Modern Foreign Languages                                                                     

 At St Joseph's all pupils from Years 3-6 are taught French in line with the new primary curriculum. French is taught by Mrs Hill for up to one hour per week. 

Studying an MFL aims to foster a pupil's curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world. It helps them appreciate the many languages spoken by the pupils at St Joseph's and helps to celebrate the different cultures and diversities that make up our school family.

It also provides a solid foundation for learning further languages in the future.

Our aim is to give children an enjoyment of language learning and the confidence to develop new skills.

At St Joseph's French is taught in a creative way using a range of materials and approaches including games, role-play, and conversations as well as books and ICT (particularly "Purple Mash") to enhance learning for our pupils.

There are many websites which will help the children to consolidate and practise their skills. Please encourage your child to use them.



 Year 5 pupils using French dictionaries to support their learning and develop their French vocabulary.



Year 4 are very proud of their French books and what they have learnt this year.



Year 6 using "Purple Mash" to  demonstrate their understanding of the French    vocabulary associated with hobbies and sports                                

and Year 3 applying their knowledge of vocabulary associated with families through interactive games.



   We are lucky to have a trainee teacher working with Mrs Branagan and the Year 5 class at the moment.

Miss Martinez is originally from Seville in Spain and she is running a Spanish lunchtime club on a Friday for children in Years 2-6.

It is lovely to see so many children who are keen to learn another language.