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St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Brighton

Educating in Faith, Hope and Love


At St Joseph's, we promote an active learning environment where we challenge, motivate and inspire one another in our inclusive community. Each class has two lessons of PE a week where they are taught a broad range of activities and an ethos to encourage positive mental health and wellbeing through our well-rounded PE curriculum.

Please find our Curriculum Map for this year HERE.

At St Joseph's we follow the PE planning scheme that supports teachers in planning, resourcing and teaching lessons in accordance with the National Curriculum guidelines. Please find more information on their website: https://peplanning.org.uk/ 

Year 3 and 4 Gymnastics

In Lower Key Stage 2 Gymnastics, children learn, develop, and combine the key elements required to perform gymnastic sequences, with sequences becoming longer and more effective.


As part of our Christmas celebrations, the whole school re-branded our Daily Mile as the 'Santa Dash' for one day in December. Every class enjoyed wearing Christmas hats/headbands and running round a fun course with different obstacles for them to run around. Then, each student was given a certificate to take home to celebrate their completion of the course.



PE Lessons at St Joseph's

 At St Joseph's, we aim to have high quality PE lessons and a varied PE curriculum for children to gain new skills, experiences and learn about their health and fitness. We have two PE lessons a week in each year group, one taught by a specialist PE teacher and the other taught by our class teachers.

Here are some lesson examples below: