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We are all scientists at St Joseph's! Have a look at these photos showing what we have been learning about in Science so far...

Year 6 are paleontologists!


Year 6's first Science topic is "Evolution and Inheritance." As part of their learning, they studied fossils and learnt about famous paleontologists like Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.

Battle of the beaks!


They also learnt about how animals have evolved over time and adapted to their environments. Through a practical activity, the children explored beak adaptations in bird populations and looked at the way in which variation in beak shape is related to the available food sources within an environment.

The children simulated feeding by using a variety of "beaks" and tried to pick up different "foods" with each beak.

Year 1 - It's raining,  it's pouring...

Year 1 have been busy exploring which materials are waterproof and which are not. They had to make a prediction and test their ideas to discover whether they were correct. 

Year 5 - Delicious or disgusting?

Year 5 have been exploring food chains and categorising different types of animals into predators, prey and producers.

Year 2 / 3 - Seeing is believing!

Year 2 and 3 have been busy exploring light and dark (the absence of light) as well as discovering which materials reflect or absorb light.


Year 3 / 4 are going on a 'bug' hunt! They're going to catch a big one! They're not scared!

Reception have been learning about their different body parts and growing! They loved reading 'Funny Bones'.