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Science at St Joseph's

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At St. Joseph's, our science curriculum encourages children to explore scientific concepts and discover their relevance to the world around them. We aim to inspire children, develop their scientific knowledge and provide them with skills and tools that can be re-applied and strengthened each year. 


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We are all scientists at St Joseph's! Have a look at these photos showing what we have been learning about in Science in school so far...


LO: I am learning to recognise the parts of the body. 

Reception have been looking at the bones in a skeleton and different parts of a human body. 


Year One

LO: I am learning to recognise scientific tools and their links to space.

Year one have been exploring their English text and have been exploring space. They have been exploring one of the scientific tools used to explore space: telescopes. 



Year Two

LO: I am learning to recognise circuits and how electricity is used.

Year 2 have been investigating how to complete circuits in Science, exploring electricity and how it powers things. 



Year Three

LO: I am learning to identify the different layers of soil. 

Year three have been learning about the different parts of the Earth's soil. They have investigated the different layers of soil and used different cereals to represent these layers!


Year Four

LO: I am learning to understand how the digestive system works. 

Year Four learnt about the digestive system and used a variety of materials to investigate what happens to food that is eaten and digested. The class looked at the path that food takes in our bodies and what happens to the digested food at each stage from start... to finish!


Year Five

LO: I am learning to recognise the movement and phases of the moon. 

Year Five have been learning about the solar system and, particularly, the movement and phases of the moon. After having learnt the names of the different phases, we used biscuits to recreate and model the different phases. They tasted yummy too!

Year Six

LO: I am learning to dissolve materials in a liquid and recover substances from a solution.


Year Six recapped what solutions were and compared different materials based on their solubility. Then even used a filter system to see how water is filtered from rocks and pebbles to clean water, linking this to water pollution in rivers like the Thames in London.