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St Teresa's Class - 2023-2024

The Year 6 (St Teresa's Class) Team are: Miss Redmond, Mrs Parker and Mrs Rance

Welcome to St Teresa's Class page

RE: 26.4.24

Having learnt about Jesus' resurrection, and how the witnesses reacted to his return, we learnt about Thomas' reaction, and looked at a beautiful piece of artwork called 'The Doubting Thomas' by Reuban Ferreira.

We then did our best to recreate this artwork in our own styles.

Summer Term 2024

Please find the Year 6 overview for the Summer term HERE.

Easter Holiday Revision:

Below are some links to online revision tests and support materials.

Click  HERE  for some 10 minute maths and SPAG tests which can be completed online.

Click  HERE  for a SPAG revision sheet with explanations of all key grammar and punctuation terms.

If you have access to a printer, click HERE to download a practice arithmetic test (with answers)

     BBC Bitesize has some great revision support material.

              Click HERE for some support on key skills for reading comprehension and HERE for SATs revision support.                

Click HERE for arithmetic revision support and HERE for spelling, punctuation and grammar revision support and HERE  for reasoning revision support.

Outdoor Learning: 27.3.24

For this half term's outdoor learning, our focus was science.

To start off the day, we designed and created bug hotels using natural resources, art straws and string.

We even found two newts in the outdoor learning area and they tested out our bug hotels!

After that, we learnt about drag forces, including air and water resistance. We used the parachute to see how air is collected to slow the rider down as they jump out of an airplane!

RE: 25.3.24

As we finish learning about Jesus’ crucifixion, we learn about how Jesus gave his mother Mary to his closest disciple (John). To celebrate the importance of Mary as our mother, we created salt dough models of her to take home and use to reflect and pray.

Here are some of our finished products!

French Culture: 26.3.24

At the end of every half term, the classes in KS2 learn about a different aspect of French culture.

This half term, they are learning about traditional French foods and they sampled a few such as croissants, crepes, Brie cheese, pain au chocolat, Quiche Lorraine etc.

They tried to apply their knowledge  of key vocabulary to express their likes and dislikes.


J'adore les madeleines.                     J’aime ça!                       La quiche Lorraine est délicieuse !                  Je n'aime pas ça!

Fantastic Finish: 22.3.24

To celebrate the end of our Disasters topic, we created 3D models of different natural disasters and the destruction that they cause. 

Have a look at our finished products!

SPAG: 20.3.24

Year 6 have been revising all they have learnt about word classes this year through a sorting and applying activity.

It is lovely to see how much they have learnt and remembered!


St Joseph's Day: 18.3.24

To celebrate St Joseph's Day, we made biscuits in the shape of carpentry tools (since Joseph was a carpenter).

We mixed all the ingredients together...

and then used special cutters to make the shapes - though they ended up very crumbly!

We were very happy with how they turned out!


For this week’s RE lessons, we looked at the scripture around Jesus’ trial. We then considered the question “Was Jesus’ trial fair?” We all agreed that the answer was no, so we worked to collect evidence around this and prepare arguments for a court session on Friday afternoon!

Miss Redmond dressed up as a judge (and looked very silly!) and objected to many of our arguments so that we would have to explain in more detail.

SPAG: 12.3.24

Year 6 have been learning about the perfect and the progressive tense this week. As well as a written activity, they also played a game of tense pairs and a sorting activity to demonstrate and apply their knowledge of these two new tenses.


SPAG: 20.2.24

Year 6 were looking at word families in their lesson today. After their written task, they played a game of word family pairs, matching words based on their root / base.


SPAG : 6.2.24

Today, Year 6 were revising their knowledge of phrases and clauses. They applied their understanding and worked in pairs to sort highlighted parts of a sentence into main clauses, subordinate clauses, relative clauses and phrases.


SPAG : 30.1.24

In today's lesson, Year 6 learnt about the features of different sentences e.g. statements, commands, questions and exclamations and the punctuation associated with each.

The children sorted sentences under the correct heading. They also created a recycling poster evidencing their understanding of each type of sentence in their poster design.


SPAG: 23.1.24

Today, Year 6 learnt about active and passive verbs. They watched a short clip from Ratatouille and had to describe the events using the passive voice. They also sorted sentences into active and passive and changed active sentences to passive and vice versa.


English: 22.1.24

For today's English lesson, we used drama to help us understand how the different characters in the story were feeling.

Art: 19.1.24

For today's art lesson, we explored Chiaroscuro, an art-style which focuses on the dramatic use of light and dark. Last week, we picked Mayan 'ways' which represent our personalities, and we used masking tape to map out their names onto our paper. Then, we used charcoal to create shadow and rubbers to show areas of light.

 It was very messy but very enjoyable!

