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Grandparents Week 28.9.20 - 4.10.20

This week, we would usually be having our annual Grandparents Day - unfortunately due to the current restrictions we are unable to do this. However, we wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten about our wonderful Grandparents and the fantastic contribution they make to our lives and so we still have some great activities planned to celebrate Grandparents Week!

Watch this space to see what each class has been been doing to celebrate our wonderful Grandparents.

MacMillan Fundraiser:25.9.20

As we were unable to invite parents and family members in for our usual coffee morning fundraiser for MacMillan cancer support, we have had to think of other creative ways to raise money and support this special and worthy cause!

Thanks to the kind donations of cupcakes from the staff and  thanks to each child's donation of a £1, the children were able to enjoy a delicious cupcake mid-morning whilst also helping to make a difference and supporting this charity. Thank you all for your generosity.


We look forward to seeing your own creative cupcake decorations this weekend! Don't forget to send pictures of them in to the "myhomework" email address. Winners will be announced next week! 


             Thank you to those of you who have already coloured in/designed your own cupcakes/gingerbread men on the template.                       They look good enough to eat!


The cupcake decorating entries were already coming in by 4 o'clock on Friday! Here are just a few of them...


Aleka in Year 3 even based her cup cake design on her History learning in class! Her cupcake is like the sarcophagus of Cleopatra! 





                                                                                                    You have been so creative!                                                                                                          We have had  a "monster cake" and a "marshmallow MacMillan man," a "Toothless, the dragon" cake and even one cake that was so tasty it had a bite taken out of it before it was photographed!  Plus,  many more interesting and clever designs! 





Thank you all for your contributions. This competition is going to be very hard to judge!

Year 3's topic launch- 25.9.20

Year 3 had an exciting topic launch day today. As an introduction to their History learning, the children had to do a little bit of research to find out what the six colours were that the Ancient Egyptians relied on in their colour palette. Once they had found that out, they were able to wear clothes in any or several of those colours to school for the day. We even had a full Egyptian costume! 

Throughout the day, the children participated in several Egyptian inspired activities including a treasure hunt!


Have a look on the St George's class web page for more pictures and information about their History learning.

House Point Winners - 25.9.20

                       The house Dojos have been counted..... Well done again to the BLUE house for collecting the most Dojos this week!                                                                                       1. Blue -181       2. Green - 145       3. Red - 144       Yellow - 133                                                                                 Well done to all of you for your hard work and for demonstrating our positive learning behaviours.

 Star of the Week 25.9.20Mrs Foan went around to the classes this afternoon to celebrate this week's "Stars of the Week." It has been such a hard decision this week for teachers - all of our pupils are stars and there are so many children displaying good learning behaviours to choose from! 

   This week's "Stars" were Sylvia (Year 1)  Harvey (Year 2)  Finn (Year 3)  Skye (Year 4)  Nolly (Year 5) and Jack C (Year 6)

Congratulations to all of you!

London's Burning!

                                                               Year 2 launched their History learning today with a taste test!                                                                              This term's topic is called " London's Burning" and today the children  learnt that the Great Fire of London started in a baker's shop in                                                                                                   Pudding Lane in London in 1666.                                                                                                          The children tasted a variety of different breads, rating them out of 10 and describing each one's texture and taste. Yum Yum!


Have a look on St Elizabeth's class page to see what else Year 2 have been learning out about the Great Fire of London.

Year 1 explore materials 24.9.20

Year 1 were introduced to this term's History topic "Toys" today with their learning launch. Freddie the Teddy is quite old and threadbare.         The children looked at different toys and discussed the materials they were made from and why these materials had been chosen.                   They also handled a variety of different materials and discussed the pros and cons of each in making a replacement bear.


Have a look on St Clare's class page to see how their History learning progresses and what else they learn about Toys.

Year 6 begin their journey to Mexico!

Year 6 had their topic launch today. Their first half term's topic is "Let's go to Mexico" and today they came into school dressed in the                                                         colours of the Mexican flag. We even had some Mexican flag coloured hair scrunchies!                                                  Keep an eye on their class page to see what they have been finding out about.


Our new starters!

Our Reception Class are settling brilliantly into the routines of school life. It is lovely to see them so confident in their classroom and outdoor learning environment. This week, all of the children are staying all day and today they enjoyed their very first school lunch!


The Reception children have been painting their self-portraits. Here are a few of them. There are more on the Reception Class page.


Star of the Week 18.9.20

Although we are unable to celebrate together in our usual "Celebration Assembly" on a Friday, we still want to celebrate those children in                         each class that the class teacher has recognised as being their "Star of the Week" for a special and particular reason.                           All of our pupils are "stars" and we have been blown away by how well they have come back to school and adapted to new routines. They really have been truly amazing and a delight to have back in school!

                                                  Mrs Foan briefly visited each classroom to present the "Star of the Week" certificates.                                                               This week's "Stars" were Sonny (Year 1) Scarlett (Year 2) Aleka (Year 3) Alex (Year 4) Ganza (Year 5) and Angel (Year 6)

Congratulations to those children who were the very first "Class Stars" for this academic year.

House Point Winners - 18.9.20

The house Dojos were very close this week with the BLUE team just pipping the reds at the final post! 

                                                                                               The Dojo points this week are-                                                                                                                                                                   1.  Blue  - 188      2. Red - 187      3. Yellow - 182        4. Green 175                                                                        Well done to each and every one of you, especially to the members of the BLUE team who collected the most Dojos this week. 


                         Congratulations to Mark in Year 4 who recently made his first Holy Communion in St Joseph's Catholic Church.                                      Thank you Mark for sharing this important and special event with your school family and allowing us to celebrate with you.                       We will keep you in our prayers as you  continue on your faith journey.


This week has been assessment week or as Mr Fishman called it "show me what you know week." The children have taken part in various quizzes, assessments, tests and tasks this week and it was good to see how much they had remembered! The teachers will analyse these results to identify whole class gaps to address in class and individual children's gaps which can be re-taught through targeted interventions. These interventions will begin in school this week. 

House Point Winners - 11.9.20

This year, we are still working as house teams to collect as many house points as possible. We are using a new reward scheme called "Class Dojos" where children are rewarded individually for positive behaviours such as determination, kindness, independence and respectfulness. The individual Dojos are added up each week into house totals.

                                                                                                 The Dojo points this week are-                                                                                                                                                                   1. Red - 393      2. Green - 378      3. Yellow - 333        4. Blue - 325                                                                        Well done to each and every one of you, especially to the members of the RED team who collected the most Dojos this week. 

Our new starters

Our new Reception cohort have settled  in brilliantly after only four sessions in school, adapting easily to the new school routines and experiences. They are going to be a fantastic Reception Class and we look forward to seeing them grow and develop over the year.

Here are a few photos of their first few days exploring their new environment.


