Key Steps Gymnastics Competition: 19.4.18

We took a squad of Year 5 gymnasts to Dorothy Stringer School today to take part in a primary school gymnastics competition. The children took part in three different disciplines - demonstrating body management skills, vaulting and performing a rehearsed floor sequence containing set moves.

The children performed brilliantly and we finished in third place. A great achievement! Not only that, but we received the "teamwork" award too!

We were very proud of everyone's performances. Thank you Miss Pippa too for helping to coach these budding gymnasts.




Following the recent outbreak of Measles across Surrey and Sussex we have been asked to circulate the following letter to raise awareness and give you some information on the disease. Please take a look at the letter below.

Measles Letter


Poverty Proofing the School Day

On Monday and Tuesday (16th and 17th April) we took part in an audit to "poverty proof" the school day. At St Joseph's, we recognise that several of  our parents/carers, in common with many other people  in Brighton, and indeed the UK, struggle from day to day and bringing up children in the 21st century can be an expensive affair. This audit will help us to remove any barriers to children’s learning, ensuring pressures on household income do not have a negative impact on any child’s education. 

You should have received a letter and details of a questionnaire at the end of term, but just in case you missed it, I have attached copies- please click on the link below. Details of how to complete online with log in are on the letter which was previously sent home or can be given on Monday by asking at the school office. Paper copies are available from the office on request.

What is Poverty Proofing the School Day?

parent_carer questionnaire copy

Parent Letter -Poverty Proofing- We want your views!


Yellow team celebration: 13.4.18

Congratulations to the yellow team who won last half term's house-point challenge. They celebrated their success with some food, some music and a small party this afternoon. Well done to the yellow team for their continued hard work and for earning so many house points in recognition of this.



Come on red, green and blue teams - we would like a different winner next half term!


Attendance assembly: 12.4.18

This afternoon, during an attendance assembly,  we celebrated those children who had managed to avoid the winter colds and achieve 100% attendance during the Spring Term - a fantastic achievement!


Congratulations to our KS1 pupils and the children in Year 3  for their 100% attendance.


Pupils in Year 4 and Year 5


Year 6 and our whole school 100% attendance superstars!

We recognise that children do become ill and it is not always possible to get children to school all of the time. So, particular congratulations must go to the following families who have managed to get all their children to school during the Spring Term. Well done to you all! 

Thank you also to Mrs Messenger who works tirelessly to make sure we have the best possible attendance which gives all of our pupils optimum learning opportunities.

Thank you to all of our parents and carers who help ensure our pupils attend school regularly and on time.


Newhaven Fort: 29.3.18

As part of their WW11 topic, Year 6 visited Newhaven Fort today. Please click HERE to see more pictures on their class page.


Easter Raffle: 29.3.18

Well done to everyone who won an Easter egg in today's raffle organised by the FOSJ's. Thank you to everyone who donated an egg or bought tickets.           

Watch this space to see how much money was raised and what the FOSJ's plan to spend it on in order to enhance our children's learning.


Times Table Challenge: 26.3.18

Today was our KS2 times table challenge. Eight contestants from each class had been selected based on class trials and went into battle with each other today in a year group times table challenge.

Well done to everyone who took part, well done to the winners of each year group (you were so quick!) and well done to everyone who has been working on learning their times tables.

Particular congratulations to Bailey, Belinda, George and Amarachi - times table superstars!


Easter egg design competition: 23.3.18

Congratulations to the seven winners of the Easter Egg Design Competition. Mrs Arnold was delighted with the number of entries and judging proved very difficult!

Thank you to everyone who entered and well done to the winners from each year group.


Fundraising during Lent.

During Lent, we decided to fundraise for CAFOD. CAFOD stands for Catholic Agency For Overseas Development and their aim is to help people living in poverty whatever their culture or religion.

We decided to support CAFOD's world gifts project. Throughout Lent, each class bought in any coins they had and put them into a class collecting box. The children had time to look on the CAFOD website and were able to see what gifts they might be able to buy, how these gifts would make a difference and read some stories from people who had benefitted from CAFOD's gifts.

As always, our pupils were enthusiastic and keen to help and support and over the past few weeks have bought in loose change. What a difference they have made!

We are so proud of our caring and thoughtful children and the way that they always want to give.


This is what each class chose to buy with their class's money-

St Andrew's - Chirpy Chickens.

St Elizabeth's - Seeds of hope, emergency water and honey bees. 

Year 3 - Mother and baby medical support and seeds of hope.

Year 4 - A goat and water for a family.

Year 5 - 4 x emergency water.

Year 6 - Mother and baby medical support, immunisations for 28 children, teach a child to read and a community vegetable garden.

Altogether, we collected about £225 during Lent. Thank you children for being so caring and thank you parents for your support too.

Ask your children about the CAFOD world gifts and if you are in school, come in and see the display in the hall


Let's Dance : 21.3.18

This evening we took a group of dancers from Years 4, 5 and 6 to the Dome in Brighton to take part in the annual, "Dance at the Dome." This event celebrates the work of schools and dance groups from across the city and takes place over four nights with around 500 pupils performing on each of those evenings.


What a fantastic performance our dancers put on tonight!  The 17 girls performed a              dance called, "The West Enders" - which was a West End musical remix.                       They were absolutely amazing!


Thank you children - we were so proud of you all tonight. Thank you also to Pippa Westover for choreographing the dance and for working with such enthusiasm with the children over the last few months.


Getting and make up!



Glitter done and gems on!


Ready to perform!

Have a look at this clip showing their dance.


St Joseph's Day 2018

Today March 19th, we celebrated St Joseph's Day. Father Kieron joined us in school in the morning and we celebrated Mass together.


Throughout the morning, classes celebrated St joseph through a range of activities. These included designing wooden crosses and plant pots to celebrate Joseph's carpentry skills, making lily lollipops, decorating biscuits and making paper plate lilies to celebrate the flower associated with St Joseph and designing a new emblem for St Joseph or St Joseph's School and much more!

KS1 also made pastries to remember that St Joseph is also the patron saint of confectioners and pastry makers!


Lily Lollipops.


Making Pastries


Plant pots with special seeds


Lily designs on biscuits

Here are a few more photographs of our St Joseph's Day celebrations today.


In the afternoon, the pupils of St Joseph's showed off their many varied talents, as well as some of their current learning in an afternoon celebration. Friends, Governors and supporters of the school were invited in for  a tea party and were entertained by our wonderfully talented children.


Let's Dance performers open the show!           Tea and pastries.

Each class performed something e.g. retelling a text/story through "talk for writing," performance poetry and singing and marching to WW11 songs. The choir, Let's Dance performers and the drama group also took to the stage.


                St Andrew's Class                                      Our gymnasts                                

As always, it was lovely to come together as a school community to celebrate the wonderful talents our pupils have on such a special day for our school.


 Year 6 perform a medley of WW11 songs                          The choir                          


Signs of Spring!

After our recent cold spell, it is nice to have had some warmer weather. Mrs Muschamp has taken advantage of this and spruced up our outside prayer areas. They are looking lovely and welcoming and remind us daily that Spring is just around the corner! Thank you Mrs Muschamp.



Decorate a door for World Book Day

The pupils and staff have had great fun decorating their classroom doors based on their favourite book or genre of book.

These are some of the creative doors.


            World War II books - Year 6                                    "Where's Wally?"


"Alice in Wonderland" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."


     "Flat Stanley" - Year 3                            "Danny, champion of the world"-  Year 4    


St Andrew's Class - "The Tiger Who Came To Tea."


St Elizabeth's - "The gingerbread man" and "Little Miss Sunshine."

AND the winner was................


Year 5's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Well done year 5. 

We hope you enjoyed your tasty prize!