SPAG: 16.1.24

In today's lesson, Year 6 were applying their knowledge of the different spellings and meanings for homophones through a game of "Homophone Hop."


OCOW Launch

To celebrate the launch of our new 'Our City Our World' scheme, which focuses on the significance of climate change and the importance of sustainability, we created our own bird feeders using Pringles tubes, cardboard tubes and even a Weetabix box!

We poked holes in them and tied string to the top and filled them with bird seed, before hanging them out around the playground.

As you can tell, we also wore green and blue to represent out planet.

SPAG: 9.1.24

In this week's SPAG lesson, the children in Year 6 had to sort words with similar or the same meanings. These are called SYNONYMS.

They then played a game of ANTONYM pairs, demonstrating their understanding of different pairs of words with the opposite meaning. 


Stunning Start: Disasters

For our new topic of ‘Disasters’, we used salt dough to create our own volcano models with a partner. 

We even painted them once they had dried and we had lots of fun.

Spring Term

Please find the Spring Term Curriculum Overview HERE


Please find the spelling rules and spelling lists for the Spring Term HERE

Christmas Party

For our last day before we broke up for Christmas, we used pipe cleaners and beads to make candy cane tree decorations, did some Christmas colouring and made some salt dough tree decorations. In the afternoon, we watched Home Alone and ate some yummy food, while painting our decorations.

DT Week

For this term's DT week, we were focussing on textiles and combining different fabric shapes using our sewing skills. To start off, we explored the work and life of Frida Kahlo, a well-known Mexican artist whose art is recognised across the globe for its bright colours and natural feel. We then planned and designed our flowers, picking the colours of the flower itself and the thread we would use around the edge of our material.

We started with a square piece of cotton which we folded into a quarter and drew one petal on, before cutting out the shape and revealing our full flowers. We were then able to paint the material to match our designs, before sewing a hem once they had all dried.

Whilst this was happening, Miss Rance cut out the shape of Frida's head and shoulders, and a few of us used the outline to cut and stick hessian onto the cardboard cutout. We then added her dress and facial features, which we stuck onto cardboard and added painted mesh onto to represent its fragile body. When we had all finished sewing our flowers, we stuck them onto Frida's hair to create our final product.

Active Advent

Day 1 - Reindeer Lunges

Day 2 - Elf on the Shelf plank

Day 3 - Christmas Star Jumps

Day 4 - Santa Squats

Day 5 - Frozen Ice Push Ups

Day 6 - Christmas Tree Balance

Day 7 - Elf High Knees

SPAG 5.12.23

Today, in SPAG, Year 6 were learning about conjunctions. They worked in pairs to identify conjunctions and sort sentences into those containing coordinating conjunctions and those containing subordinating conjunctions.

They also played a game where they had to apply their knowledge of conjunctions accurately.


SPAG:  23.11.23

Today in SPAG, Year 6 were using and identifying prepositions in sentences. At the end of the lesson, they have to draw a picture "blind" using a description to help them with the drawing.

The children soon realised how important prepositions are in helping us understand the relationship/position of objects!


"A woman with a yellow dress is lying on a green and blue spotty towel"  "In front of her, two children are building a sandcastle."

SPAG : 16.11.23

In today's SPAG lesson, Year 6 learnt about determiners and their function in sentences.

 They played a dice game in pairs and had to choose and use appropriate determiners to make sentences.


French Culture: Artists

For this half term's French Culture week, we explored Monet's work, particularly his well-known waterlily pond piece, and tried to recreate it using water colours.

Black History Month Assembly 17.10.23

To celebrate Black History Month this year, year 6 were given Stormzy as their focus. We learnt about his career and how he has made a significant impact on black lives, particularly in the UK. As a class, we then wrote our own rap to celebrate all his incredible work - in Stormzy's style! We then shared this in the assembly in front of the whole school. Have a read of our rap below.

Yo, it’s Black History Month, give me some cheer! (Woo!)

Are you ready to learn about Stormzy this year?

Let’s start from 2014,

He gained respect in the UK grime scene,

He helped fund students at Came-bridge uni,

Now he makes more money than Wayne Rooney!

His influence is ranked in the UK’s top three

So now those students’ tuition is free.

Stormzy is a kind man,

He travels the world to see his fans.

He’s more happy than any chap,

When he performs, everybody in the room claps. (2 claps)

Stormzy gave charities 1 mill each year,

To support young black lives here.

I wonder if he makes a good cup of tea (slurp)

Either way, he’s the kind of person I want to be.


SPAG : 11.10.23

In today's lesson, Year 6 learnt about the function of adverbs. They started the lesson with a guessing game- someone picked a verb from one pile and an adverb from another pile and they had to mime the action for the rest of the class to guess.


