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St Philip Howard's Class - 2023-2024

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Welcome to St Philip Howard's Class page

The Year 5 (St Philip Howard) Class Team are:

Mrs Gilbert and Mrs Greener 



Our topic this term will be Invaders! 

Please click here to see an overview of what we will be learning about in all subjects this term

If children would like to do extra work at home or research about this event and bring it in to share with the class that would be fantastic! Please click here for some optional ideas for extra work where pupils can earn Dojos. 


~Events in Year Five~


First Swimming Lesson (PE)



Inter-school poetry competition



Class Pizza Trip



Class Patcham Performance Trip





Swimming starts!


This week, we began our swimming lessons. With hats and some goggles to the ready, we complete our first swimming lesson, where we showed our comfort levels in the water. We are very excited to become even better swimmers!

In RE, we learnt about Paul's efforts to spread the word through his letters and advice to the Romans. We created a radio show that we hosted and interviewed Paul regarding the Good News he was sharing. 


In art, we have been exploring self-portraits and used a variety of mediums to create our own variations of a self-portrait. 

Savage Drama


Having read about the Savage breaking into the Stokoe's farm, we decided to act out the scene in order to support our understanding of the Stokoe's feelings and thoughts for a diary. It was great fun re-enacting the scene of the Savage climbing the farm fence, talking to the pigs and evening riding one!


PSHRE Debates


Having finished our topic of 'healthy me'. We discussed the impact of media on body images and general health. We debated between the pros and cons of media and the role it plays for all generations.


Summer begins



To launch our new topic of 'Invaders', we had a fantastic day learning about the meals that the Anglo-saxons eat and designed our own Saxon Supper to create and enjoy! We designed our own Saxon bowls and looked at traditional ingredients for the two meals (soups and porridges) that they had. We later enjoyed these wonderful Saxon treats that we created! 



Also, this week we have launched our new art topic which is focusing on the drawing skills relating to portraits. We were given our pictures and gave each other special words that reminded us of each other that were also self-affirming of how great we truly are. Similar to our topic of body images and self love in PSHRE, we used our own wonderful words describing ourselves to generate a portrait with an interesting water-coloured background.

Happy Easter!


This week, we have celebrated our French Culture Week by tasting new French foods. We asked each other questions and gave replies for our favourite and least favourite food tasted. To continue this theme, we learnt how to make our own croissants and tried a savoury and sweet filling when baked!



To celebrate the finish of our topic, we accumulated all of our learning in geography (as well as our new learning in computing) to create 'Wild Waters' the game! We used 2Diy programming to generate a river inspired game. A lot of our games included elements of sustainability like 'cleaning the rivers' by collecting the water and air pollution as coins and avoiding dangers that may lurk in rivers around the world!


Take a look at some of games in the videos below: 

St Joseph's Day & Outdoor Learning


For St. Joseph's Day, we learnt about the qualities and life of St. Joseph. We identified his main role as a role model to Jesus and his life as a carpenter. We created mini figures of Joseph and created a 'tool box' of Joseph's qualities. 



 As a link to our topic of 'Wild Waters', we took a trip to the river Adur in Shoreham for our outdoor learning. We took a tour of the river and spotted a variety of features that we had learnt about in our geography learning. We also drew the landscape and features that we had spotted and finally, we waded and investigated the river for its contents. 



Getting creative


We used a variety of different resources this week to help us learn about area, specifically of compound shapes. We learnt how two or more shapes can be combined to make compound shapes and therefore we can break these shapes apart to figure out the area of the combined shape. 

In French, we learnt how to say the different types of weather. We used our new vocabulary to create weather reports that we presented on weather news for year five! 



Finally, in English we have been learning about synonyms and antonyms. We related the life of a coal miner from our text 'Town Is By the Sea' and their contrasting worlds of beautiful sea views to their day jobs under the sea in the coal mines. We picked different antonyms to create poems. One of our class members, created their own antonym matching game that we all had fun trying!


Words of the Week


This week we launched into Book Week!

We enjoyed dressing up, reading a class book in a comfy corner and having a biscuit and hot chocolate after! 


In PE, we designed our own games and gave clear instructions and descriptions on how to play these as a class. 


To finish the week, we learnt how to say the months and seasons of the year in French. We played a matching game whereby we tried matching the names of the seasons and, later, the names of the months to the correct picture. Using this, we created our own French calendar gifts for our special mothers and guardians in our lives!




In science this week, we investigated different materials and learnt about conductors and insulators. Using the science equipment provided, we then created our own circuits and tested the different materials provided. We even found our own conductors in the classroom!


Working Together


In French, we combine dour last few lessons: comparing distance of planets to the sun and forming sentences to describe planets, to generate our own compound sentences. We learnt a new conjunction (because) in French, to extend our sentences and combine ideas. We played a game by sequencing our sentence first and then created our own widgit sentences by using different planets. 


We finished our last lesson for 'Health and Fitness' in PE and demonstrated our skills in good teamwork to complete our final circuit. After warming up, we then completed a variety of skills in our circuit and were able to discuss the different muscles being used in each exercise. Finally, we used a ball to work as a team and created a variety of passes that also stretched and worked specific muscles. 