World Book Day 1.3.18

At St Joseph's we continually aim to promote reading and encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading. This week, we will be celebrating the joys of reading and books, even more-so than usual, through a range of cross-curricular activities based around quality texts and by reminding children how magical and inspirational books can be.

This year, the children will be decorating their classroom doors to represent their favourite story or reading genre. Each class will have one week to create their door. The doors will be judged on Wednesday 7th March and the class with the most impressive and creative idea will receive a prize! Watch this space for photos.



This morning, each class drew a teacher's name out of a hat and that teacher shared their favourite story or poem with the class. Year 4 were very lucky and listened to a story in French! Other books included "Gorilla," by Anthony Browne, "Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies," by Pamela Butchart and "Cave Baby," by Julia Donaldson.




House Point winners celebration: 23.2.18

  Today the yellow team celebrated winning last term's house-point challenge.    Over the last half term, the yellow team earned the most house-points and as a reward for their efforts and hard work, they celebrated together this afternoon with some party food and some music.

Congratulations to everyone in the yellow team. Keep up your good work!



Reconciliation Service: 22.2.18

Today we were joined by Father Kieron for a Lenten reconciliation service. As always, it was lovely to see so many children of our KS2 pupils involved. The drama group retold and acted out the story of Zacchaeus, helping us to focus on its meaning and reminding us of the importance of giving others a second chance and forgiving them.



After the Reconciliation Service children, if they wished to, had the opportunity to speak with Father Kieron, to say sorry for any wrong-doings, to think about ways they could make amends and to reconcile themselves with God.

After the service, each child in KS2 was given a leaf on which they wrote a promise. Each child thought about something that they wanted to try to do better during Lent, how they planned to turn away from sin and turn back to God, just as Zacchaeus did. These leaves will be displayed on a Promise Tree.



Numbers Day : 1.2.18

Today, St Joseph's pupils supported the NSPCC by taking part in their Numbers Day. Number's Day provides a great opportunity to make maths even more fun than usual and today each class took part in a range of fun maths challenges involving fractions.


Year 6's "Fraction Action Challenge," involved jelly beans!

Pupils came in to school in their home clothes involving fractions of different colours. The children also learnt about the work of the NSPCC and were reminded about the underwear rule.


Thanks to your generosity, we collected £180.23 for the NSPCC. This will make an enormous difference to children today and help change the lives of children in the future.




Reptiles : 22.1.18

Wow! What fun EYFS and KS1 children had today when they met some relatives of dinosaurs! The children were very brave and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the animals.

Balance Bikes : 15.1.18 - 18.1.18 

Our Reception Class children have received balance bike training this week. The balance bikes,  which do not have pedals, help the children to concentrate on the skills of balance and gross motor control. This makes learning to ride a lot easier, as well as keeping the children active.

This week, the children have enjoyed lots of games and fun activities whilst improving their fitness.



Indoor Athletics at BACA: 10.1.18

This is our squad of wonderful athletes who represented St Joseph's at the primary schools' indoor athletics competition today at BACA.


Click  HERE to see some more pictures and to find out who was picked out from all the children participating today to receive a "determination" award.


Blue Team Celebration: 5.1.18

Congratulations to the blue team who earned the most house points last half term. They celebrated today with a small party, sharing a little food and listening to music. Some of the blue team even had a bit of a dance! 


Well done blue team. keep up the good work! And come on yellow, green and red- let's see a different team winning this half term.



Attendance Assembly: 3.1.18

This afternoon, we celebrated the attendance for the Autumn Term 2017. It was lovely to see so many children who had managed to achieve 100% attendance last term.


Our KS1 100% attendance superstars.     Our KS2 100% attendance superstars.

Particular congratulations must go to Year 4 who had 11 out of 22 pupils with 100% attendance. With winter colds and bugs around, we recognise it is not always possible to come into school every day, so well done to everyone who did manage it.


Year 4 had 50% of their class with 100% attendance.       Year 3

Thank you too, to the parents and carers for your support in achieving this and for coming into today's assembly to celebrate with us. Particular congratulations must go to those families who had more than one child with 100% attendance today.

We look forward to building on this attendance achievement next term. Thank you to Mrs Messenger for her hard work in keeping our attendance figures so high.


Year 6                                                       Year 5   


Competition Win!

On top of the festivities on the last day of term, our pupils were in for another treat! John Parfitt, one of our school governors, and his wife Linda had entered a competition to win eleven Brighton and Hove Albion home shirts for a team of junior football players. 

We were delighted to have won, but even more excited when we heard that Glenn Murray, one of Brighton and Hove Albion's star strikers, would be coming in to present the shirts and meet the children. 

We have lots of Albion fans at St Joseph's so having Glenn Murray visit our school was a fantastic end to a great term. The whole school thanked Glenn with a rendition of "We wish you a Murray Christmas!"

Our win and special visitor were featured in the Argus on December 28th. Thank you to the Argus for the photographs.


KS2 Christmas Party and Celebration Day: 20.12.17

KS2 followed in KS1's party footsteps today and celebrated the end of a busy term. The children spent the morning in their house groups taking part in a variety of Christmas activities including traditional games like pass the parcel and stick the nose on Rudolf, decorating "biscuit baubles," team games and Christmas crafts.


Pass the Parcel


Stick the nose on Rudolf


Biscuit baubles


Team games



Christmas Crafts 

In the afternoon our KS2 pupils continued to party. A thoroughly well-deserved treat!



Thanks to your generosity, we had some food left over from both parties.

Over the last three years we have supported the "First Base" centre at Christmas, by sending them some of our left over party food. "First Base," is a homeless centre in Brighton offering a range of services to support people who are sleeping rough or who are insecurely housed in the city. 

Mrs Cox kindly took the donations to the centre a couple of days before Christmas. The staff were delighted to receive the food items and wished all the pupils at St Joseph's a very happy Christmas.

It is good to know that, at St Joseph's, we have helped in some way to make a difference to other people's lives over Christmas.

Thank you all for your generosity and support.



KS 1 Christmas Party and Celebration Day: 19.12.17


KS1 rounded off their term of hard work today with a Christmas Party Celebration Day. The morning involved a carousel of festive activities including karaoke with Christmas songs, bauble decorating, glittery play-dough making and Christmas crafts. 


Christmas Crafts - Baby Jesus in the manger


  Bauble decorating


Making festive play dough

In the afternoon, the party continued with party games and party food! Great fun was had by all!



KS2 Carol Concert: 15.12.1


What a lovely carol service our KS2 pupils put on tonight. Thank you parents and carers for bringing your children and your friends and family along and joining us tonight. It was wonderful to see such a full congregation and to be able to come together at this busy time of year as a school community.

Children, you sang beautifully. Thank you to Year 6 for your readings and for providing the tableau. Absolutely beautiful solos by Bailey and Calum too.

We were very proud of you all tonight.



Kickboxing Champion!

It is always lovely when our past pupils come back to see us and tell us how they are getting on in their new secondary schools and share with us things they are proud of and have achieved since they left us.

We were delighted to get an email from Kicks Martial Arts Centre telling us about the success of Regan Mayer, one of our Year 6 pupils from last year.


On November 26th, Regan Maher became the IKF English Open Tournament Light Continuous Kickboxing Champion in the 10-13years, Under 45kgs, Category at Northwood Leisure Centre, Chatham, Kent.

We are very proud of Regan and delighted to hear about her continued success in her kickboxing. Regan is a very determined, hardworking girl who thoroughly deserves this achievement. 

We would love to hear from more of our past pupils so please get in touch, tell us how you are getting on and let us celebrate with you!  