The rest of the school have settled back in to school life really well, getting used to the new forward facing tables and permanent seats, having their own equipment, lots of handwashing, staggered break times, different lunch sittings, playground zones, different lunchtime zones, social distancing etc etc! We have been so impressed with how well they have adapted! 



Sanitising Stations.

The children are washing their hands with soap and water regularly throughout the day. In between times, particularly if leaving the classroom. we are getting them to sanitise using our new sanitising stations.  It is now second nature to them! We now have more sanitising stations on order so that sanitising regularly becomes easy and commonplace.


Wellbeing Week

The wellbeing of our pupils and our staff is always important to us but, this week, we have put a particular emphasis on wellbeing as many of our children have returned to school for the first time in over 6 months.

We understand they may feel anxious about the transition back into the classroom and this week has been about giving them opportunities to share their worries and to give them strategies and practical steps to help them if they are feeling anxious and enable them to feel safe again. The teachers have planned enrichment activities designed to increase the  children's general physical and mental wellbeing and to help build resilience, positive thinking and hope. 



                If children do not want to share their worries in front of the class, each class has a worry box which is checked regularly.                 The Reception Class have made individual worry dolls who they can tell their worries to.

Our Very Own Community Kitchen

We are very grateful that Mrs Muschamp has been in touch with the "Community Fridge" in Brighton. The "Community Fridge" is an opportunity for local businesses to contribute a positive social impact; supporting the local community by donating good (but surplus)  food that would otherwise end up in the bin.


                             The food packets are either in the foyer or outside by the bike sheds. Anyone who needs some food can pick some up.                          We ask that people are considerate of the needs of others.

Thank you Mrs Muschamp for organising this.


A warm welcome back to all of our families. It has been wonderful today to hear the sound of the children talking, laughing and learning again - the school has not been the same without them!

The staff have been busy preparing the classrooms and making sure everything is organised and in place for today's return. The children settled quickly back into their new routines - we were very proud of the way they took to the new procedures and rules.


The children look very smart - thank you parents and carers for your support with this. Our KS2 children are looking extra smart in their ties too! It was lovely to welcome our new Reception children and their families into our school family today too. 

Here are a few photos of the first day back.



Goodbye and Good Luck!

Today, we said goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 pupils. They had a lovely last day beginning with an emotional Leavers' Achievers' Assembly which did bring on a few tears but also was a wonderful celebration of how amazing they have been over the last 7 years.

They then signed each others shirts before enjoying a pizza delivery, ice-cream and a slice of cake made for them by Collette. At the end of the day, they were wished well on their way by the staff (and the few children in school!) with a farewell on the playground.



We wish Year 6 well in the next stage of their educational journey and look forward to hearing about it in the Autumn Term.
Goodbye and Good Luck to the class of 2020!


We begin our farewells.....

After school today, the staff and Governors said their own farewell to Miss Morrison and wished her well in her retirement. We enjoyed a socially distanced afternoon tea, with the outdoor area decorated with the lovely bunting that our children had made. Each flag had a picture of the child/adult on the front and a personal message to Miss Morrison written on the back. They will provide Miss Morrison with a lovely lasting memory of you all.


Miss Morrison loved the video too - showing all of the messages that you and you families had written for her. Thank you all for your contributions. 



 Tomorrow is the turn of our Year 6 pupils when we say our goodbyes to them. Tissues at the ready! 

End of term fun!

Year 6 have been so mature in the way they have returned to school and settled back into the routine of work. They have missed out on many of the end of year activities that Year 6 pupils usually experience together without making any fuss. We are still working them hard in the mornings but in the afternoons this week, they are having some fun!

Monday was "Sports Day" and the children competed in various events. The points were added up by Eloany and put together to create a score for each house team. Well done to the reds who won today's competition.


Click HERE to be taken to the Year 6 class page to see what they have been up to each day.

Class Picnics

This week, our classes will be enjoying socially distanced class picnics in their bubbles. Today was Year 1's picnic. It was lovely for the children and a parent/carer to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and catch up with each other at a distance!



         Some of our Year 2 pupils and one parent/carer came together for a small socially distanced picnic this afternoon on the front lawn.                 Again, it was lovely for children and families to catch up at a distance and to meet their teacher for next year.


Wednesday was the day for our Year 3 pupils and a parent/carer to meet on the front lawn for a socially distanced picnic. It was lovely to see some of our Year 3 pupils again and for them to catch up and share their news.


Our Reception Class pupils and one parent /carer came in for a socially distanced catch-up on the front lawn on Monday or Tuesday afternoon. They enjoyed an ice lolly and also had the opportunity to meet their teacher for next year Mrs Seymour. 

500 words story writing competition

This week, our KS2 pupils have been working on a short piece of writing based around the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. The children could write a story or any other genre of writing based around the theme and sharing the message.

The first round has been judged already and four of our stories have gone through to the next round!

Click HERE  to read Troy's piece called, " My Experience." 

Click HERE to read Nolly's story, "England's Crisis"

Click  HERE to read Sofia's story, "The black and white friendship."

Click HERE to read Archie's story, "The Odd One Out."

Week beginning 29.6.20

Another busy week in school! The weather has been rather mixed this week, but we try to get out into our outdoor learning spaces whenever possible.




The school nurse team have created a video reminding parents and carers that although the school nurse team are not in school at the moment, they are very much still available for support and advice.

Click HERE  for a short video reminding you of the services they offer.

They will also be uploading videos based on different topics. Click HERE for one about food and health.

Home Learning Heroes and SUMDOG Superstars!

We are so impressed with the children, who are not back in school, who are continuing with their learning at home. Our home learning heroes and our SUMDOG Superstars over the last two weeks are

                                  St Anne's Class - Audrey and Isabella (Home Learning Heroes) and Leona (SUMDOG Superstar)                                                                                                               St Clare's Class - Chidera and Luca (HLH) and Theo (SS)                                                                                                                                            St George's Class - Eddy, Lorenzo and Emilia (HLH) and Paula (SS)                                                                                                                                       St John the Baptist - Alex and Mark (HLH) and Andrew (SS)                                                                                                                                                  St Peter - Fabian and Casey (HLH) and Faustina (SS)                                                                           St Teresa - Eloany (HLH) and Kiralee (SS)

Thank you to all of you for your continued efforts and don't forget to send any photos of your home learning in via the my homework email address.

Week beginning 22.6.20

Our pupils have settled back into their new school routines really well. In the hot weather today, the Reception children had fun exploring water and  helping keep themelves cool!


We are lucky to have the facility for so much outdoor learning.


Both Reception Class "bubbles" had a balance course in their area plus lots of other opportunities to explore and learn.



Our Year 1 and 2 pupils have also been exploring the outside area once they have finished their daily learning packs.



Our Lower KS2 pupils have also been hard at work, writing character descriptions based on their favourite books and applying their arithmetic skills. 


                       They also  painted pictures using watercolours after learning and being inspired by a new song called, "Let's Stand Up."                  


