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History at St Joseph's:

At St Josephs we aim to bring topics alive to our pupils and offer them an imaginative, creative and immersive experience where pupils can engage with learning on a practical, interactive level. Pupils begin their topics with a 'stunning start' which creates a 'hook in' and sparks enthusiasm in the topic and end with a fantastic finish where we will try and share all of our interesting learning with you through songs, dances, presentations etc.

We aim to make learning fun and draw on cross-curricular links in History so that pupils can learn about a historical event through creative mediums such as drama, dance, role play, music, art, DT etc.

Please click 'here' to view our History statement and 'here' for our topic overview for the year 2023-2024


Please see photos below of our learning in the curriculum:

Year 4:

Year 4 have explored a local Roman site and considered how life has changed - During this trip, the children learnt about Roman sites in Brighton and met a Romano British resident who taught them what life was like during Roman times. They explored Roman artefacts and investigated the death of a local woman during Roman times.


                                                            Objective: I am learning to explore artefacts in history.                                                                         Key questions were: "do we still use these items today? How have they changed?" 


Year 5:

 Year 5 were learning to apply different techniques to replicate a Greek art artefact:




Year 1 and Year 2:

Year 1 went to the toy museum to explore how the local area has changed and compare how toys are different now compared to the Victorian times.

Year 2 went to Preston Manor to explore what life was like for Victorian servants and discover how items have changed over time but can still be used today.


Year 3 and Year 4:

Year 3 are learning about the Stone Age and how people lived, what they ate and how we can find out about our past through                                                                                      looking at fossils and soil.                                                                                       

Year 4 have also been asking and answering questions based on artefacts for their topic 'Romans Rule'.




We also love pupils to explore how fashion and clothes have changed throughout different periods in History from the Ancient Egyptians all the way through to the Victorians.






We believe it is vital that children have a chance to ask questions, handle evidence and discuss different types of sources to unpick events that have happened in the past. History can help pupils to develop their critical thinking, reasoning, analysing and hypothesising, as well as question the evidence that is available and improve their own understanding through research. We hope pupils will develop important life skills, take ownership of their learning and prepare for their future through learning about the past.