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St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Brighton

Educating in Faith, Hope and Love


Children, this is your page. Check it out for news and competitions...…. we want to hear what you have to say!

Latest Head Teacher Challenge: 

Mrs Foan has set her first Head Teacher challenge of 2024!

Her challenge is for the pupils to write a poem or a prayer.

This will tie in with our new sustainability initiative and the key word  needs to be "hope."

The focus is about looking after our world.

Remember to be as creative as possible, with careful and thoughtful presentation. It needs to be handed in by Wednesday 7th February.

Click  HERE for the sheet, which is also available in the foyer.

 Our School Council:

At Joseph’s we have a School Council made up of two representatives from each class. The representatives are voted for in a democratic vote by the other members of their class. The benefit of this team and its members is to develop their leadership skills and give a voice to our pupils.
The School Council also provides an opportunity for further communication between pupils and staff; ensuring that pupil input is an integral part of the decision-making processes where appropriate.

 The aims of the School Council are to:
• act as a forum for the expression of ideas and concerns of pupils.
• keep staff and parents informed of pupil opinion.
• inform other pupils about school plans and developments.
• ensure that pupil input is an integral part of the school decision making processes where appropriate.


We have recently held elections in each class and are pleased to welcome the school councillors for the year 23-24:


Lyla-May and Blake (Year 1)                                              Skye and Riley (Year 2)


 Ronnie and Yasmin (Year 3)                            Leona and Audrey (Year 4


                                   Harry (Year 5)                                      Lily-Jo (Chair) and Blessing (Vice-Chair)  and Julian (Secretary)    Year 6                                                                                    



Something the school council feel strongly about is bullying: 

  Together we can stop bullying and create safe environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn.

 At St Joseph’s we have a NO TOLERANCE approach to bullying. We want to stop it in its tracks.

   To do this we need to:

  • Understand what bullying is
  • Report any incidents to an adult in school
  • Look after each other.
  • Listen to others, and be prepared to help.
  • Make good choices. This may mean that we have to:
  • Go against our friends in order to make the right choice.
  • Be courageous
  • Be prepared to tell
  • Stand up to the bullies.