  Our older pupils have also been making use of the outside space. They found some much needed shade and a cool breeze where they could read their books and the Year 6 boys enjoyed a socially distanced ice-lolly break on Friday afternoon!   


Our Year 6 pupils have been designing posters based on the strapline from last week's CAFOD assembly "Hope is Contagious"


Our new tie

                                                                    Thank you to everyone who voted for our KS2 ties for next year.                                                                            The winner was Tie A. We have taken delivery of the ties and two of our KS2 pupils modelled one today. Don't they look smart?                       We are very proud of our uniform and our pupils in school are looking so smart at the moment in their summer uniforms.               Thank you parents and carers for your support with this.



Week beginning 15.6.20

It was so lovely to welcome back many of our Year 6 pupils today - they have settled back into the school routine so quickly and easily and will be great in showing  the younger pupils how to maintain social distancing whilst still having fun!

It is great to have you back Year 6. We have really missed you!


The classrooms are all ready for our Reception and Year 1 pupils to return on Wednesday!



It is wonderful to have some of our Reception and Year 1 pupils back in school!


One of our Year 1 pupils has signed up to walk/run a full marathon to raise money for the NHS. Click  HERE  if you would like to sponsor him or see how he is getting on. What a fantastic thing to do!

Click HERE to see an update on Theo's progress in today's Argus! We are so proud of you Theo.

Week beginning 8.6.20

Please click HERE for the hot dinner menu choices at school. This week (8.6.20) is Week 1. Next week (15.6.20) will be Week 2.



   Mr Lakeman and Mr Muschamp have been getting the school ready for next week when we are able to welcome back the first phase of pupils - our Year 6's.


Our younger pupils have been working really hard today applying their phonic and times table knowledge, their subtraction skills, writing their names, practising their letter and number formation and writing stories about dinosaurs! Congratulations to Freya who won this week's "WOW WRITER" award.


The children have also been learning about animals and their different habitats in Science.


Our older pupils designed book covers to accompany their creative writng and experimented wuth drawing Viking knots and inter-weaving patterns.


Thank you to Miss Azor and Miss Green and all of the support staff for another good week.
A big thank you to all of the other staff in school who come in to unlock/lock the school, who make sure the phone is answered, the school is thoroughly cleaned, lunches are prepared, work packs are prepared, breakfast club is open, Jolly Joes after school care is provided etc. and to the leadership team for overseeing all of the organisation required and preparing everything for next week.

We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 6's back on Monday.

Learning in school - week beginning 1.6.20

                                     Our younger children have been using their outdoor space as much as possible for their learning.                                            The children were very excited to see that the cherry tree is now bearing fruit too.


The children learnt about the life cycle of a plant and had a look around the school grounds to see all of the different plants we have                                              growing there. This afternoon, the children used a cherry to print their own cherry blossom trees.                                      The children are thoroughly enjoying their "outdoor classroom."


                   Our younger pupils have  been using BEEBOTS, applying their knowledge of directional language and programming.                                     As part of their Science learning about the plants in their local environment, the children also looked at how the plants                          provide habitats for animals and birds. This afternoon, they made their own birds.


Our KS2 children have been busy this week. Char'kye practises his handwriting, Scarlett starts on her arithmetic test and Nolly uses resources to help her understand how to add mixed fractions. 


The children then got messy making MODROC sculptures before practising the hockey skills of dribbling, passing and shooting.


The children also read and discussed Luke 10:29-37 reminding themselves of how to be a good Samaritan and reflected on what small acts of kindness they can do during these uncertain times that will make a difference to other people's lives. 


Congratulations to Maebh for receiving a Head Teacher award today for her hard work in school.

Thank you to Mr Fishman and Miss Seymour and all of the support staff for another good week.

A big thank you to all of the other staff in school who come in to unlock/lock the school, who make sure the phone is answered, the school is thoroughly cleaned, lunches are prepared, work packs are prepared, breakfast club is open, Jolly Joes after school care is provided etc. and to the leadership team for overseeing all of the organisation required.

Learning in school - week beginning 18.5.20

                               The younger children in school have been working really hard during the morning on their Maths and English.                                                                                  Towards the end of the day, they get the opportunity to "explore and learn."                                                     



Today was also Miss Green's birthday, so at the end of the day, the children enjoyed a game of musical statues and an individual celebration cake. Happy birthday Miss Green!


Back to basics this morning!  Leona remembers finger spaces when writing,  Starla uses resources to help her subtract from 10, Tiana makes a game to help her practise her times table recall and Scarlett starts on this week's arithmetic practice.


As part of their Science learning, the children go on a "Bug Hunt" in the school grounds.


We also make sure that all of our pupils get outside for some fresh air and exercise each day and there is nothing better than a bit of sisterly competition when exercising!


 The older children have been carrying on with their history learning. Our Year 4 pupils, who are learning about the Romans                                                                 made Roman shields today.                                                         

Year 5's history topic is called "Invaders" and Oliver found out about Anglo Saxon shields before designing and making his own.


Year 6, who are learning about the Vikings, made Viking arm-shields and brooches.


After completing their pieces of creative writing, the children designed a front cover for their stories showing the characters or setting or                                                                                                             part of the story-line.                                                                                                               The Year 6 pupils also found out about the dragon heads on the prow of Viking ships and drew their own dragon head designs.


Our older pupils also get outside and exercise every day.  Here is Maebh enthusiastically getting into today's Joe Wickes workout!                                                     The children are very sensible in regards to social distancing when outside and with washing their hands afterwards.             The children chalk a tribute to the NHS on the playground.

Another great week in school. Thank you to Miss Green, Miss Azor and Mrs Cox (welcome back!)

A big thank you to all of the other staff in school who come in to unlock/lock the school, who make sure the phone is answered, the school is thoroughly cleaned, lunches are prepared, work packs are prepared, breakfast club is open, Jolly Joes after school care is provided etc. and to the leadership team for overseeing all of the organisation required.

Learning in school - week beginning 11.5.20

The children in school have been very busy again this week. As well as their English, Maths and Science work, the children have been doing art, computing, music, P.E. and History and Geography and many other fun activities too!


To celebrate the great work the NHS are doing, "Brighton Bricks" put out a Lego challenge for children to build their own hospital or healthcare unit. Today, our younger pupils had a go at this challenge, using a variety of construction equipment.


Our KS1 pupils have also been expressing their thoughts and feelings through art and music.


Our KS2 pupils have been busy with their core curriculum tasks, making sure their plants are kept watered and getting outside regulrly for fresh air and exercise.


Our KS2 pupils also take up the Brighton Bricks challenge and celebrate the NHS with their Lego models of hospitals and other healthcare buildings. They also made sculptures using newspaper and masking tape.


                                     Yet another busy and creative week in school! Thank you Mr Fishman, Mrs Seymour and Mrs Arnold.                                    

