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We have purchased software for the children to use both at home and at school. There are lots of fun activities to keep them busy and improve their computing, maths and reading skills. The children have been given a login for each website. If you have any problems logging in, contact your child's teacher or another member of staff (Mr Muschamp and Mrs Foan are the experts!) 

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 Our School Council:

At Joseph’s we have a School Council made up of two representatives from each class. The representatives are voted for in a democratic vote by the other members of their class. The benefit of this team and its members is to develop their leadership skills and give a voice to our pupils.  
The School Council also provides an opportunity for further communication between pupils and staff; ensuring that pupil input is an integral part of the decision-making processes where appropriate.
Last year, the School Council looked at our Mission Statement and our vision for the future; they were asked to come up with 10 reasons why parents/carers should chose to send their children to St Joseph’s.
 The aims of the School Council are to:
• act as a forum for the expression of ideas and concerns of pupils.
• keep staff and parents informed of pupil opinion.
• inform other pupils about school plans and developments.
• ensure that pupil input is an integral part of the school decision making processes where appropriate.


We have recently held elections in each class and are pleased to welcome this year's school councilors.


Our Year 6 representatives                     Our Year 5 representatives 

                                                                    Keriah, Isabel & Lewis                                Logan, Lola & Eman


  Our Year 4 representatives             Our Year 3 representative




We look forward to hearing about your plans for this year after your first meeting.


                                 Thank you school councillors for the Year 2016-2017.  You have helped make our school a better place to learn in.


Our school council have had a really successful year, working together to make decisions to make our school even better.

The School Council meets at least twice every half term, to discuss and share ideas in addition to sorting out any potential concerns.

They meet with Miss Matthews and Mrs Arnold and minutes are recorded. Members of the School Council are responsible for carrying out ideas that they have agreed, such as planning charity events, meeting with visitors and putting forward the views of other children in the School.

The school council  have had an active voice in the everyday life of St Joseph's Catholic  School. All suggestions by the children have been followed up promptly and action has been taken as necessary.


Some of our school councillors deep in thought and conversation during a school council meeting. 


Our elected pupils' year as school council representatives is drawing to an end. Before the end of term, they will guide and support candidates in the voting process to create next year's school council.

These are some of the things our school councillors had to say about the importance of their role over the last year and their opinions about representing their classmates and working alongside staff.

                                            "I think the more we meet, the more we can help the school improve." Jack

  "We want to expand the work of the council and are keen to meet with our Head Teacher so we can discuss our ideas." Izzy 

" We'd like the school council to continue helping to raise money for important charities." Macy 


 "We're the voice of our class and represent the needs of our classmates." Freddie 

"I like that we meet and get to talk about our ideas and then share them with our classes." 



Something the school council feel strongly about is bullying: 

  Together we can stop bullying and create safe environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn.

 At St Joseph’s we have a NO TOLERANCE approach to bullying. We want to stop it in its tracks.

   To do this we need to:

  • Understand what bullying is
  • Report any incidents to an adult in school
  • Look after each other.
  • Listen to others, and be prepared to help.
  • Make good choices. This may mean that we have to:
  • Go against our friends in order to make the right choice.
  • Be courageous
  • Be prepared to tell
  • Stand up to the bullies.





 New Head Teacher Challenges!   



Head Teacher's mini - challenges

Take a mini challenge to earn a step towards CLOUD 9 or a HT sticker- the choice is yours!

These challenges can be found outside Miss Morrison's office. As well as our general knowledge challenge, we have new challenges to tax your brain and get those neurons firing.

This year we are having a whole school focus on HANDWRITING.

It is important that you learn to write legibly and neatly at speed so that you can concentrate on what you are writing rather than how.

Handwriting, like "times tables"  will only get better with regular practice.... so it's over to you.

Miss Morrison has bought some special handwriting pencils to be given out assembly every month. These will be given to the child in each class who is trying hard to improve his/her handwriting. Will it be you? 


 As well as this............. 

 We need some MORE quality writing for our WOW writing display- ideas for writing are on the HT challenge Board- earn a much sought after HEADTEACHER MEDAL.