then we recorded and sketched these observable features. 

To finish our wonderful day, we completed art sketches of the river and then completed a river study by measuring and investigating contents of the river! Take a look at some of our photos we took and our brilliant visit:

Happy New Year!


A warm welcome back from year five as we have launched into our new topic: Wild Waters! 

We didn't know much about rivers to start with so we watched a few videos to help us. One of them was about the amazing waterfall 'Niagra Falls'. We then worked in groups and moved around the room to answer some questions about rivers and we wrote down our ideas. 


In science, we learnt about the circulatory system and had a special guest to help us with our learning! A pediatric doctor answered some of our questions linked to our circulation and the lifestyles needed to maintain a healthy body. As doctors, we then gave advice to a patient that wanted to improve their circulation based on our learning...


Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year!

Take a look at some of our exciting Christmas activities in DT: designing, creating and evaluating gingerbread biscuits...


Sailing and Flying



In English, we looked at the rescue journey of our crew as led by Shackleton. The class learnt about the parts of the boat and technical terminology used in sailing. They then re created the boat and the scene from the James Caird rescue boat. 

The class also learnt about the force of air resistance. We discovered the uses of this force and compared it to other drag forces. Using this knowledge, we investigated the impact of the surface area of a parachute on the speed it declines. We were given the task of safely escorting our 'Santa/egg' to the ground using materials provided and our very own parachutes we created. Unfortunately, only one survived!




In science, we learnt about the different types of fossils and how they are created. As palaeontologists, we identified different types of fossils and reasoned why using their features. We then created our own petrified fossils using moulds and home-made 'mineraloid' materials. 


Finally, we read from Isaiah and John and learnt about how Jesus was prophesied as the light that would arrive amongst the darkness. We then analysed and compared different paintings depicting this concept and symbolism. Look at our great interpretations...

Bon Voyage!



 In year five, we looked at the relationships between family and friends and the crew members of the Endurance. We created our own good luck charms personalised for the specific crew member which we made out of salt dough and painted. We then designed a card, which accompanied the crew member on their way. 


 Following this, we recreated through drama and role play the goodbyes to the crew members of the Endurance. We thought about how the crew would feel in this very difficult moment and discussed thoughts and feelings of the family members. With these great ideas, we wrote a letter to the crew, following a day after departure.  

Applications to Shackleton



This week, we replied to an application from a newspaper listed by Shackleton. We became the crew members and designed our own reply, in the form of a job application letter, to Ernest Shackleton. 

Once we had published our replies, we tea-stained our paper to give our letters to reflect the year of 1914! These were then 'posted' in hopes of a reply to become part of the Endurance crew! Wish us luck...

Outdoor Learning



To launch the week, we started with a great lesson all about healthy eating. We tried new foods that we hadn't tasted before and explored combinations. Following this, we learnt about the nutritional value of the food we were eating and shared our favourite new dishes!


During outdoor learning day, we learnt created our own Greek vase designs using wax and paint. We then created our own tools, as the Greeks did, to etch into the design of our pots. 


Following this, we learnt about how plants are adapted to survive in their habitat against any competition. See our pictures of our comparisons between different types of trees and plants using a quadrant grid of the environment. We then created wax rubbings of the different leaves and made comparisons to the veins and texture of the leaf being more visible on leaves that are not from evergreens due to the thinness and other important details:

Thinking like an Author



This week, we had a visit from an author/illustrator named Leigh Hodgkinson. She shared with us her wonderful book and taught us the details of what it takes to be a great bookseller! She also shared with us the secret for drawing one of our favourite characters - Space Monkey!


With Leigh Hodgkinson as inspiration, we launched the start of our new book 'Shackleton's Journey'. Having made wonderful predictions, we then dove into the main characters (the crew) and used our inference to role play as the characters and ask and answer questions. 

However, before this, we managed to conclude and find out the details to our last class book 'The Viewer'. We were thoroughly shocked by the ending and loved it! Thanks to Eddy and his family, we were able to experience what it was like to look through a real-life viewer!

D.T. Week!


Before launching our D.T. project, we learnt about the moon's movement and phases in science. Using some delicious biscuits, we created the moon's phases and named these in our partners! We used our biscuit models to generate a cycled sketch.


Later, we learnt about the process of producing a project. Having learnt about Hercules' ancient Greek disaster at the market, we decided that we would help Hercules by designing, creating and evaluating our built structures. 

Black History Week


This week, we learnt about the inspiring Mary Seacole. We learnt about her life and the spectacular work she did as a nurse during multiple wars and helping those in need. We designed informative posters that we later presented.

Having learnt about Mary Seacole and her natural remedies, we designed our Seacole medicine! We first thought of the ingredients we would like to use and the impact that our different elixirs would have on making those in battle feel better and heal. 

To finish, just like Seacole, we carefully chose and resourced our natural ingredients and ground these down to create our own 'Mary Seacole Medicine'!

Judaism Celebration


Following on from our class text reading book, we explored the notion of 'darkness' as a feeling. We looked at how the illustrator reflects the author's inference of literal and metaphorical darkness. With this, we then illustrated our interpretation of the book's 'darkness'.


Also, we interviewed our main book character and asked them about their thoughts and feelings at different stages of the book! Some of our class were able to step up to the plate and ask some amazing questions and some got into character and provided some very insightful answers!


Additionally, we had a special visitor, who came and taught us all about fire safety. We learnt about the job of a fire fighter and were able to gain answers to some burning questions we may have had. Confidently, we were able to answer questions and explain how we would behave during an emergency!


This week, the school learnt all about the faith of Judaism. We learnt about the scriptures of the Passover and compared to the modern tradition of the Passover meal. We learnt about the meaning behind each aspect of a Seder plate, which is shared during Passover. Following this, we designed our own Seder plate meal and justified our choices of food.

Finally, to round off our celebration of Judaism, we made Matzah- the unleavened bread for Passover! We created a design for the bread that was significant to the scriptures learnt and then we made our own yummy unleavened Matzah!  

Grandparent's Week!



Our wonderful, loved-ones came in this week to learn about our topic! Additionally, we were very lucky to have local 'grandparent' visitors attend our workshop and the children thoroughly enjoyed their company and wisdom during their lesson. Together, we played a matching game to identify physical and human geography in Greece and then compared the differences between different Greek temple structures. With the grandparents and loved ones, we built our own Greek temples! Take a look at the wonderful images below of our fun-filled workshop...

Outdoor Learning


In science, this week, we looked at the different stages of the human life and how growth presents in each of these stages. We made comparisons and identified the key features of each stage. Finally, we recreated the stages through a freeze frame and then discussed the justification for each frozen stage. 



Although it was a wet day, this didn't stop us in year five! We classified different plants and flowers and then created our own Greek crowns using these natural resources, as you can see below. We also made some very funky Greek bangle bracelet/cuffs to match our crowns! Using drama in the outdoors, we recreated the story of our book character (Tristan) exploring and making discoveries in the city dump. We then designed our own inventions, just like Tristan, using different materials and presented these. 

Enjoy our images below of our wonderful day! 

Queen's Remembrance


Following the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, year five have drawn beautiful portraits of her majesty. These will be displayed in our classroom as a reflection and remembrance of her 70 years of service. 


We incorporated some of the sketching techniques learnt this week in order to create detail in the above portraits. As seen below, we practised numerous different techniques and were able to name them confidently. 


Finally, we consolidated these techniques by creating our own 'viewer'. So far in our class text 'the viewer', we have learnt about a mysterious viewer that has unknown abilities. We created our own 'reel', which gave details of the specific events of a chosen decade or year. As you can see, we researched our period thoroughly and included all the essential details. Finally, we used our sketching techniques to draw the famous viewer's eye in the centre, which is also repeatedly illustrated throughout the book. 



Greece Lightning!



This week year five launched their topic of Greece Lightning! We learnt about different aspects of Greek culture, sampled Greek food and learnt about their history and beliefs. Using this knowledge, we created amazing green masks inspired by the dreaded medusa and Greek crowns referencing other key Greek Gods and Goddesses, which look fantastic!



In celebration of ourselves (our RE topic) and our first week as year five, we created self-portraits that were decorated with self affirmations and qualities that we and others love about ourselves. 

Also, we learnt about our class saint and how St. Philip Howard continues to inspire many of the same faith. We recognised his amazing attributes and used our practise of self-portraits to draw his portrait! 



Finally, we launched our maths topic of place value and number properties by looking at roman numerals and played a fun game of creating numerals with lolly sticks to match the desired number!

Learning Overview



This half term, Year 5's PE days will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wednesday will be Outdoor Sports with Miss Pippa and Thursday will be Swimming.
Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times - black shorts, a green St Joseph's t-shirt and trainers or plimsolls.
Year 5 children will also be doing the 'daily mile' on the other three days.

Swimming: Swimming costume (one-piece), towel x1 and no jewellery. All of the swimming items must be kept in a separate PE bag. 



Please encourage your child to read as often as possible (ideally at least three times a week.) This can be by themselves, to a family member or to a sibling - and children, please remember to record it in the reading record books. These will be checked on a Monday. 




A paper copy of the spelling list for the first term will be sent home with your child. Children will be tested on a Thursday each week. Spelling frame is an excellent website to support your child with spelling. Click HERE for a link to it. 




Please click  HERE to find out what our homework expectations are. Your child will receive homework of times tables and spellings. Times tables will be distributed and returned on Mondays. Spellings will be tested and distributed on Thursdays.  


Please make sure your child attends school in the correct school uniform. This includes plain black shoes or trainers. They also must be wearing a tie. 


Thank you parents and carers! We really do appreciate your support.

A warm welcome to a new school year


 Dear children, parents and carers,


I am thrilled to be able to welcome you all back and am very excited to begin a new academic year together as the year five St. Philip Howard's class. I feel honoured to be your child's teacher this year and please be assured that I will do my very best to ensure they are safe and happy at all times. I look forward to seeing them flourish and getting to know them all. If you have any questions about your child's learning, please do not hesitate to catch me before or after school. Please check this web page regularly for updates from inside the classroom!


  I look forward to meeting you all and to a great year ahead!

 Mrs Gilbert