A big thank you to all of the other staff in school who come in to unlock/lock the school, who make sure the phone is answered, the school is thoroughly cleaned,  lunches are prepared, breakfast club is open, Jolly Joes after school care is provided etc and to the leadership team for overseeing all of the organisation required.

Learning in school - week beginning 5.4.20

This week has been another busy week in school! As well as Maths and English learning, the children in school have been doing lots of other fun learning and applying and consolidating skills.


                 After his live phonics learning this morning, Zachary shows Miss Green how good he is at blending sounds and spelling!  


  While the sun was out, the children at school planted  their own peas!  Watch this space to see how well they grow!


              The children have also been painting their salt dough compression and trace fossils and putting papier mâché onto balloons.                                


Nolly and Maebh's illustrations to go with this week's creative writing and Elouise's and Tiana's finished balloons. 


Maebh makes preparations for VE Day celebrations and the picnic area is set up.


To celebrate VE Day, the children tuck into some traditional scones, jam and cream (and then just cream!)

What a busy and fun week our children have had! Thank you Miss Pippa and Miss Green.

A big thank you to all of the other staff in school too.

Learning in school - week beginning 27.4.20

This week has been another busy week in school! As well as Maths, English and Science learning. the children in school have been doing lots of other fun learning and applying and consolidating skills.


                        This week, the children in school have been practising the chords Mrs Seymour taught them on the ukulele.                                                            KS1 pupils have been taking part in the new daily phonics lessons and the children have been finding out about fossils and making replica fossils out of salt dough.


         All of the children have been designing and making masks for this Saturday's "virtual" Children's Parade and the Year 6 pupils have been making replica shields as part of their new history topic on Vikings. 


What a great week our pupils have had! Thank you Miss Azor and Mrs Mulholland.

A big thank you to all of the other staff in school too.

Learning in school - week beginning 20.4.20

As well as celebrating all of your fabulous and creative home learning, we must also celebrate the work being done by the children who are still attending school. As well as the Maths, English, Science and other curriculum learning that they are completing, they are also learning new skills and experiencing new things.

Mrs Seymour has been teaching the children in school this week how to play the ukulele. Today, they have been putting lyrics with the chords they have learnt. Luckily, they were able to rehearse in the sunshine. We look forward to their performance at the end of the week! 


Today  is "Earth Day" which is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In school today, the children found out more about how our actions can help make a difference to our environment.

Thank you for a great week Mrs Seymour and Mrs Greener!

A big thank you to all of the other staff in school who come in to unlock/lock the school, who make sure the phone is answered, the school is thoroughly cleaned, lunches are prepared, breakfast club is open, Jolly Joes after school care is provided etc.

Children's Parade: May 2020

As many of you know, Brighton Festival opens every year with the fantastic children's parade. We have been involved in the parade, organised by Same Sky, many times over the last few years.

Due to the current situation, Brighton Festival, has been cancelled for the first time in its 53 year history. Obviously, it is a huge disappointment that the colourful and magnificent Children's Parade will not take place, but the organisers are hoping, that with our help, we will still celebrate our children and their amazing creativity across the city in a different way, bringing together thousands of children across Brighton and Hove but in the safety of their own homes!

Click HERE to see how your child can take part in a "virtual" Children's Parade! Please take part if you can and don't forget to take photos and email in to school so that we can see how fab you look!

Thank you all in advance.

Westridge Construction Site, Hollingdean

               Even though the school is closed for the majority of our pupils, we are still visible and very much present in the local area!                   The fences around the Westridge Construction Site in the Linkway, just opposite the school, have now been brightened up by artwork from pupils at St Joseph's Catholic School and they look fantastic!


The school was approached and asked if we would contribute some pieces of artwork to brighten up the exterior of the site to help make it more attractive for the residents living nearby. Mrs Hill immediately agreed and set to work, with the help of the children in art club, to come up with a range of colourful paintings depicting our pupils, our school, our community and our local area. 


They look fantastic - thank you to all of those children in art club for your amazing contributions and to Mrs Hill for organising. 


Egg decorating competition

This week, the staff have been decorating a boiled egg at home. If they didn't have an egg, they improvised with a stone or potato or a tennis ball or a satsuma! They have been "getting cracking"  and here are a few of their "eggscellent and eggstraordinary" designs!


Which one is your favourite?





                                                                                           Why doesn't Humpty Dumpty ever learn?!


We are not really sure this counts as a decorated egg, but Mr Fishman can certainly bake a delicious looking cake!

Thank you to all of the staff members who sent in a picture of a decorated egg and also to Eddy in St George's Class for his beautifully decorated egg and Jayden in Year 5 for his fabulous decorated egg (see Home Learning page)


For those children still coming into school, lessons and learning, as well as lots of fun stuff, have continued as usual. Over the last few days, the children have been preparing for Easter by making Easter cards, different Easter crafts and chocolate cornflake Easter nests.


They have also been keeping fit in our outside gym, enjoying the fresh air and warm weather, completing SUMDOG and other online challenges as well as impressing Miss Morrison so much, several of them have earned Head Teacher's certificates! 


Thank you Mr Fishman and Mrs Arnold for making this first strange week in school such fun.

Extreme Survival : 17.3.20

As part of their theme "Extreme Survival," St John the Baptist's Class  had a visit today from " The Outdoors Project." They had a hands-on morning, learning how to build shelters, how to collect kindling and about fire lighting techniques that can be used for survival in extreme climates and conditions. It was lovely to see the children enjoying our outside space while learning about survival techniques. 



Click HERE to see lots more pictures of our survival training on the class page.

Celebrating Holi : 12.3.20

Today, we wer joined by Kalpesh from Kz Dance. He worked with all of the classes throughout the day teaching them three different "Bollywood" style dances.The children learnt the movements and dances brilliantly during their energetic and physical lessons.

They also learnt a little bit about Holi, the Hindu festival of colour.


Just as our whole school performance was due to start, it turned extremely chilly and started to rain heavily! But nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of Kalpesh and most of our pupils so, as soon as the sun came back out, the children were able to perform their last two dances. Thank you to those parents who came to support and watch (and got very wet) and also to those parents who were brave enough to join in with the dancing! We really do appreciate your support.




Finally, as is traditional during Holi, the children were able to throw some powder paint up in the air or over themselves to finish the colourful celebration in style!



Quick-sticks Hockey: 10.3.20

This afternoon, Mrs Skinner took a team of four hockey players to a very exposed, wet and windy astro-turf pitch at Blatchington Mill School! Despite the conditions, the team did brilliantly, losing the first match and then drawing one and winning a further four! There were eight teams taking part and we finished in second place which means we will be invited to take part in the Brighton and Hove City Finals! 

Well done to Timon, Billie, Mia and Patrick - you showed great resilience, determination, team-work and good sportsmanship.


Let's Dance!

