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                                                                       School Meals and Lunchtimes                                                             

All food provided at St Joseph's meets the nutritional standards set by the government. Caterlink manage our school meals. Caterlink's school meals meets the nutritional standards set by the government. This ensures that children are provided with a healthy balanced meal. 

Free School Meals 

If you are in receipt of income support or working tax credit then your child(ren) may be entitled to free school meals (FSM). If you think you may be eligible please visit the following website for a full list of eligibility.


As you may be aware a lot of our funding is based on a percentage of FSM. All KS1 children receive a universal free school meal provided by the Government. If you have children in KS1 and meet any of the criteria in the link above it is really important that you apply for FSM using the online form provided below. 


Start my online free school meals application

Alternatively, you can contact the office and we will provide you with a paper form that we can help you fill out and return. 


We work with Caterlink to create the menus which include:
- a variety of red meat and poultry dishes all to the red tractor standard
- sustainable fish including omega-3 rich oily fish
-local free range eggs
-balanced vegetarian dishes
-a wide choice of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad
-fresh bread
We have a kitchen on the premises and all meals are currently prepared here by our cook and her staff.
A menu is available at the school and a choice of meals is usually available. You can download our current menu here. From September 2014 all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal each day. Please discuss the menu with your child each day and ensure they know what they wish to order.

The current cost of a meal is £2.10 for any child not entitled to a free school meal. If you are not sure if your child is entitled to a free school meal contact the office or have a look at the information provided. 

If your child has any special dietary requirements please contact the office. Find out more about how we cater for food allergies and intolerances and other special diets.


 A message from Eden


“Desserts served as part of your child’s school lunch now contain less sugar, have increased fibre and portion sizes served are in line with current guidance detailed in the School Food Plan. Fresh fruit and organic yogurt are available daily as a choice and many of the desserts offered contain fruit and/or vegetables. All recipes have been tested by Eden’s Executive Chef to ensure that desserts look good and taste delicious, whilst having less sugar, increased fibre and being the correct portion for your child.” 


Key Facts

New recommendations for free sugars

Average intake of free sugars should not exceed 5% of total energy intake. Public Health England has calculated the recommended amount of free sugars as follows:


·        4 – 6 year olds - no more than 19g/day (5 sugar cubes)

·        7 - 10 years olds – no more than 24g/day (6 sugar cubes)

·        Over 11 years old – no more than 30g/day (7 sugar cubes)


What are free sugars?

Free sugars are those added to foods by the manufacturer, cook or consumer and also those present in honey, syrups and fruit juices.


New recommendations for fibre

For children the estimated recommended intakes are:


·        15g/day for children aged 2-5 years

·        20g/day for children aged 5-11 years

·        25g/day for children aged 11-16 years

·        30g/day for children 16+ and adults


How are we increasing fibre?

We now serve 50/50 rice (wholegrain & white)

   All flour based desserts include 25% wholemeal flour

  Whole-wheat pasta is being introduced in some recipes.




 Our team of Mid-day Supervisors are constantly striving to find  ways to make lunchtimes a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for children. They aim to promote  positive play, introduce new games effectively and develop children’s play skills whilst they have fun. The MDMSA's and  the Year 6 sports leaders work together to make playtimes fun and enjoyable for ALL of the children.

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