Our Teaching

Music is a very important part of every child’s learning journey and is seen as an essential element of every child’s individual development. 

We are very lucky to have a specialist music teacher, Mrs Brownbill, who teaches and supports music across the school. The music lessons are planned to link to the class termly topics and are also often integrated also with art, dance and drama.


Key Stage One pupils explore different musical instruments and experiment with the sounds they make.


All of the children have the opportunity to enjoy a range of musical experiences through singing songs, playing instruments, listening and appraising music of different times or cultures as well as either improvising or composing and then performing. 

Year 3 learning how to play the Glockenspiel. 

This year we will continue to teach music through the "Charanga" music scheme alongside teaching the music curriculum through singing using "Inside Music"- a music education programme published by "Voices Foundation" 2012.

Both the schemes contain fun and engaging resources that support all the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Take a look at their websites.


Year 6 composing.

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 At St Joseph's we love to sing!

We come together for hymn practice every week and regularly sing in assemblies,   collective worship and during Mass.                     

Mrs Brownbill also runs an after school music club for KS1 pupils.


KS1 after school music club

We also have a school choir that meets every week and is open to KS2 children.



"Sound-makers" teach Year 4 how to play the ukulele during the Summer Term. They put on a performance at the end of the term for their parents and carers as well as the rest of the school.


Brighton and Hove Music and Arts work very closely with colleagues in schools to promote participation, ensure access and raise standards in music.

There is the possibility for children to learn an instrument in school through this service.