   Today,  we took a group of 22 dancers from Years 4, 5 and 6 to the Dome in Brighton to take part in the annual, "Dance at the Dome." This event celebrates the work of schools and dance groups from across the city and takes place over four nights with around 83  schools and dance groups taking part and over 2000 dancers performing over the four evenings!


Hair and make up done, glitter on and our dancers are ready to perform!


Our dance was called, "One More Time" and was a cheer mix. Thank you children - we were so proud of you all tonight. Thank you also to Miss Pippa for choreographing the dance and for working with such enthusiasm with the children over the last few months.


Click HERE to see our final run through at the Dome in the morning.

Eat them to defeat them!

Our school is supporting the "Eat Them to Defeat Them" campaign to encourage children to eat more vegetables. . Please look out for the record/ reward charts in your child's homework book.

Each week, we will be promoting a different vegetable: Week of 24 February - Carrots, Week of 2 March - Peas, Week of 9 March - Sweetcorn, Week of 16 March - Broccoli, Week of 23 March - Tomatoes, Week of 30 March - Peppers.


Thank you Colette and Sharon, our school cooks, for the wonderful vegetable displays and for including extra dishes that promote the weekly focused vegetable and encourage children to eat more vegetables.

World Book Day: 5.3.20

At St Joseph's we continually aim to promote reading and encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading. This week, we will be celebrating the joys of reading and books, even more-so than usual, through a range of cross-curricular activities based around quality texts and by reminding children how magical and inspirational books can be.

Today is World Book Day 2020  with this year’s theme to ‘share a million stories’. At St Joseph's, we are joining in the "reading revolution" and helping to share a million stories! The aim of today has been to share a range of stories, books and poems, to  celebrate the joy of books and remind children about how special and magical reading and sharing books together can be.


Today, the children came into school dressed for some brilliant bedtime stories! They looked fantastic in their pyjamas and bought with them anything from home that would make them feel comfortable and relaxed, ready for their bedtime books!  Each child enjoyed four different picture books, stories and poems specially chosen by the adults in the school. The staff had made each reading area comfortable and snug - while she was out on a course, Miss Morrison's office had been transformed into a reading den!

The bedtime stories were accompanied by a warming cup of hot chocolate kindly provided by the FOSJ's.


Your child should have bought home a World Book day voucher today, which can be exchanged for one of  FIFTEEN exclusive, new and completely FREE World Book Day books at your local bookshop. Alternatively, you can use your book token to get £1 off any full price book instead.


Let's go on an adventure.......

To launch their new topic, "Let's go on an adventure," St Anne's Class went on their very own adventure to Stanmer Park! And what an adventure they had! They followed a map to find some treasure, they built dens to eat their lunch in and they made their own tree spirits! It was muddy, it was cold.... but it was great fun and St Anne's Class thoroughly enjoyed their class adventure!  



  Click HERE to see some more photos.

Activity Passports

Children across the school have embraced the activity passport challenges this last half term. The government initiative encourages children to get out and do things they might not usually do and to try new experiences. Each class has a list of challenges and the children have had half a term to complete as many challenges as possible.

Thank you parents and carers for your support with this and for emailing in evidence of your children completing the different challenges. Each class has an activity passport display in their class rooms. 

Here are a few pictures showcasing the range of activities our children have been involved in and experienced.


Jessie meets a friend's pet, Isabella plants some seeds, Darcy dresses up as a pirate and Isabella flies a kite!



Audrey visits a farm, Maebh learns to knit, Zachary makes biscuits and Daniel and Archie go for a walk in the countryside.



Troy photographs a sunset, Julian and Audrey try a new fruit and Sylvia and Mark learn how to play a new card game. 

 The response to this challenge has been fantastic! Thank you everyone!

Reception and Year 1 are continuing with their activity passports for a bit longer so keep your pictures coming in! Everyone else, although the challenge has officially finished, we always like to see what you have been up to and share any new experiences you have had, so feel free to keep sending pictures in!  

Climbing Competition: 26.2.20

Today we took a team of Year 6 climbers to Withdean Stadium for a climbing competition run by High Sports, Brighton.


Mrs Greener and Miss Pippa accompanied the children and were impressed by their agility, speed, determination and skill. well done Eloany, Lola, Louie, Char'kye, Billie and Gabriella.

"Reptylers" visit : 12.2.20

Today, Year 1 and Year 6 had a visit from a local company "Reptylers" and some of their four (and eight) legged friends to support and enhance their science learning.

Year 1's "Animals, including humans" topic involves identifying and naming animals as well as learning about their habitats and their diets.

Year 6's topic " Living things and their habitats" is based around classifying living things according to their characteristics.


Today, the children were able to get up-close and personal with a variety of familiar, unusual and exotic pets whilst learning more about them from the experts.

The animals included a bearded dragon, a chameleon, a Burmese python, a tarantula, a guinea-pig and a crested lizard.

Have a look on the Year 1 and Year 6 class pages for more pictures.

Netball Skills Session: 6.2.20

Today, we took eight of our Year 5 and 6 pupils to a netball skills session at Whitehawk academy. The session focused on the skills needed to play netball, learnt through fun activities, before applying these skills in small -sided games. 


Well done to all of our netball superstars!

Up, up, up and away.....

As part of their learning about flight, Year 1 visited the University of Brighton and had a go in a flight simulator there.

The visit was organised and run by Nicolas Miché - one of our parents and governors. The children learnt about wind during a flight by experimenting with a wind machine. They then tried out some different simulators, enjoying  recreated flight experiences and finally finished off their visit by making  paper aeroplanes.


Thank you to Dr Nicolas Miché for arranging this trip and for enhancing our childrens' learning with this hands-on experience.

Have a look on the YEAR 1 class page for more pictures and information.

Golden Time

Mrs Skinner's "Pom-Pom Pets" Golden time group are getting more and more creative each week! Here are some of last week's creations.




Sporting Superstars!

This week has been a busy sporting week for Year 6. On Tuesday, Mrs Foan and Mr Muschamp took a cricket team to BACA for a KWIK cricket indoor tournament and on Wednesday, Mrs Skinner and Mr Muschamp took 12 athletes to BACA again - this time for an indoor athletics tournament. 


Our amazing athletes!

On both occasions, we were very proud of all of our competitors who showed all of the school games values like teamwork, determination and resilience. 

Click HERE to see more pictures on our SPORTS page and to find out who was awarded a special determination award.

Our new equipment!

Over the last two weeks, we have been having some new play and climbing equipment put in on the KS1 end of the playground.



This afternoon it was ready to use, so KS1 had a turn at lunchtime, some children had a go in Golden Time and Jolly Jo's also had fun on it after school!

Golden Time

Our new round of Golden time activities started today. The children have chosen which activity they wanted to take part in for the next four weeks and today was their first session. It is lovely to see the classes mixing up and children being given the opportunity to spend Golden Time with different friends.

