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 NSPCC Visit - Speak Out Stay Safe -Pants Rule! 04.06.19

Today we were joined by Claire & Bettina from NSPCC, who held an interactive assembly and workshop for our pupils. With the help of their mascot, Buddy, they covered topics like bullying and abuse, but without using any scary words or adult language.

This was then followed by a 1-hour classroom workshop for children in Years 5 and 6. Together, they explored the topics in more detail using engaging exercises to look at different situations to decide what's OK and what's not OK.

If you would like any further information, please visit the NSPCC website.


Staying Safe Online - SafetyNet Visit: 06.02.19

Today KS2 had a visit from SafetyNet to learn the correct ways to be safe online. We discussed what to do if something goes wrong, cyber bullying and what is safe to use. Year 5 & 6 then had a workshop to discuss in more detail how to 'Stay Safe Online'.  It was lovely to see the children ask so many useful questions! It is really important that everyone knows how to stay safe online. Using the Internet sensibly is something that St Joseph's encourages all children to do.

 Please see below for useful websites for parent/carers.

Useful websites for parent/carers:

Thinkuknow The place to start. www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents

Vodafone Digital Parenting Guide Sign up for e-newsletters http://www.vodafone.com/content/parents.html

Common Sense Reviews of games, apps and films by parents and children http://www.commonsensemedia.org/

Family Lives Get advice and support whenever you need it. Online mentor available http://www.familylives.org.uk

Childline Your child can contact ChildLine anytime. Online counsellor available 24 hours a day. www.childline.org.uk

Internet Matters Working with online safety experts, with guides to help you set parental controls. www.internetmatters.org


A - Life visit : 15.1.19

Today we had a visit from Peter from A-Life. A-Life provide healthy living workshops and fitness sessions for schools across the country. Every class in the school had two sessions, the first which reinforced key messages about looking after our bodies and keeping healthy. Through hands-on activities, the children learnt about the sugar content of drinks, about portion sizes, about salt in our meals, about different vegetables that can make up our "5 a day," about the functions of some of our internal organs, about the importance of good dental health and lots more! 

Years 5 and 6 also learnt about the effects of alcohol and cigarettes, as well as the effects of being overweight through practical activities.



During the second session, the children used specialist equipment to challenge their strength, jumping, balance, fitness, flexibility and co-ordination in a fun, but controlled environment. The children in KS2 took part in a circuit of activities including boxing and  trampolining.


The children had a fantastic day - they were completely engaged and enthusiastic throughout the day.  Maximum participation for all our pupils meant they learned  a lot and  kept active! Thank you to Peter from A-Life for inspiring our children to keep active again!

Click HERE to find more about A-Life on their own website.


Competition win!

Some of our pupils entered a competition during anti-bullying week, organised by Safety Net. The children had to design an image based around this year's theme, "CHOOSE RESPECT" and create their own image about what friendship means to them.

Twelve images were chosen for the Safety Net calendar for 2019.  Zuzanna (Year 6) had her image chosen to represent the theme for the month of April.

Well done Zuzanna and well done to everyone else who entered.


Miss Matthews and her team of children in our 'Culture Club' have been working towards getting a 'School of Sanctuary' award for our wonderful school! A School of Sanctuary is a school that helps its students, staff and wider community understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary and to extend a welcome to everyone as equal, valued members of the school community. St Joseph's is a school that is proud to be a place of safety and inclusion for all. Congratulations to Miss Matthews and our Culture Club for receiving this amazing award!


Safety Net Anti-Bullying Competition

As part of Anti-Bullying week the KS2 pupils have all entered the competition. The winner will be announced early December and will feature in the SafetyNet calendar - Good luck everyone!

Anti-Bullying Week

This year’s theme for 'Anti-Bullying week’ was 'Respect' and on Tuesday, the school celebrated in an assembly all the great ways we show respect throughout the school. Miss Hill set the children a task to write a 'Kindness Catcher' for another pupil who was not in their class. Miss Morrison was inundated with 'Kindness Catchers' to read out by the end of the week! Mrs Cox also joined the assembly to teach the children five Makaton signs of love, friendship, kindness, beauty and respect. The children were set a challenge to sign these to teaching staff around the school and see if the staff could guess what they mean!


Our PSHE Board  


In year 6 the children were asked what respect means to them...


Culture Cafe

Culture Club Cafe: 19. 10.18


Today was our first of many Culture Club Cafe get togethers. This morning provided an opportunity for our EAL children and their parents to come together and share stories and books from their own cultures and languages over a cup of tea and a cake!  It was fantastic to hear our pupils reading so confidently and fluently to each other both in the language spoken at home as well as in  English.

We are so lucky to have such talented children as a resource in our school. Children and their parents created artwork based on their own countries and cultures, or the book they had shared, which will be displayed in the school library alongside our map of the world.


We had a fantastic turnout today, so thank you to all the parents and carers and grandparents who were able to join us. Thank you also to the parents who were brave enough to stand up and share their own personal stories with the rest of the hall!

Thank you Miss Matthews for organising this and to Liz Williamson from EMAS for her resources/books and also to Claire from the FOSJ's for the refreshments.

Language of the Month

As part of becoming a School of Sanctuary, our school has now begun a regular #CultureClub. As part of this, we are also celebrating a different language each month in each class across the school! We have been learning everything from Romanian, to Lithuanian, to Arabic, to Polish to Urdu! We are so excited about our diverse school and love learning all we can about the cultures that are so central to all of it. Thank you to all the student teachers who have made it possible!



