What have we been learning in Science this year...?

Year 5 Exploring Forces

 To wrap up our unit on forces, we threaded straws onto string, taping balloons to the straw and watching them fly along the route! See our setup and results below.


March 2019 -Year 4 - The Tooth Decay Experiment Part II

As you can see below, Year 4 were carrying out an experiment about how fizzy, sugary drinks can affect out teeth. We left our eggs for a week and have monitored them every day. On Thursday, 22nd of March, we removed them and examined them for changes. All eggs had suffered severe staining and mottling of the surface, several had cracked and some had even begun to leak! We established the sugary drink had ERODED the surface of the egg, like it would our enamel, then broken through to the more sensitive layers. Where there had been toothpaste of the egg the damage was lessened but even the toothpaste had been partially washed away by the sugary drink. Year 4 came to the conclusion that sugary drinks should only be had as a treat and that brushing your teeth regularly was important for maintaining good dental protection

Spring term: Year 4 Get hot on the topic of tooth decay!

As part of learning about the digestive system, year 4 have been learning extensively about teeth: the types of teeth, what teeth are made of and how we protect them. Year 4 are carrying out an investigation into how toothpaste can help protect are teeth from damage.  Year 4 discussed how in the future the experiment could be done with different drinks to see how they impact our teeth. Then they could create a scale to advise other children which drinks are better for their teeth. 

Spring : Year 5 Were Using The Force!

As part of their exploration of different forces, Year 5 have been testing out water resistance by comparing how quickly an object falls through water compared to air. They made observations of the experiment and then had a discussion about what they noticed. They then applied this knowledge to a posed question: who would face more water resistance, a shark or a minnow?

Spring : Year 6 Became Introspective 

Year 6 have been learning to identify the key organs of the human body and looking at the functions they perform for us. Year 6 were creative and made whole body maps to help children plot organs accurately but also assist them in understanding the proportional size of human organs.

Autumn: St Margaret's have been learning all about SOUND!

Year 4 have been learning all about sound this term and wanted to make a video to share their knowledge with others! So here are our two wonderful presenters ready to teach you all about how sound travels!

Autumn :They Were Blasting Off In St Elizabeth's Class!

St Elizabeth's Class have been making a great use of role play to inspire the children in their science topic, Space! Children enjoyed acting as astronauts with even astronaut packs being made at home to share with the class. They learnt about Neil Armstrong and re-enacted his moon landing! 

Autumn: Lights On In Year 3

Year 3 were investigating the truths and falsehoods about light by organising statements and taking place in group discussions where they learned to apply their topics key words. They also used torches and a variety of materials to investigate how materials are affected by light and how shadows are created. 


In St. Philip Howard, we have been exploring different ways to separate materials. In doing so, we learned about Victorian sewers where everything would end up the Thames! How did they separate it, we wondered, and set off exploring. Below are some of our approaches.


Autumn : St. Philip Howard

This week, we have been checking materials for their properties. This includes investigating whether a material is soluble. Above, you can see Year 5 experimenting, mixing water and items such as hot chocolate, tea, cinnamon, cardamom, salt, pepper and others.

Autumn: St Philip Howard

This half term, we have been looking at the properties of materials. Here are some year 5's ordering a variety of materials according to their properties, using words such as: soft, hard, dull, bright, transparent, opaque, brittle, flexible, soluble and many more!

Autumn :St Teresa

Year 6 have been up to all things scientific this year! As part of their learning "Inheritance and Evolution" they looked at fossils and learnt about famous paleontologists like Mary Anning and Charles Darwin.


As part of their next topic, "Living Things and their Habitats" they learnt about how living things are classified into different kingdoms. The children worked in groups to research their "kingdom" using factual books and the internet and then recorded their findings for part of our class science display.


As part of their third topic, "Animals including humans," Year 6 pupils learnt about the circulatory system. They were taught about the different components of blood and the functions of each of the different components when they made their own, "blood."