Here are a few photos-


The "Little Chefs" cut up various vegetables for their pizza toppings, "Let's get messy" involved making coloured playdough and Mrs Skinner's group created their very own "Pom Pom Pets!" 


Today, KS1's "Fantastic Food" experience was fruit kebabs with a drizzle of honey and our "Amazing Artists" looked at the work of Picasso and used a range of materials such as oil pastels to draw something inspired by Picasso's work.


The other activities the children took part in were "Computer Crew," "Magical Musicals" "Outdoor Antics," and "Let's Get Physical."

Attendance Assembly: 7.1.20
This afternoon, we celebrated the attendance for the Autumn Term 2019. It was lovely to see so many children who had managed to achieve 100% attendance last term. With winter colds and bugs around, we recognise it is not always possible to come into school every day, so well done to everyone who did manage it.

Here are our Autumn 100% attendance superstars!


Year 6                                                        St John the Baptist's Class                                                 Year 5



           Year 1                                                               St George's Class                                                     Reception Class

Thank you too, to all of  parents and carers for your support in achieving this and for coming into today's assembly to celebrate with us. Particular congratulations must go to those families who had more than one child with 100% attendance today.

We look forward to building on this attendance achievement this term. Thank you also to Mrs Messenger for her hard work in keeping our attendance figures so high.

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Image result for christmas clipart

We would like to wish all of our pupils and their families a very merry Christmas and all the very best for 2020. Thank you all for your cards, gifts and good wishes.

Enjoy the Christmas break and we look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 7th January 2020!

Christmas Poem Recital: 20.12.19

This afternoon was our second poetry recital of this school year - one of Miss Morrison's Head teacher challenges which involved learning a festive poem and reciting it in front of the whole school. The children were judged on their diction, how well they projected their voices and their expression as they spoke. We had so many confident performances - it was very hard for Miss Morrison to judge!

Everyone who entered received a Head Teacher's sticker. The winners in each year group received Head Teacher's medals.

Here are our winners-


Year 1                                     Year 3                                                   Year 4                                                            Year 5


            Reception                                                         Year 6                                      Medals for outstanding effort

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who entered.      

KS2 Christmas Party and Celebration Day: 19.12.19
KS2 followed in KS1's party footsteps today and celebrated the end of a busy term. The children spent the morning in their house groups taking part in a variety of Christmas activities including traditional games like pass the parcel and stick the nose on Rudolf, decorating "biscuit baubles,"  Christmas keep fit and making Christmas calendars.


Pass the parcel and Stick the nose on Rudolf


Making Christmas calendars


Decorating (and then eating) Christmas "biscuit baubles"


Christmas keep fit and musical statues

In the afternoon our KS2 pupils continued to party. A thoroughly well-deserved treat!


Thanks to your generosity, we had some food left over from both parties. Along with contributions from staff, we have made up several food hampers with this excess party food.
Over the last few years we have supported the "First Base" centre at Christmas, by sending them some of our left over party food. "First Base," is a homeless centre in Brighton offering a range of services to support people who are sleeping rough or who are insecurely housed in the city. 

Mrs Cox, Mrs Arnold and our two Year 6 school council members took the hampers to First Base this morning. The staff were delighted to receive the food items and wished all the pupils at St Joseph's a very happy Christmas.


           It is good to know that, at St Joseph's, we have helped in some way to make a difference to other people's lives over Christmas.                       Thank you again for your generosity and support.

Hosanna Rock: 18.12.19

What a lovely carol service our KS2 pupils put on tonight in St Joseph's Church. Thank you parents and carers for bringing your children and your friends and family along and for joining us tonight. It was wonderful to see such a full congregation and to be able to come together at this busy time of year as a school community.


Thank you Year 6 for your readings and for providing the tableau. Absolutely beautiful solos from Zion and Maebh! Excellent narration from Zion and well done everyone else for your clear speaking parts and your group songs - you sung with such confidence and passion. Who knew we had such talented singers in our midst?! 

Well done to the rest of KS2 who sang and signed beautifully. We were very proud of you all tonight.


Thank you for your kind donations to tonight's collection which will be used to support the work of "Mary's Meals" and help make a difference to the lives of children in some of the world's poorest communities. £113. 72 was collected!

"Little Angels" Nativity photos: 18.12.19

Some of our very own "little angels" feature in a 20 page supplement in today's Argus newspaper, celebrating the nativity plays that have taken place in primary schools across the county in the last few weeks. Have a look if you get the chance.


More festive fun!

KS1 had the second part of their Christmas celebrations this afternoon. They mixed up in house colours for some traditional games like "Jingle Bell Bumps" and "Farmer's in his den" and "Musical Statues" before turning on the disco lights and having a dance!              

KS1 finished off their fun day by sharing some party food.



Celebrations all round! 

Congratulations to the winners of Mrs Arnold's "festive bell" competition and thank you to everyone else who entered - there were so many creative entries again this year!

Also, congratulations to the winners of this term's fencing challenges. Miss Pippa has been so impressed with her club members over the Autumn Term. The sessions have offered a mixture of games, balance and mobility exercises and blade skills to help children understand the sport and improve their balance, co-ordination, speed and timing. 

After a term of training, the children took part in a friendly competition/challenge. Timon (Year 6) was the overall winner with Jayden (Year 5)  a close second.  

Julian, Alfie, Lola and Patrick received medals for their fencing skills and for making such a positive contribution to the club. 


Well done to everyone who took part in either/both competitions. We are lucky to have so many talented children at St Joseph's.

KS1's festive fun!

While KS2 were out at the pantomime today,  KS1 continued with their festive celebrations in school! They came into school wearing party clothes and spent the morning taking part in Christmas themed activities including making robin tree decorations, making red and green Christmas playdough, making Father Christmas out of handprints and creating yummy white chocolate snowmen!

Great fun was had by all! 


KS1 are splitting their party day - party games and food will be one afternoon next week. Letters will come home shortly.

KS2 will be enjoying a carousel of Christmas activities next Thursday morning and partying in the afternoon. Letters regarding food should have come home with your child already.



We were ALL invited to the ball!

Today, Years 2-6 were lucky to be treated to a pantomime performance of Cinderella in Worthing. The trip (pantomime, transport and an ice cream in the interval) was paid for by the Brighton Lions Club - we are extrememly grateful to them for giving our children such a fabulous, festive treat. Seeing their faces light up when the snowflakes came floating down from the ceiling was magical! 


Our children did not disappoint, joining in enthusiastically with the traditional panto audience participation. Lucas (from St John the Baptist Class) was one of three children from the audience to be called up on stage by Buttons - Lucas, you were an absolute star!


 All of our children, as always, behaved beautifully and were a delight to take out for the day and a credit to our school.

Key Steps Gymnastics : 11.12.19

Today, we took a squad of eight Year 5 and 6 pupils to Dorothy Stringer School for a gymnastics competition. The children had to compete in three different disciplines - body management, the vault and a floor exercise. Seven primary schools took part in today's competitive event and St Joseph's finished second!  Miss Pippa and Mrs Skinner were so impressed with the skill, flexibility, good sportsmanship and behaviour of all of our gymnastics.

