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Withdean Athletics : 19.6.19

We have some wonderful athletes at St Joseph's School and more importantly we have determined, resilient children who support and encourage each other. Today, we took a squad of 32 athletes from Years 4,5 and 6 to the annual small schools' athletics meeting at Withdean Stadium. We were very proud of you all.





Racket festival: 6.6.19

Mr Sutherland took 12 budding racket stars to a Year 3 and 4 Racket Festival held at Withdean Tennis Centre. The children were given the opportunity to learn the necessary skills and take part in fun activities and games based around tennis, squash and badminton. 


Well done to Sofia who was picked out for an individual "determination" award - one of the School Games values.

Tri-Golf tournament: 7.5.19

Congratulations to our wonderful team of budding golfers who finished 3rd out of 9 teams in today's Tri Golf competition at Blatchington Mill School. Miss Matthews was so proud of each and every member of the team so well done to Nolly, Mia, Ollie and Riley (Year 3)  Lola, Casey, Faustina, Brandon, Daniel and Jack( Year 4)

You looked so smart in our sports kit too!


Quick-sticks Hockey Tournament :21.3.19

Today we took a squad of six hockey layers to Blatchington Mill School for a quick-sticks hockey tournament. Seven schools took part and we finished in fifth position. Some amazing individual performances and a great team performance. Mr Sutherland and Mrs Skinner were proud of each of you, so well done Jack, Arijus, Zuzanna, Melody, Esmae and Belinda.

Particular congratulations should go to Arijus who was picked out for a determination award - well done Arijus!


                Warming up                            Modelling our new gum shields!


                                    Esmae in action!              Arijus receives a determination award.

High Five Netball: 13.3.19

This afternoon, we took a squad of Year 5 girls to the High Five netball tournament at Patcham High School. We played several matches - all of which were very close!

Well done to Isabel, Lily, Zuzanna, Esmae, Keirah, Neriah, Olivia and Belinda who played excellently, showing great team spirit, determination and resilience. Mrs Foan and Mrs Skinner were very proud of you all.

Well done to Zuzanna for being picked out for the only "determination" award. Our whole team was also recognised and awarded the "respect" award.



Climbing competition: 14.2.19

Following our successful visit to High Sports at Withdean Climbing Centre recently, we entered a climbing competition at the same venue.

Today, Mrs Greener took our four climbers  from Year 6 - Tia, Melody, Macey and Lewis K to compete in  five challenges across three disciplines -  bouldering / traversing , rope climbing and speed climbing. 

Mrs Greener was very proud of all four of our climbers' enthusiasm, skill and good sportsmanship. Well done!



Indoor Cricket: 13.2.19

Today we took a team of cricketers to BACA for an indoor KWIC cricket tournament. Five local schools took part in today's tournament. We played four very close and exciting games with some great individual batting, bowling, fielding performances. We also saw some good sporting behaviour and the quality of cricket improved as each game went by. Mrs Foan and Mrs Skinner were very proud of you all.

Well done Jack (captain) Philip, Lewis C, Jalani, Tony, Olivia and Neriah.


Indoor athletics: 23.1.19

We took part in an indoor athletics competition at BACA today. We took 16 Year 6 athletes to take part in a qualifying athletics event. The track events included an obstacle relay, a 1+1 lap relay, a 2+2 lap relay, an over/under relay, a 4 x 1 lap relay and a 6 lap Paarlauf. The field events included a chest push, a standing long jump, a triple jump, a vertical jump and a speed bounce challenge.



Mrs Foan and Mrs Skinner were so impressed by all of our competitors. We had several "places," but more importantly we saw great determination, resilience, good sportsmanship and team spirit. Thank you children - you gave it your all and behaved excellently and were very supportive of each other.

One child was picked out for a determination award from the 160 competitors and today Neriah was recognised for her good sporting skills - for being determined when things didn't go her way and for not giving up. Well done Neriah - we were so proud that you were chosen for this award.


Key Steps Gymnastics: 5.12.18

Today, we took a squad of eight gymnasts to Dorothy Stringer School for a gymnastics competition. The children had to take part in three different disciplines - body management, the vault and a floor exercise. Our pupils finished 4th out of eight schools and displayed fantastic skills, flexibility and great sportsmanship.

Well done to Esmae, Olivia, Holly, Melody, Belinda, Angelica, Keirah and Gabriella.


Cross Country:21.11.18

Today we took 13 cross country runners to a windy, but warmer than usual, Waterhall! Well done to the Year 5 and 6 boys and girls who braved the elements and took part in the 1.35 mile race around the fields at Waterhall. The course was hilly and muddy and there were over 300 children (sometimes over 350) in each race!

It was obvious to see the impact that the daily mile has had this year on the children's fitness levels and stamina, so well done to everyone for completing the course. We just need to practise running up hills before next year's competition!

Mr Muschamp and Mrs Cox were very proud of your determination. Each of our competitors gave it their best and were encouraging and supportive of each other. Special mention must go to Esmae who finished 103rd in the Year 6 girl's race.

Today, also gave our new minibus its first outing!


Well done Maison, Jack, Lewis C, Philip, Esmae, Olivia, Macey, Tia, Keirah, Gabriella, George, Eloany and Louie.

Rugby Festival : 3.10.18

Today, we took a team of Year 6 players to a tag rugby festival at  Waterhall. The morning started off with a some warm up activities which reinforced the skills needed in tag rugby. The children then played three matches against other local schools. We won two of our matches, only just losing the third.


There were some excellent individual performances. Miss Pippa and Mrs Greener were very proud of everyone today. The children were supportive of each other and showed great team spirit and excellent sportsmanship. Their skill and behaviour matched the smart new St Joseph's kits that the children wore!


Well done Jack, Macey, Arijus, Tia, Maison, Keirah, Philip and Olivia. What a team!

Click HERE for our pre-match team motivation.


Level 1 Bike Ability: 26.9.18

Some of our Year 6 pupils took part in the first day of Level 1 Bike-Ability training this week. Pupils learn to control and master their bikes in the safety of the school playground.

Day 2 of the training will take place on Wednesday 10th October and for those children who achieve Level 1, Level 2 training will be available in the Summer Term.



  2017-2018 was yet another amazing sporting year.

KS2 Sports :13.7.18

Here are some more pictures of our very successful KS2 Sports Day which was held at Varndean School and sponsored by "Perfectly Clear."





Withdean Athletics : 20.6.18


Some of our great supporters.


                               Toby - 2nd in 75m sprint.    Our competitors waiting in the wings!


Our long distance runners.


Belinda - 1st in the 75m sprint and 1st in long jump.  Olivia - 3rd in Vortex Howler throw.


Esmae - 3rd in 75m sprint and Billie-3rd in 60m sprint.


Year 4 girls' relay winners!





Sports Award:

Thanks to the excellent sports provision and staff we have here at St Joseph's, we are delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded the Silver School Games Sports Award for the sixth year running! 

The criteria necessary to achieve each level of award has been raised again this year, so we are extremely proud to have been awarded a silver award again.




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