 Christmas Lunch: 13.12.17


Today was our school Christmas Lunch. Everyone came into school wearing Christmas jumpers and other festive attire. We had a delicious traditional turkey roast dinner followed by ice cream and cookies served to us by our teachers and teaching assistants. We had crackers and sang along to Christmas songs.




Thank you to the kitchen staff for preparing such a lovely lunch for us.



Noisy Nativity: 13.12.17

This morning our KS2 pupils were in for a treat when they watched the final dress rehearsal of the KS1 production - "Noisy Nativity." The story is based around a few children in a school who think Christmas is all about presents. Their teachers soon put them straight and so begins a lively retelling of the story of Jesus birth.


It was an absolute delight to watch - great acting, singing, dancing, percussion playing and even sign language! Well done children- you were fantastic. Thanks to all the adults who helped put on this show and thank you children for your enthusiasm, energy and sparkle!


The children are performing again tomorrow and Friday for their parents, carers and friends. Don't miss it!


      Parent and Toddler Christmas Get -Together: 13.12.17

A small group of parents and their toddlers meet regularly on a Wednesday morning in school with Mrs Arnold. This morning was a special Christmas get together. The children enjoyed playing together and eating a few treats.

Thank you to the parents and their friends who come along every week for a coffee and a chat. Thank you to Percy, Arlo, Harrison, Elsie and Lottie for coming along to play- it is lovely to welcome you into St Joseph's school.




Christmas Bauble Competition

Mrs Arnold organised a Christmas Bauble decorating competition which has been displayed outside the Learning Mentor's room. It was lovely to see so many imaginative, creative and colourful festive entries. 


    Congratulations to Kadie, Kiralee and Arijus who won prizes for their entries.        A big thank you to everyone who entered.


Christmas Fair: 8.12.17


This afternoon was our school Christmas fair. Lots of preparation and work had gone into making items and games for each class's stall.

Year 6 ran a cocktail stall and a lucky dip, Year 5 sold festive cakes, Year 4 were selling stress balls and Christmas badges, Year 3 had made salt dough tree decorations and calendars and KS1 ran a shop, lucky dip and several other festive fun games. Alongside all of this, the FOSJ's provided refreshments and ran the raffle. 



Thank you to everyone who helped by donating items, running a stall or by coming along to support this event in school. Thank you to the Year 6 pupils who helped run each stall along with children from each year group. Thank you also to the choir who sang some Christmas carols beautifully. 



Watch this space to see how much money was made. Each class will choose what they want to spend any profit they made from their stall on. Look at the individual class pages to see what they decided to spend it on over the next few months.


Festive Fun Begins: 4.12.17

This week our festive fun and preparations have begun! On Saturday, some of our pupils and their families came along to the "Hollingdean Lucky Dip Winter Fair." They sang several Christmas carols in St Richard's Church and joined in the festive fun. Thank you to all the children and their families who were able to come and show their support for this event and our local community.

On Tuesday after school, the FOSJ's put on their annual Christmas disco/party. First, it was the turn of our KS2 pupils who had a great time and showed off some fabulous dance moves! Thank you to the FOSJ's for organising this event and to Mr Elliston for being the DJ.


Key Stage 2 Disco : 5.12.17

After school on Thursday was our KS1 Christmas Disco, again organised by the FOSJ's. Not to be outdone by KS2, there were some amazing dancers in KS1 too! The younger children thoroughly enjoyed the disco which also included some party games, party food and lots more fun.

Thank you again to the FOSJ's for putting on another successful event, to Miss Simson and to Mr Elliston.



Key Stage  1  Disco :  7.12.17

Don't forget our Christmas Fair on Friday afternoon. The children have been busy making things to sell on their class stalls and there are some magnificent looking hampers to be won in the FOSJ's raffle as well as a Donatello's gift voucher and much, much more!

So, come along and join the fun on Friday 8th December from 2.30 pm.


Year 5 visit to Preston Manor: 1.12.17

As part of their learning about the Victorians, Year 5 visited Preston Manor. This historic manor house gave the children a fascinating insight into life both upstairs and downstairs during the early years of the 20th century. Before they went, the children wrote letters of application for the advertised jobs.


To help them get into role and to help make them feel part of the learning session which was called, "Situations Vacant," the children came into school dressed as Victorian servants hoping for the  job of a lower servant.  They really looked the part and soon found out what life was like for Victorian servants in a grand house!


More information and photos about the children's trip will be on the St Philip Howard Class Page soon.


Children in Need: 17.11.17

Pupils, parents and staff came together today to support "Children in Need," and help to raise money for disadvantaged children. Many projects across the country will benefit from your donations so thank you for your generosity. 


This year's theme is "Do your thing," and we certainly know how to do that at St Joseph's! The children and staff came in to school looking,"spotacular," with their spotty clothes and wacky hair! 



Lunchtime started the fun off with games, challenges  and biscuit decorating. 


In the afternoon the children took part in a range of "Children in Need," activities. Years 5 and 6 used the computers to research information about Children in Need, finding out about the different projects that the BBC Children in Need support and learning about the ways the money is well as the young people it helps. Other activities included making "spotacular," cakes, designing a new Children in Need t-shirt , a Pudsey Bear hunt, making Pudsey ears, spotty balloon fun in Key Stage 1 and much, much more!  





Remembrance Day

Year 6 pupils have been helping support the Royal British Legion over the last two weeks by selling products for Remembrance Sunday.

The poppies, badges, brooches, slap-bands and wristbands all help to raise money for the British Legion and show our support and remember those who lost their lives during conflict.

Well done Year 6 for doing such a great job selling the poppies and other Remembrance Day products.

Thank you for your generosity - all money raised will go the British Legion.


Year 6 Residential to PGL: 6.10.17

Year 6 have just returned from a fantastic weekend at PGL Windmill Hill. They had a four day action packed outdoor activity experience that they will never forget! Each day provided new challenges, opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and to achieve aspirations - as well as having fun with their friends. 

We were so proud of you Year 6 - you were well behaved, determined, supportive of each other and up for everything thrown your way!

Here are a few photos of Year 6's weekend.

Click on THIS LINK to see more photos on the Year 6 page.


           Pedestrian Training: 10.10.17

Over the last few weeks, children in Years 1 and 3 have been undertaking pedestrian training. 


The scheme is designed to
- raise children's observation and awareness skills while crossing roads with an adult
- provide children with road safety skills in preparation for independent travel.

Child Pedestrian Training is one of the initiatives that helps reduce the number of child casualties on the roads.


The pedestrian trainers, who have been working with our children for five weeks now, had this to say about our children and school -

"St Joseph's is very welcoming and friendly. It has a lovely atmosphere."

"The pupils were very enthusiastic, keen to learn and extremely polite."

"It's been a pleasure working with your pupils."



Scootability: 6.10.17

Our Year 2 pupils have had scooter training this week.  The training increases skills, improves confidence and increases awareness of other pavement users.



Walk to School Month: October 2017

Today, we launched "Walk to School," month with a whole school walk to school with our old friend "Piers, the Meerkat," the road safety mascot. We met at The Sure Start Centre and then walked down to school together.


A national campaign, Walk to School Month aims to encourage, reward and celebrate walking and other active ways to travel to school - and get families into the habit from the start of the academic year.

Even if families can’t walk every day, Brighton and Hove City Council are urging families to do something different in October, such as walking for one or two days when they usually drive. Or they might walk the last 10 minutes of their journey, or scoot or cycle. 


More than 10,000 city children and their families are expected to take part in Brighton & Hove’s Walk to School Month, during October.

Thank you to all the pupils, parents and carers who joined Piers and walked to school this morning.


Grandparents' Day: 3.10.17

At St Joseph's, we are delighted to be celebrating Grandparents' Week again this year. It has become a highlight in our calendar and is thoroughly enjoyed by pupils, staff and grandparents.

Today, grandparents (and honorary grandparents) came into school to spend time with their grandchildren and their friends. It provided an opportunity for pupils and the school to thank the grandparents who support their grandchildren in so many different ways. It also gave grandparents the chance to see the wide range of activities that pupils enjoy in school each day.

In KS1, the grandparents joined the children for "Stay and Play" -  talking to, and reading with the children and joining in with their classroom activities.

The KS1 children painted portraits of their grandparents too!



In KS2, classes put on a short assembly for their grandparents, who joined them afterwards in the classroom, supporting them with their learning, reading with them and talking to them about their own schooling and childhood experiences.




Thank you to all the grandparents who came into school today and for making it such a special morning. Have a look on each class page for more photos.


Bike-Ability Training : 2.10.17

Bike-Ability is today's cycle training programme. It gives children the skills and confidence for cycling on today's roads.

Some of our Year 6 pupils undertook Level 1 training over two mornings this week. At level 1,  new riders learn to control and master their bikes away from traffic - on the school playground.



This training will be developed further during the Summer Term when Level 2 training takes place on local roads.


Able Mathematician's Day: 1.10.17

Four of our Year 6 pupils were selected to attend an "Able Mathematician's Day" at Coldean School.

Calum, Brooklyn, Marcin and Bailey joined pupils from nine other primary schools across Brighton and Hove to work with a maths specialist on maths activities and challenges.


The boys thoroughly enjoyed their day. We look forward to participating in more cluster group days like this in the future.


Harvest Mass: 1.10.17

Thank you to all the children and families who came together to celebrate the Harvest Mass at St Joseph's Church this Sunday morning. It was a lovely celebration and opportunity for giving thanks as a Parish family.

Once again, the children sang and read beautifully.


Thank you also for your generous harvest gifts and food items which will be distributed via the Brighton charity, "Voices in Exile." 


MacMillan Fundraiser: 29.9.17

Today we joined many other people in fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support. Across the country today, people were supporting this cause by joining together for "the world's biggest coffee morning."

We decided to host a cake sale after school to do our bit and raise funds to help people who are facing cancer.


Thank you to everyone who baked/donated cakes, everyone who came along for a cup of tea and a slice of cake and also to the children and adults in school who organised and ran this event.

Once the money has been counted, we will let you know how much we raised. 



Welcome Mass: 28.9.17

Today, we celebrated the start of a new school year with a whole school Welcome Mass. We were joined by Father Kieron, and together we welcomed our new pupils, parents and carers and staff into the St Joseph's family. Our new starters in St Andrew's Class all received a welcome prayer card.


As always, the children sang beautifully. Well done also to Year 6 for their lovely readings and prayers. 

Thank you Father Kieron and parents and carers for joining us to celebrate Mass together today.


End of Key Stage 2 results.

It was lovely to receive another letter of congratulations from Jo Lyons, Assistant Director of Education, this week. This time, the letter was congratulating Miss Morrison and the school on the end of year Key Stage 2 SAT's test results.

We were delighted with the Year 6 results  in July, but it is always nice to get recognition for the hard work of our pupils, the dedication of our school staff, the commitment of our governors,  which, alongside the support from our parents and carers, all contributed to the successful outcomes for our pupils. 

Click on the image below to read the letter.



Attendance Matters!

We were delighted to receive a letter from Jo Lyons, the Assistant Director of Families, Children and Learning  at Brighton and Hove City Council, congratulating St Joseph's on their pupil's attendance during the last academic year.

Thanks to our supportive parents, the dedication of our pupils and the commitment of the school staff, particularly Mrs Messenger, the attendance at St Joseph's during the last academic year was above the national average.

Click on THIS LINK to read the full letter.





BLUE TEAM'S CELEBRATIONS  - House-point WINNERS from Summer Term 1.


                 Congratulations again to the BLUE team!