Danke! Shukran! Aciu!

Challenge 21

As part of our social education, we learned about Down's Syndrome and raised money to support the cause of raising awareness and supporting children in education. Below you can see what we did across the school to make it happen.

Year 4 managed to raise the most money and did a range of activities to raise awareness. They did 21 maths exercises and 21 physical exercises in 21 minutes! Their exercises were sponsored and we are so grateful for the families that got around them to sponsor them! Well done Year 4!


Year 5 brought in items to sell from home. They gave up their Golden Time to set up and sell items. They also hid cards around school that could be traded in for prizes to raise interest and awareness. Well done Year 5!

What did you learn?

Year 6 brought in money to donate and wore pyjamas. They also raised money through selling items after school - well done Year 6!

What did you learn?

Grandparents Week : 1.10.18 - 5.10.18

At St Joseph's, we are delighted to be celebrating Grandparents' Week again this year. It has become a highlight in our calendar and is thoroughly enjoyed by pupils, staff and grandparents.

On Monday, grandparents (and honorary grandparents) were invited  into school for a special assembly and to spend time with their grandchildren and their friends sharing books in the library. Throughout the week, grandparents have been welcomed into classes for a range of activities. 



St Andrew's and St Elizabeth's grandparents playing board games and hand-printing.


Year 3 grandparents watch a cricket session and help to build "The Iron Man."


Grandparents joined Year 6 pupils for spiritual journaling and for one of their music lessons.



In Year 4 children and grandparents recorded family trees and took part in an art masterclass.


Grandparents in Year 5 joined in with the class reader, "Skellig," and with the basketball lesson!


This week has provided an opportunity for pupils and the school to thank the grandparents who support their grandchildren in so many different ways. It has also given grandparents the chance to see the wide range of activities that pupils enjoy in school each day.

Thank you to all the grandparents who came into school and for making it such a special week. You were amazing!

MacMillan Family Breakfast Fundraiser: 29.9.18

We had a fundraising family breakfast and were overwhelmed by the amount of support. Over £300 was raised which was split between MacMillan cancer support and Dementia Awareness. It was lovely to get together as a school family and catch up over a cup of tea and a bacon butty! 




Thank you to everyone who came along to support this cause, who helped with the cooking and serving or who donated a raffle prize. It was much appreciated.


Click on the picture to read the B&H PSHE Program of Study. This is what we base our PSHE teaching on.

We teach our PSHE in half termly units covering whole school themes.

See our  PSHE curriculum framework coverage here

See a PPT showing our RSE coverage here.



Multicultural Week :

Every year we plan for a multi-cultural week at St Joseph's. We are very lucky that, at St Joseph's, we are a school rich in diversity- we have pupils from many different backgrounds, faiths and beliefs. We recognise that this diversity is a huge strength of our school and something that should be celebrated.

"Language is a gift" was another important part of our multicultural week's learning this year. Each class based their learning/research around one country/culture of a pupil in the class. Learning some key phrases and greetings in that language formed part of this work. 



 Year 1 learning about Zimbabwe with Nolly and Andre's parents.

During this week we hosted a coffee morning celebrating, "language is a gift," in which parents, carers, family members and friends were invited in for a coffee morning.



Our link school - Bryce School,  Jamaica    


As you may have heard from your child, last year we made a link with a primary school in Jamaica called Bryce School. The school is located centrally in the Jamaican mountains. It has many similarities, as well as many differences, to St Joseph's and we are beginning to find out more about each other through letter writing (the school has no phones or internet).

The School Council met recently to form a questionnaire which has been sent to the pupils at Bryce School and we are eagerly awaiting a response from them. In the meantime, one of the teachers at the school managed to get herself some internet service in the local town and sent us a video. In the video the children are asking questions about our school and pupils.

Click on the video below to watch!

UPDATE ..... Thank you to everyone who donated books to send to Bryce School. These were sent in July and arrived safely in Jamaica in October after a very long journey! The children and staff were thrilled to receive them.

Here are some pictures of their journey.....




     At St Joseph's, we are really keen to help our friends in Jamaica. We try to fund-raise for them whenever possible and support them in any way we can.

Over the last year we have had two very successful Caribbean Evenings to raise money for the Bryce School.

Our most recent event was on Friday 19th May 2017 and £420 was raised to buy much-needed resources for our friends in Jamaica.

Here are a few pictures of the evening.



The staff and pupils at the Bryce School are so grateful for the support from St Joseph's, that they sent us a special message for our Caribbean night - a song.

Click on the video below to hear it.

           Please click on the Bryce School link to see more about our fundraising events and links to the Bryce School in Jamaica on our FOSJ's page. 



Worry Boxes

At St Josephs, we know that life can sometimes be tricky and that it can make us all feel sad, lonely, worried, nervous, as well as lots of other emotions. It is OK to be worried about things, and sometimes talking about a worry helps.

In each class we have a worry box which has been decorated by the children. Our pupils know they can use the worry box to share any problems or worries that might be bothering them. The boxes are checked daily and the children are reassured to know that an adult will find time to talk to them about their worry that day, if they wish to discuss it.


In our early years class, the children made a set of worry dolls.