Have a look at the sporting events and competitions we have taken part in during this last year. Taking part in a variety of challenging and competitive individual and team events is an important enrichment opportunity for our pupils. Through the range of activities and competitions we participate in, we try to provide "sport for all" opportunities.



              Basketball Tournament at BHAVSIC                Quick-sticks hockey at Blatchington Mill.    


          Key steps gymnastics at Dorothy Stringer.                Year 6 indoor cricket tournament.      


                      Indoor athletics at BACA                                Tag Rugby Festival at Waterhall.


          Cross Country Competition at Waterhall                       Let's Dance at The Dome



  Year 3 and 4 Tri-golf tournament at Dorothy Stringer   Year 3 and 4 Tennis Festival at Withdean  


 Hosting friendly matches against local schools.             Catholic Schools football tournament


 Girls cricket tournament at Sussex CC Ground        Year 6 open Kwik Cricket tournament at Sussex Uni

                                                                            Withdean athletics competition



With a new National Curriculum and the PE and Sports Grant providing increased financing to this subject area, it is an exciting time for PE in schools.

In order to see how we spend the PE and Sports grant at St Joseph's, please click on the picture below.

PE and Sport Premium Impact Statement 2016.pdf



This is our curriculum map for this year. It gives a whole school overview and shows which areas of PE are being covered in each class's two PE sessions throughout the year.

Pupils benefit from a wide range of physical experiences in their PE lessons, taught not only by their class teachers, but also by local "experts" e.g. a basketball coach from South Coast Elite Basketball  works with a different year group every half term throughout the year.

Basketball Coaching for KS2 pupils

 Year 4 Cricket Coaching

Working alongside the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership to encourage healthy eating.


We are very fortunate to have the coaching skills of Albion in the Community once every half term. The "Make a Change" sessions aim to help children move more and adopt positive healthy eating habits. The programme is aimed at  Years 3 and 4.



Year 5 gymnastics lessons with Miss Pippa 


Some of our PE lessons:


Year 2 athletics

Year 6 trialling the "daily mile."


                     Year 1 athletics

Year 1 tennis

More expert coaching:

Reception Class Gymnastics Teaching.


Year 6 choreographing their own WWII dance with Miss Pippa.


Year 6 Tag Rugby Coaching

Year 3 gymnastics

Year 1 tennis

Level 2 Bike-Ability

Sports Leaders:

To build on our high quality curriculum PE teaching and learning, we have introduced a new PE initiative this year which aims to continue this provision and develop pupil's love of PE, as well as keeping the younger children active during lunchtimes. Year 6 pupils have taken on the responsibility for organising and encouraging KS1 pupils to take part in sports and fitness activities during the KS1 lunch hour. The small team of Year 6 pupils provide these activities three days a week. 


Parachute games.