Humanities  2017-2018                                                                          

There have been lots of exciting learning opportunities taking place across the school this year. This is just a snap shot of what we've been learning about! 


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In St Elizabeth's...

Children have learned about the Great Fire of London and have used it to support their writing skills too! 

This is just a hint of some of the amazing writing being produced by the talented children of St Elizabeth's class. Well done guys!

In St Francis of Assisi Class...

Children have learned about Mesolithic and Neolithic peoples and had a go at creating their own shelters for this period of time. 

They have also been learning about mountains and rivers as part of the Geography studies!

In St Margaret of Scotland class...

children have been learning about the Romans, Antarctic explorers and the Ancient Egyptians! 

They've created Roman shields, sung songs to learn about the Romans and Ancient Egyptians and reenacted the journeys taken by Ernest Shackleton.

In St Philip Howard class...

children have been learning about the Victorians, Rain forest and the Ancient Greeks. 

In St Teresa's class...

alongside their already busy Year 6 schedule, children have learned to be cartographers by reading maps and understanding coordinates and have also studied the Second World War, this resulted in a wonderful Year 6 play about hunting for a spy!