Well done to Lola, Eloany, Gabriella, Billie (Year 6) Jack, Maddie, Faustina and Casey (Year 5)

Christmas Lunch:11.12.19

Today was our school Christmas lunch. Everyone came into school wearing a Christmas jumper and other festive attire. We had a delicious turkey or vegetarian roast dinner followed by ice-cream and cookies, served to us by our teachers and teaching assistants. We had crackers and sang along to Christmas songs.

Thank you to the kitchen staff for preparing such a lovely lunch for us.


Festive food and fun for KS1



KS2 enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch and some time together.


Sharing the joy....10.12.19

Our Year 6 pupils popped out of school this morning to sing some carols with the our next-door neighbours, the residents of Lindfield Court. Year 6 sang a range of traditional and more modern Christmas carols and songs, many of which the residents joined in with. The singing was absolutely beautiful and really appreciated by the audience. Particular mention must go to those children who sang solos! Thank you to Mrs Brownbill for preparing our singers so well and to Ant, the scheme manager at Lindfield for inviting us.


Before returning to school, there was just enough time for a few tasty treats provided by Lindfield Court and a chance for our children to deliver their hand-made Christmas cards and to have a chat with their new Lindfield friends.

This morning was a lovely festive treat for all involved and we hope to be able to do it again next year.


Golden Time

Our latest four weekly Golden Time sessions have just finished. It is lovely to see our pupils spending time with different friends on a     Friday afternoon - a thank you for following the Golden Agreement. Here are a few photos.


                     Crazy Construction                               Little Chefs                                                     Games Galore!                                                                    

New and exciting Golden Time activities activities to follow in the Spring Term.

Headteacher Challenge - Poetry Recital   

Congratulations to Patrick, Katie, Lin, Finn, Miya, Harry, Audrey & Sylvia who won Miss Morrison's latest Headteacher challenge. The eight pupils had to learn a poem off by heart and recite it in front of the whole school during assembly. 

Miss Morrison was very impressed with the children for showing such dedication in learning a poem and for performing it so well - well done to everyone who entered as well as to these worthy winners!


KS1 Nativity

We were lucky this afternoon to get a sneak preview of KS1's Christmas Nativity, "Whoops-A-Daisy Angel" when they practised for the first time with their costumes on. The children looked fantastic and sung, danced, played instruments and spoke beautifully.
Do come along on Tuesday 10th December (2pm) or Wednesday 11th December (9.30 a.m.) to see this nativity being performed.

 Until then, here are a few photos.....



Christmas Fair : 4.12.19

Today was our annual Christmas Fair. Each class organised and ran a stall, deciding together on a fundraising idea. The FOSJ's and members of school staff also ran stalls. What a creative bunch we are at St Joseph's! There were many games to play like "Lucky Dip," "Stick the carrot nose on Olaf," "Guess the name of the Teddy Bear" and "Guess how many presents in the the lucky stocking."

If you were feeling hungry, there was a knickerbocker glory stall, a cake stall  as well as traditional mince pies, hot chocolate and snacks. Many classes had made crafts to sell - we had personalised mince pie bags made by the Reception Class, festive sun catchers made by Year 1 and Christmas tree decorations made by St George's Class.

Thank you to everyone for working so hard to make this afternoon a success. Thank you to the FOSJ's and also to the parents and carers who came to support today's event. And thank you to our KS2 pupils who willingly worked on the stalls and helped in any way during the afternoon. You were all fantastic!


Each class will decide what they would like to spend their profits on. Watch this space to see what they choose to spend it on.

Our new parking friends!

Our pupils' safety is paramount and, at St Joseph's, we want to make sure that the roads outside our school are safe for you and your children. Inconsiderate and dangerous dropping off and parking causes problems around our school, putting the safety of children and others at risk. So, we have two new helpers to remind people of the importance of keeping our children safe.


The Reception Class have named our two new helpers, "Rosie" and "Joseph" and you will see them out on the grass verges shortly, reminding drivers to keep our pupils safe, by parking thoughtfully and not parking on the zig-zag lines.

Thank you all for your continued support with keeping our pupils safe. Thank you also to the FOSJ's for funding the new signs to help introduce safer parking.

Christmas bell competition

Mrs Arnold is running her annual Christmas competition again this year - to design a festive bell. There are some very creative and colourful festive entries, displayed in the corridor just past the hall.
Here are a few of them-


A trio of awards : 28.11.19
Two of our pupils (Billie and Jamie - the Year 6 Sports Leaders)  along with Mrs Davies , were invited to Sussex County Cricket Ground this afternoon to collect three very special awards on behalf of our school.

The awards were presented by Councillor Dee Simson and we were very proud to be one of only six schools in Brighton and Hove to receive all three awards - a silver School Games Award, the "Healthy Choice" award and the "Smile Project" award.



Click HERE to be taken to our sports page to find out more information about the awards we received and to see how Billie and Jamie spent the afternoon.

Climbing: 27.11.19

Year 6 visited Withdean Climbing Centre this afternoon, to take part in a climbing taster session run by High Sports. They took part in some games and fun activities before having a go at several different (and difficult) climbs in the "Rock Box," as well as a bouldering activity.

The children were fantastic, showing great skill, determination, strength and agility. It is going to be really hard to pick a team to represent St Joseph's in the climbing competition after Christmas!


More pictures will be on the YEAR 6 page shortly.

Cross Country: 20.11.19

This afternoon, Mrs Foan and Mr Muschamp took a squad of eleven Year 6 children to Waterhall to take part in a cross country competition. The children raced over very muddy terrain for 2 km - there were 300 plus competitors in both the girls and the boys races. It was great to see how much of an impact the daily mile has had on stamina and fitness.


Thank you Shaun, Lola, Billie, Louie, Patrick, Char'kye, Mia, Eloany, Troy, Gabriella and Timon for your determination, enthusiasm and team spirit.

Particular mention must go to Gabriella who was the first of our girls to finish and to Patrick who was first in for the boys. Patrick lost his shoe in the mud in the first few metres and ran the first half of the race in his sock!

Balance Bikes

This week our EYFS pupils have been receiving balance bike training. These bikes allow the children to build their balance skills and confidence before learning to ride a bike with pedals. With balance bikes, the children can concentrate on the core skills of balance and gross motor control, making learning to ride much easier. The sessions were great fun, based around games allowing the children to grow in confidence and by the end of the week the children felt a fantastic sense of achievement.



Here are a few photos of St Anne's Class in action! Look on their class page for more pictures.

Anti- bullying Week: 18.11.19

This week is anti-bullying week in school. The week started off with an assembly led by Miss Hill, based around this year's strapline for Anti-Bullying Week 2019 - "Change starts with us"

" Odd Socks Day" opened Anti - Bullying Week and provided an opportunity to encourage children and staff to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and reminded us that we are all different and unique!


