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 Computing in Key Stage 1


In Computing lessons in Key Stage 1 children are introduced to the concept of algorithms.  They explore giving and carrying out instructions using directive language, progressing to writing their own instructions and learning to use simple input and output sequences.  They also learn to problem solve by 'debugging' the sequences they create.  Pupils use our school learning platform on Purple Mash to get creative, designing their own cards, talking books and animations.  They have the opportunity to use microphones, cameras and video cameras to record their own work.



Computing in Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, children build upon their knowledge and understanding of algorithms to explore simple coding programmes on our learning platform Purple Mash, as well as using other software such as Scratch.  This provides children with the opportunity to analyse and solve problems as they learn to write their own code and overcome problems by 'debugging' their programmes.  Computing at St Joseph's also provides great links to other areas of the curriculum such as  Science, Maths and PE.  Here children have the opportunity to use equipment such as data loggers and pulse rate monitors to record real life information from their surroundings, for example, investigating noise or light levels around the school, or how their pulse rate changes during exercise. 

Can you spot the different locations that Year 6 have been visiting to investigate the light and temperature levels around the school?


Computing Assembly


This half term Years 4, 5 and 6 have been focusing on desktop publishing skills and have been learning how to use power point to present information.  Each child chose a country to present information about.  Using the internet responsibly the children first researched facts about their chosen country.

Three children from each class were chosen to share their power points during the assembly.  Mrs Hovard and Mr Muschamp were very impressed with all of the power points, as was Tad, our computing link governor, who came in specially for the assembly.

At the end of this unit the children self-assessed and peer assessed their presentations against a given set of criteria.



New software: 

The school has purchased some new software for the children to use both at home and at school. There are lots of fun activities to keep them busy and improve their computing, maths and reading skills. The children have been given a login for each website. If you have any problems logging in, contact your child's teacher or another member of staff (Mr Muschamp or Mrs Foan are the experts!) 

Click on one of the images below to visit the sites.



                                         Purple Mash                                                        Sumdog