The Golden Ticket


This week, we came to an end with our text: The City of Ember. We found out that the children had discovered instructions that explained the way out of Ember. When following each step, they were taken along a river, which included wild rapids, sharp rocks and a gigantic waterfall! Luckily, the children made it out safely. Using the text as inspiration, we painted a part of the journey that we found the most interesting and generated poems to describe the setting! 


Also in Year five, we found golden tickets in our maths fraction learning this week. They had missing fraction values next to secret Wonka measurements. So, we completed the fraction multiplication calculations and solved the Wonka problems to find the missing ingredients. 



Once we had filled in our Golden Tickets, we were granted access to the ingredients to create our own Wonka biscuits!

Print making


In art, we used a variety of mediums and materials to generate our own print making plates. We created layers by printing first by hand and then designed a print plate that we created our second layer with. Looking carefully at the patterns created, we then used inspiration from Teis Albers to create space-related detail. 



We also created our own movies in science explaining the processes of magnets around the world. There were some interesting storylines in our movies that demonstrated different ways magnets are used and how they work using some technical scientific vocabulary!


Outdoor Learning


This week, we explored our outdoor learning environment with a focus on Art. We created art inspired by our 'Our City Our World' initiative and used a variety of materials found outside. We even created our own weaving art work of different materials!

Later, we recreated a scene from our book: The City of Ember. Using drama, we re-enacted the scene of the two main characters travelling through the pipes of Ember and making their large discovery! Finally, we learnt about how materials are mixed to create irreversible and reversible solutions and mixtures. We explored how different reversible processes are used to separate a mixture by playing a relay challenge. We had tools set up and had to relay back and forth till we found the correct instrument and tool to use to separate a mixture at a station.  

The Lost Map


In English, we have been following the characters, in the City of Ember, on their new journeys and job roles. Our main character, Lina, has just discovered a hidden map of Ember. In our classroom, we were able to find hidden maps around the room to solve the clues and find the different areas of Ember. Using this, we listened to the bustling streets of Ember and created different poems inspired by the senses of the city.



Our City Our World


This week, we learnt about the launch of Our City Our World in our school and across Brighton and Hove. On Thursday, we set ourselves a 'Green Day' challenge. We avoided using any electricity and only recyclable materials throughout the day to do our learning. In geography, we created wonderful water cycles on paper plates and  in French we created a French planets board game using scrap/used paper! 

Later, we calculated how much electricity we had saved and what this equated to in kg/CO2!

We are very proud of ourselves and are looking forward to our next 'Green Day'! 


A New Year


We have launched into our new topic: 'Wild Waters'. In order to celebrate, we worked in groups to create dances inspired by the movement of water. Our dances were thoughtfully created and inspired by the music 'the rivers flows in you'. The children were able to use material given to create beautiful performances. 


Following this, we were introduced to our new book 'the City of Ember'. We predicted the storyline and genre and then generated our own illustrated covers based on the title of the book and our predictions. 

We later got to know the main characters and the opening of the story - a classroom assignment day in 'Ember school'. The children created their interpretations of the classroom based on the author's language. 


Christmas Celebrations



For the last few weeks, we have been completing daily Christmas challenges. Dressed to impress, we have met each Christmas physical challenge.


As presents to a loved one, we created our own yule log gifts! Take a look at the amazing fondant designs and gift wrapping we created:



Shackleton's Rescue Mission


In our book, we learnt about the rescue mission that Shackleton journeyed on and recounted these through fabulous freeze frames! 



In DT, we learnt about the consumers during a celebration time such as Christmas. We explored how different companies decide on products to create, specifically food products during this time of year. We then decided to design, create and evaluate our own Christmas products: gingerbread. We researched different recipes and designed our own, which we later used to create and bake our own celebration gingerbread biscuits. We even practised our decorating before we completed our own products (which we sold at our Christmas Fayre)!

Later, we decorated and evaluated our products whilst making comparisons to other similar retail products... we thought ours were MUCH better! 



Having learnt about the Greeks through analysis of artefacts, we designed and made our own 'modern day' Greek coil and pinch pots. Using techniques and tools inspired by the ancient Greeks, we shaped and created our own pots.



In English, we explored the feelings and thoughts the crew my have had when leaving their loved ones. We learnt that many of the crew were given small charms as symbol of the love and luck their family wished for them. We designed our own good luck charms inspired by the crew's passions and created post cards that we believe the family members would have created and given the crew.


Outdoor Learning


The theme for our outdoor learning day this week was 'Senses'. 

We discussed what this topic is linked to and started with a warm up activity of re-consolidating our teamwork and exploring our senses to achieve a goal. In pairs, we were blindfolded and had to use our senses, as well as trusting our partner's instructions, to reach a certain instructed goal.

Later, we explored our anti-bullying week concept of 'Make noise!' to use natural resources to create instruments. Using these, we created performances through dance or song to spread awareness and highlight the information learnt in our PSHRE lessons.

Finally, we broadened our science topic of plant adaptations and needs to focus on the changes that occur throughout the year. We created seasonal imagery using natural resources, created texture prints through wax rubbings and used a variety of materials to create 'rain mobiles'.