More information about what each class did during Anti-Bullying Week to follow on class pages.

Children in Need:15.11.19

The strapline for Children in Need 2019  is "Together, we can change young lives." Today, our pupils  came in to school in spotty or  themed clothes to help raise money for Children In Need and to do just that - to help change young lives.

As always, the children (and staff) at St Joseph's did it in style!


Thank you parents and carers for your donations and for supporting such a great cause.

On Thursday, one of our volunteers, Robert, organised a bring and buy sale inspired by the iconic Blue Peter's Bring & Buy sales which took place in the 1980's to raise money for various causes! Again, the money raised from this sale will go to support the work of Children In Need. Thank you to everyone who donated or bought anything for the sale and to Robert's mum who made the delicious cakes.


Basketball Tournament: 13.11.19

We took a squad of basketball players to Dorothy Stringer School today for a basketball tournament  run by the Brighton Cougars Basketball Group. Our team played several very  closely contested matches and showed great determination, resilience and good sportsmanship as well as some impressive basketball skills - there were some amazing baskets scored and some fantastic dribbling the length of the court and around many opponents. It is good to see that our weekly basketball coaching from South Coast Elite coaches has paid off.

Well done to Timon, Billie, Emmanouil, Lola, Mia, Louie, Patrick and Char'kye.


Year 6 were magnificent Mayans!

In Year 6, the children have been learning about Mexico. This half term, their learning will be focusing on the ancient Mayan civilisation. As an introduction to this, Joel from the "Outdoors Project" came in to school and taught the children about some of the ancient techniques and implements the Mayans would have used to survive. The children learnt so much from these hands-on, practical activities.

Thank you to the FOSJ's for funding this outdoor learning experience.


Here are a few photos. Click HERE to see more pictures of their learning on the Year 6 class page.

A way to remember : 25.10.19

During this week's art lessons, every single child (and adult) in the school made at least one poppy as part of a whole school commemoration in preparation for Armistice Day.  Poppies are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War 1 ended. The poppy has become a symbol for remembering, not just those who gave their lives in World War 1, but for all those who have died on behalf of their country.


Thank you Mrs Hill for organising such a wonderful way for our children to learn more about World War 1 and also for giving us an opportunity to come together as a school family to remember and honour those who lost their lives during conflict in our own special way.


Visit from the fire service: 24.10.19

We were visited by three fire fighters who allowed the children from Years R-5 to climb up on board and take a look inside their fire engine and to find out about their different pieces of equipment. Then, the children each had a go at using the fire hose and squirting a cone with the water to try and knock it down! They could not believe how powerful the force of the water was!


Years 2 and 5 also had a session with a firefighter inside where they learnt about fire safety and ways of keeping safe in the home.‚Äč

Black History Month

October is Black History month in the UK : an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the diverse contributions of Black African and Caribbean people in this country. Brighton and Hove City Council, alongside the Brighton and Hove Black History Project, have been celebrating the legacies of five significant Black people who had a connection to our city, and we decided to do the same! 

Each class took one of the lives of Sarah Forbes Bonetta, Thomas Highflyer, Mary Seacole, Walter Tull  and West Indian soldiers in the First World War and found out about how their lives had been woven into Brighton and Hove's story. Each class presented their learning in different ways during Tuesday's assembly.


This week, we were also lucky to have a visitor who was part of the Mandiker tribe in Mali, West Africa (thanks to one of our Year 6 parents and carers.) The children learnt that drums play an important role in every aspect of African life, particularly in celebrations.  Our pupils were taught how to play the djembe drums, which were made out of goat skin, and soon picked up the rhythms and beats. They thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and learning about the culture in West Africa.


Tag Rugby Festival: 17.10.19

Mrs Skinner and Miss Pippa were so proud of the Tag Rugby squad that went to the Tag Rugby Festival at Cardinal Newman this afternoon. They took part in some rugby based games and activities before playing matches against other local schools.



The afternoon started off with blue sky, but before long heavy rain came and there was no cover to be found on the school playing fields! The children were brilliant - they did not complain about the rain or the fact that the pitches were muddy and slippery and continued to play, throughout the heavy downpours, with determination, good sportsmanship and great teamwork.  

Well done Mia, Billie, Eman, Maebh, Emmanouil, Louie, Timon and Char'kye.

Level 1 Bike-Ability: 15.10.19

Some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in Bike-Ability training today. Bike-Ability is a cycle training programme. Level 1, which was what our pupils took part in today, aims to develop cycle handling in an off-road environment and prepare riders for cycling on the road. 


For those children who achieve Level 1, Level 2 training aims to develop riders’ skills and confidence further and prepares participants for cycling on the roads by practising on roads in the local area. This training will take place later in the school year.

 Golden Time :  11.10.19

The behaviour of the pupils at St Joseph's is generally excellent. We expect all of our pupils to follow our school's golden agreement and as a reward they enjoy up to 45 minutes of Golden Time on a Friday afternoon - a period dedicated to rewarding those children who have kept the school rules with fun and purposeful activities that they can enjoy with their friends.

During Golden Time, we are running a four weekly activity session where the children choose the activity they would like to participate in.
The activities for Years 2-6 for the four weeks up to half term are - Board games and puzzle fun, Ping Pong Pairs,  Zumba, Little Chefs and Let's do drama!

Here are a few photos of the current Golden Time activities.


Little Chefs (and little washer uppers!)                                                    Ping Pong Pairs



         Zumba                                                                                                                      Board Games and Puzzle Fun 

Harvest Celebration: 7.10.19

This morning, we began the day with a Harvest Assembly where we celebrated the gifts of Harvest and reflected on the importance of sharing these gifts with others.

Thank you for your food and produce donations which will be given to the families who lived in the flats in Pankhurst Avenue, Brighton     which were recently destroyed by fire. One of our families used to live there and they know many of the residents affected by the fire.   

We keep them in our thoughts and prayers.


Grandparents'  Week : 30.9.19 - 4.10.19

At St Joseph's, we are delighted to be celebrating Grandparents' Week again this year. It has become a highlight in our calendar and is thoroughly enjoyed by pupils, staff and grandparents. On Wednesday, grandparents (and honorary grandparents) were invited into school for a special assembly and afternoon tea. We also used this as part of the "World's Biggest Coffee Morning," raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support - thank you for your generous contributions and cake donations. Nearly £200 was raised.

Throughout the week, grandparents have been welcomed into classes for a range of activities including "Paint a portrait," Basketball, Table Tennis, French, "Money Maths," making a Greek pot out of clay and Science.



This week has provided an opportunity for pupils and the school to thank the grandparents who support their grandchildren in so many different ways. It has also given grandparents the chance to see the wide range of activities that pupils enjoy in school each day.

Thank you to all the grandparents who came into school and for making it such a special week.