      "swimming anxiously"                       "eating greedily"                        "walking angrily"                      "writing intelligently"

At the end of the lesson, we played a game of "Last Person Standing," demonstrating their knowledge of the different word classes and parts of speech we have learnt this year.


The children are SPAGtacular at identifying and naming different nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, modal verbs and imperative verbs!

SPAG : 4.10.23

In today's lesson, Year 6 learnt about modal verbs. Some children used modal verbs to write a description of their "future self," others wrote a response as an Agony Aunt giving advice and some applied their knowledge in a game of "Modal Verb Snakes and Ladders."

First, they completed a revision activity working in pairs and applying their knowledge of previously learnt parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, verbs and imperative verbs.


Grandparents Visit: 29.9.23

We were all very excited to have our family come in to visit us and join in on our art lesson today.

Our focus for the lesson was to use photography to recreate famous paintings.

We started off by recreating 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch: we found it quite tricky to recreate the facial expressions!

Next, we used different materials and props to recreate some other famous paintings, and made sure to get our grandparents included.

See if you can figure out what paintings we are recreating in the images below...

SPAG: 19.9.23

In today's SPAG lesson, Year 6 were identifying verbs and sorting them according to their tense. They also played a verb tense game applying their knowledge of the three simple verb tenses.


Stunning Start: Mexico and the Mayans

To start off our new History and Geography topic, we came into school dressed in the colours of the Mexican flag and took part in different activities to learn about the Mexican culture.

We started off by researching as much as we could about Mexico's culture, food and languages, creating a fact file on the country to share with the class. We then learnt about the significance of Day of the Dead and designed our own masks, taking inspiration for existing models. We even listened to traditional Mexican music throughout. 

After this, we tried some nacho chips, guacamole and sour cream dip...

and even tried out playing with a pinata! 

We really enjoyed our day of learning about Mexico and its culture, and look forward to learning more throughout the Autumn term.

Outdoor Learning: 11.9.23

For our first outdoor learning of year 6, we were focussed on teamwork. We started off the day by playing the Hoop Game, in which children stand in two lines, competing to pass their hoop along their lines without letting go of each other's hands. We also then had to order ourselves without talking - including by our age, height, and many other factors.

Next, in small groups, we searched the playground and outdoor learning area to find different types of leaves, trees, twigs, and birds and completed the checklists to see who could find the most examples.

Up next, it was time to build our dams. We collected various materials (like mud, leaves, and sticks) and created dams on pieces of kitchen foil. We then tested them out by pouring water at the top of them, to see which team could create the most successful, water-stopping dam.

Our next group task was to create portraits of trees using more natural resources. Have a look at some of our artwork below.

Finally, we played Stick Dash, in which we created a pile of sticks in the centre of the area, forming three groups around it. One child sat with a blindfold on, in front of the pile and had to point to where they heard noise, as the rest of the class aimed to pick up sticks to create their own piles. The group with the most sticks at the end won.

SPAG: 7.9.23

In today's SPAG lesson, the children in Year 6 worked in pairs to sort nouns into five different sets - common, plural, collective, abstract and proper nouns.


From next week, Year 6 will have a piece of SPAG homework, based on the word class/part of speech they have been learning about in class.



Please click HERE to see our topic overview for this term in year six. Our theme for this term is 'Mexico and Mayans'. Please also see here for our first Power Project.


Please encourage your child to read as often as possible (ideally at least three times a week.) This can be by themselves, to a family member or to a sibling - and children, please remember to record it in the reading record books. These will be checked frequently.


 PE days for this half term are on Wednesdays and Thursdays with Miss Pippa . 

Children should have PE kits in school at all times, and a reminder about the expected uniform: black shorts, a green St Joseph's t-shirt, and trainers or plimsolls.


Children will be having spelling lessons every Monday with Mrs Foan and SPAG lessons with Mrs Skinner every Thursday. Spelling Frame is a great resource for supporting your children with their spellings. Click HERE for a link to it.


Children will receive maths and SPAG homework every week, which will be sent home on a Thursday and returned the following Monday.


 A gentle reminder about uniform expectations, this includes plain black shoes or trainers. They also must be wearing a tie.

Anyone with long hair should have this tied up!


Thank you for all your support, we really do appreciate it.

Welcome to Year 6!

Dear children, parents and carers,

I am so excited to welcome everyone back for this new academic year and so pleased to be your class teacher. Rest assured I will do everything I can to ensure your children are happy and safe in my class and I cannot wait to get to know them even better and see them flourish as the year progresses. If you have any questions or just want a chat, please catch me after school and check this page regularly for updates from within the classroom. 

Here's to a fantastic year ahead :)

Miss Redmond

Information about applying to Cardinal Newman School for September 2023

Please find attached an information sheet for Year 6 pupils wishing to apply for a place at Cardinal Newman School in September. Click here.