Enjoy our images below of our fabulous day!

Getting into Character


This week in English, we dove into our new book 'Shackleton's Journey' and explored the crew aboard the 'Endurance'. We looked at their different roles and hot seated the different characters. We asked great questions and received some thoughtful and spectacular answers! Using these answers, we then researched and created fact files on our chosen crew member!


Forces at Work


To launch back into our learning after a great half term, we recapped our simple French sentences and practised giving advice to pedestrians on their journey to school and home. We also presented our final pieces of French culture week to one another- take a look at our wonderful Andre Derain inspired pastel work:



In science, we learnt about drag forces and identified how air and water resistance are examples of a drag force. We then created our own parachutes using recycled materials, which were aimed to collect as much drag force as possible to create a safe passage! We realised that the larger the area of the parachute, the more air resistance there could be through trial and error when allowing our parachutes to fall.


Installation and constellation


Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about installation art and how different materials are used in a space to evoke a feeling or show something creative. We decided to create our own installation using space in a box and recycled materials to create our book character's bedroom.



Finally, we learnt about the moon phases in science and how the movement of the moon, Earth and the sun's light can create the appearance of different shapes of the moon. We then showed and explained the phases using a yummy treat!




This week, to round off our celebration of Judaism, we made Matzah- the unleavened bread for Passover! We created a design for the bread that was significant to the scriptures learnt and then we made our own yummy unleavened Matzah! 


Something's there!


In English this week, we explored Tristan's feelings and thoughts in the text and illustrations. We wrote brilliant diary entries as the character, deciding what to do and who to speak to. Before this, we interviewed and hot seated the character (each other) to understand what Tristan might be thinking and feeling. 


Later, we explored the fear and darkness that begins to consume the character and explored what this darkness might look like in different texts. Using this, we shared what might seem like darkness to others or their fears or phobias and depicted darkness using a variety of mediums. Listening to music and sitting in the dark room, we drew our darkness!


Grandparent's Day!


We were very fortunate to celebrate with our loved ones on our special Grandparent's day! As we were also raising money for the Macmillan cancer charity, we designed plates and bunting to decorate our school's cake sale.

Take a look at or wonderful time together below: 




Outdoor Learning


This week in English, we sought to help out our main character, Tristan. Currently, he faces a huge dilemma as to whether he should look into a viewer after a terrible previous experience or whether he should leave it! We split into different teams and brainstormed reasons for and against Tristan's dilemma and then used these points to create a conscious alley. 


On our outdoor learning day, we  had a day dedicated to our topic of the Greeks and our outdoor learning theme: Teamwork.  To begin with, we completed several activities and challenges that tested our team working and puzzle skills. We designed an outdoor den for a Greek pet that was influenced by our learning of materials in science. Also, we created our own Greek crowns using a variety of natural resources, as you can see below. we completed an Olympic ceremony that resulted in the crowning of different people for events. 

Enjoy our images below of our wonderful day!

Numbers and Letters



We dove straight into our learning this week and have been studying place value of numbers. We used different resources to create numbers and visited the exchange shop for an borrowing or carrying! We will be using the same methods for adding and subtracting different large numbers.



In French, we recapped our French alphabet and designed starter booklets, dances and raps to help remind us of the French alphabet sounds! 


Greece Lightning!



This week year five launched their topic of Greece Lightning! We learnt about different aspects of Greek culture, sampled Greek food and learnt about their history and beliefs. Using this knowledge, we created amazing Greek masks inspired by Greek Gods and Goddesses and Greek decorative plates, which look fantastic!




Learning Overview



This half term, Year 5's PE days will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wednesday will be Outdoor Sports with Miss Pippa and Thursday will be Swimming.
Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times - black shorts, a green St Joseph's t-shirt and trainers or plimsolls.
Year 5 children will also be doing the 'daily mile' on the other three days.


Please encourage your child to read as often as possible (ideally at least three times a week.) This can be by themselves, to a family member or to a sibling - and children, please remember to record it in the reading record books. These will be checked on a Monday. 



A paper copy of the spelling list for the first term will be sent home with your child. Children will be tested on a Thursday each week. Spelling frame is an excellent website to support your child with spelling. Click HERE for a link to it. 



Please click  HERE to find out what our homework expectations are. Your child will receive homework of times tables and spellings. Times tables will be distributed and returned on Mondays. Spellings will be tested and distributed on Thursdays.  


Please make sure your child attends school in the correct school uniform. This includes plain black shoes or trainers. They also must be wearing a tie. 


Thank you parents and carers!

We really do appreciate your support.

A warm welcome to a new school year


 Dear children, parents and carers,


I am thrilled to be able to welcome you all back and am very excited to begin a new academic year together as the year five St. Philip Howard's class. I feel honoured to be your child's teacher this year and please be assured that I will do my very best to ensure they are safe and happy at all times. I look forward to seeing them flourish and getting to know them all. If you have any questions about your child's learning, please do not hesitate to catch me before or after school. Please check this web page regularly for updates from inside the classroom!


  I look forward to meeting you all and to a great year ahead!

 Mrs Gilbert